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I have a question for all

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> What type of cat do you think she is? I got a magazine and it has a cat in
there identical to her all on the exception she has a white face not a black face and I tried to get on the Birman site and the person
asked why I think she is a Birman when her mother was a short hair tiger type and she
had a black and white sister? When I found her she was with a black and
white kitten the same age as her they were both on the verge of death, her
*sister* had fly eggs and yuck all over her and she wouldn't eat she was so
far gone,(that night she died), But little stormy stuck it out.The stray mother died a
few weeks later she was sick looking and I suppose she had the disease also.
So I am guessing my kitty is her child.. There is no other cat around
remotely close to what I have.. They are mostly all short hair tigers.
> The grandmother of them all is the same, she's had two litters with two
short hair tigers and two all black, her last litter she had all tiger. The one black (which we call *Blackie Momma* had an all grey kitten with amber eyes I
could send you a picture of her and her mother if you'd like.. I have them.
Oh well I hope you could help me with determining what type of kitty I
really have. The vet told me that she is a Himalayan. But as she got bigger her tail fluffed out (like a Birman tail is)so I don't know .
Sorry for the long letter...
The cat I have that lives in my mothers house is a short hair tiger and her mother was a Siamese.

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I am not real sure about the breed type. It is so hard to figure it out when pedigree is not known. Just like most domestic cats can look like the Maine coon cat. I would ask Judy as far as the colors and such go. She is a real whiz at genetics.
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Well, I guess she's not a purebred Birman because you know that her mom,grandmom and sisters are not Birmans. I guess you could say she's a Birman look-alike.

From the photo (in her cat page) I'd say she looks like a Ragdoll I once knew.
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