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Freddie leukemia update photo-

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From Freddie:
Happy Sunday to everybody! You know what? I went outside today and played very gently in the grass. First time in 2 months! Mom was so amazed, she started crying. We had a break in the rain and there were brush bunnies scurrying around so I just couldn't resist. I've been allowed to look out the big window in the family room but I have missed the earth world so very much. I was outside!! YAY for me! but then I was so tired when we came back inside, I have to be careful, the leukemia and all. Mom wrapped me in my best blanket so I wouldn't catch a cold --- I have no immunity system --- and it was great. The doctors say I'm in a mini-remission. Mom said my webpage helped everyone think good thoughts about me and I should be very grateful. So, today was a good day in the north woods. Animal Planet is on now, ok-bye.

Go Seahawks!
Love, Freddie the gray tabby cat
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Freddie I have to say you are a very handsome boy . I am so happy that you had a great day today and were able to smell the outsite for a while . I am sure mom was all excidet herself .I am glad you are doing so much better and I want to wish you many more days like today . And thank you so much for telling us all about your great day today .
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for freddie, so glad you had a good day - heres hoping for many many more
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Freddie, we're so happy to hear from you, and see your handsome face. It's so heartwarming to hear that you were able to make it outside for a little while. You look so very snuggly in your warm blankie, we can tell how much your Mommy loves you and takes care of you. We continue to think veeeeeerrry good thoughts for your continued mini-remission. *Hugs* to you and your Mom!!!

Hope Animal Planet was good!
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Freddie, I'm so glad your doctors say you're in a mini-remission and you were able to go outside and enjoy yourself for awhile today!

Keep fighting that disease, Freddie, maybe you can go into a really long remission, and tell your mom to keep updating us!

P.S. love the picture!
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Freddie, although this is wonderful news, and you are giving us a unique perspective of your remission. If there happens to be a problem in the future with whatever is going on with your health, it would be helpful for your owner to post about it instead of you. It will help number one with some of us who hit this board quickly in a busy day and we can find out the problem fast instead of weeding through the conversation and instead be left going, what is really going on here? And number two, it will get you your answer faster if we don't have to try and decipher what the problem is. Thanks!
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I have done just that in the past with his condition. I'm sorry to cause any confusion. It was a very happy day, probably best shared in the Cat Lounge.
for Freddie and Sasha
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