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Fear Factor.....

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Do any of you watch Fear Factor? We work on the day that it is on, but we use TIVO to record it. It is a pretty cool show, but some of those stunts, you couldn't get me to do them for $50,000! This past week, one of the stunts was to throw a razor sharp dart.... whatever # it landed on.... um, that is how many crickets they had to eat! Oh, that was just sick! I think that it would make me !!
They showed a preview to next week's show and the stunt looks awfully sickening....... they have to eat sheep eyeballs! Ok, I know that it is based on your fears, but come on: eating bugs and eye balls is not a fear... I just would walk a way from that, wouldn't you? But, I guess there are some who would do it for the money!!
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I've never seen the show, now I know why!
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Hey!! I also watch that show here in England!! I have'n tseen the dart one you mentioned but I've already seen the sheep eyeball one! - it is soooooo gross and they have to eat THREE!!! eeeccchh!!! They also had one where they were put in aglass coffin like thing and were strapped in, then millions of live worms were chucked in on top of them!! (and some of them had to EAT some!!) gross!!! but the worst one I saw the other day was when they strapped them in the coffin thingy again and this time it was live rats that were chucked on top of them!!! Noooooo!!! They were all screaming and yelling, and came out covered in bites and scratches!! oouch! - They must be looney to lay there for four minutes being chomped to death!! I'd want a whole lot more than £50,000 for doing that!!! :laughing2 :laughing:
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YUK!! Do "they" all get the money or does just one person win the money?
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I wouldn't do any of that for 50,000.. *shudder* YUCK I wouldn't eat any of that for even $100,000. You'd have to pay me much more than that to put any of that gross stuff in my mouth.

I'd do the rat/worm thing for 100,000 but not 50,000. I was talking to Craig about it and he said he'd eat the crickets, worms, eyes for 50,000 and he'd do the coffin rat thing for 50,000 if the rats were clean.

He's outta his mind!

Thats grossssss

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Only one of them win!!! - the one who gets through all the tasks!! (or if more than 1 get through, its the person who did it the quickest!) So all the other contestants do all that yukky gross stuff for nothing if they don't win!!! :disturbed
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Can't believe some are doing it for nothing. I wouldn't do any of it!
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I love this show!!! I think it would be fantastic to be on it. I would have a hard time eating some of the disgusting items they have to eat, but I would be game for all else.

$50,000 could really solve a lot of problems for me, plus none of that stuff is going to kill ya... only make you stonger :LOL:
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Now how would eating sheep eye balls make you stronger???????/ :tounge2: yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck!!!! But, the $50,000 would be nice to have! I'd pay off pretty much all of my bills!!
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Okay you got me there... It sure has heck wouldn't
make me stronger. But you are right the money would
be nice!!
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I watch this show every week with kind of a morbid curiousity. The height things would really kill me! Also - the one segment where they dumped a million snakes on those people in a cave would have had me running for my life! The money is NOT ENOUGH!

Lets list OUR 3 biggest fears.......maybe we could send our list to the show........
1) heights
2) snakes
3) drowning
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I watch the show in UK aswell and YUK the rats were gross. One thing I find unfair is that one of the stunts always seems to require a lot of strength and this is when the woman seem to fail All the shows I have seen so far have been won by the men !
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I agree SpikeAdelika!! Both me and my husband say that every show!!!
There is always one where the men have advantage over the women, simply beacuase they're bigger and stronger!! (I know theres always exceptions to the rule here but you know.....)

Still at least the girls have a go!! (which is more than I can say for myself!!)

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Three biggest fears...

1.) Being buried alive
2.) drowning
3.) insects/rodents of any kind
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OH MY GOD!!!! Did anyone watch it last night???!!!! that has go to be the grossest thing ever!!! I don't know if its the same episode in the US but the one show last night in the UK was soooo !! they had to eat....BULLS TESTICLES!!!! two in four minutes!, they were bolied, but they had to break the skin with their teeth, then peel it off and munch away, you could even see all the veins !! but the worst bit was that as they were peeling it off, all this "stuff" kept squirting out!! !! (who knows what it was!! Hope it was just water!) It was so gross even the presenter was heaving up just watching them!! And believe me, they weren't small!! Gees, I just don't know how they could do it, I certainly couldn't!!!
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Yeah I must agree with you it was pretty gross !!!
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That is disgusting...

I did not see that one. The episode from Monday night
was Sheep eyes. Pretty gross too... stuff was squirting
out of them.

The worst part was they had live sheep eating hay right behind
them when they were eating it.
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the first episode I saw was the sheep's eyeballs.

I would walk away for 2 reasons, 1st reason EEEEEEWWWW
2nd reason, I don't eat animals, or parts of animals. :angel2:

that's just me!!!
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What I thought was hilarious, is the guy who held his breath for the longest, was the only smoker in the group! LOL!!

take that doctors!

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I wonder why they make them eat something gross in every show. It's not scary, just disgusting!
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I too, got a BIG kick out of the smoker winning that final stunt and all the money! Go figure.....
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Illusion... I think they make them eat the disgusting items because some people wouldn't be able to do it. The fear of having an insect crawl back up your throat if you did not kill it before swollowing it. Ickie.. I myself would have been terrified to eat those sheep eyes. Plus, you're right, it is disgusting!!

Too funny... I laughed hard at the smoker winning the 50K :LOL:
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Ugggghhhhhh....... I think maybe it is fear of eating something really repulsive and disgusting! I'd be backing out of the 2nd stunt, if it were me!! Just typing about this is making me gaggish!:tounge2:
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Okay so last nights episode was the Bulls Testicals. I can't believe how huge and disgusting that was. The two girls couldn't do it. I don't think I would have done it either. That was awful.

Poor guy who climed out of the wrong window. How sad to have eaten testicals and than gave the $50K away by a stupid mistake.
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I could not believe my eyes when I saw the Buffalo testies.......
At least they were boiled!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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Every time I have watched a man has won. Also, does the person who goes first in the last event ever win?

Man.....those buffalo testicles were 10000 times more disgusting than anything else they have made them eat. I agree with illusion that the eating disgusting stuff has nothing to do with fear, so I don't know why they include it every time. Really.....who has a fear of eating buffalo testicles! Well....after seeing it, I think I have that fear now. I guess I now have Bisonballaphobia!
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lotso.......let me in on that phobia too!
I want NO part of buffalo testies!!!
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What a dork I am... I called them Bull.. HA, I meant Buffalo :LOL:

Yep, I woman won on the second episode. She was a big talker and nobody liked her. It was funny. That is the only woman I have ever seen win.
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I didn't see the buffalo testicles.... I missed it, but kind of wished I would've seen it!! I also missed the eye balls. Oh, well, they replay it every Sunday, so one of these days I will see it! What is next week's disgusting stunt of the week?
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