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This pic turned out kinda crappy...but I guess it'll do!

Thanks everyone for you help!
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I'm too late, but hubba hubba (as my co-worker Joe would say). I hope you have a lot of fun tonight!
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I'm starting to worry..he hasn't called me yet & it's almost 7:20! I'm scared to call him. Don't wanna sound desperate or anything...damn! If he blows me off, he better watch out!

Come on Ric...call me!

Sorry for the mini rant there...
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Woo hoo! You look gorgeous!!!! I liked the black top way better than the sage colour, because the fit was more flattering. The sage top was really pretty, but didn't show off your figure. But the brown one is my first choice too. That neckline is lovely and very flattering on you!

Hope you are having fun! And by the way, the apartment looks wonderful too, so cozy and homey already. Looks like you are all settled in.
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Aww! Thank you! I'm hoping that he thinks the same!

Ric FINALLY called me! He's picking me up at 9 & we're going to watch Rundown. Looks good from what I've seen off the previews. Gosh...I haven't been to a movie theater in ages! It'll be fun!

Thanks again everyone!
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That outfit looks good, Michelle. Have Fun!
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I just popped back in...you are probably gone already! All I have to say is OOOOooo! Shell! Girl, you look fantastic! You'll have to let us know how things went!!

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Hey Kim...I'm still here. The movie doesn't start until almost 10! So, he's picking me up at 9 & we'll hang out here for a bit. Then we'll head over the the theater since it's only 9 blocks away! After the movie, we'll probably hit a bar or two...just in time for the last hour! Dang...Nebraska sucks. The bars close here at 1 & so many other states are open til 2, 3 or even 4 (which is WAY too late for me!).

I'll update ya on how it goes! Thanks Chickie!
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Oh I'm late! That's ok... I wouldn't have been able to decide anyway!
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Too late, I know, but Well, I'm a guy and I think you look Great, period, but I like the first outfit, the black one. Besides, Ric isn't going to be looking at or worrying about what you are wearing. Hope you had a nice date!!

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OK, I'm to late. In my opinion (as an old married man who honestly isn't interested in any other women), I think you look great in any of the outfits you've shown. You're such a pretty young lady you'd look good in anything.

I hope the date goes well.

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I am way late but wanted to say: WOW!!! You look awesome! Way to go with the weight loss!!!

I love what you wore. My favorite was the black top. BTW Shell.... I wear jeans with a black top, brown belt and brown shoes often enoough. There,... now you have an outfit picked for your next date

Hope you had alot of fun!
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Thanks everyone! I just got home & it's still early. Obviously that's not a good sign. The movie was great & that was about it. No drinks, no hanging out. I'm really bummed out right now...I guess I expected a little bit more than watching a movie together. Hell, I didn't even get a good night kiss.

Right now, I can help but think the worst about this entire "relationship". He's throwing all the big red flags my direction even though I don't want to see them.

Dating: SUCKS!

thanks again everyone. I wish I would have better news to report.
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I am so sorry Shell that this date did not go well . Maybe he is just afraid to go to fast . Did you and him not talk about going slow with each other ???
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btw I also think no matter what you wear , you look great .You are a beautiful woman , no need to worry abaut what to wear .
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Yeah...but this is ice age slow. The very LEAST I expected was a freaking good night kiss! That's just standard...and we've been there & done that before!

I dunno...I'm just getting a real funky vibe & I just don't know how to handle it. I really like him...alot, but honestly I can't tell if he even likes me at all.

My feelings are just a little hurt right now by his actions tonight. He just seemed a little cold. Hell, I didn't even get a compliment from him & I thought I looked damn good.

I just dunno....
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Hmmmmm... that doesn't sound good, and tonight was a Friday. You've sort of been seeing him for at least a month or so now, right? You haven't had any tickle fights or anything?
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I like the second outfit better
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Oh Shell, I'm sorry... Hey, did he say where he was going after he brought you home?
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Sorry it didn't go well. On the other hand, if he can't see what a catch you are then he can't be bright enough to be worth the worry.

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Don't know what to tell you, Shell. Its been so long, since I had a date, that I'm not sure what's proper these days.

On one hand, you may be grateful that he's not all hands. It does seem that, after a month, a good-night kiss IS in order, though. Maybe, he's the passive type and is waiting for you to make the first move. It could be, that he's not picking up YOUR signals. You KNOW how clueless a lot of (most) men are.

OK, that's MY fifty-cent analysis and I'll settle back into my middle-aged, middle-class domesticity.
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Shell, you looked stunning!! The brown was perfect.

I'm sorry you didn't have a good time on your date. Dating really can suck.
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Did he take you straight home without an explanation, or did he say something about why? Did you suggest to hang out afterwards? Guys are really strange sometimes. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I would regard it as a bit odd, unless he had to get up really early or something.

And btw, the brown top was perfect but you looked hot in all three. Maybe he lost his eyesight or something because I don't know how he could pass up on a chance to spend some more time with you.
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You know I was thinking Shell ... maybe is a little debresed not having a job right now .... maybe you guys just need to talk and see how things are ..... ((((HUGS))))
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OK, here's the scoop:
He was supposed to pick me up at 9, but called at 8:50 & said he was running late, so he asked if I could go to his place. Fine, not a problem. So, I get there & talk to him and his roommate for 5 minutes. Then we head off to the movie. After the movie, we got in the car & I asked him if he'd like to do something like hang out my place or catch a couple drinks. He said no because he had to get up early to do some yard work with a couple of buddies. That was a red flag to me because he hadn't said a thing about that earlier. Fine..so I took him home. The minute I parked the car, he was out the door & said thanks for the movie and call him when I get home and then C-ya...door shuts immediately after.

It was very cold from him & it really hurt my feelings. It felt like I had the freaking plague or something! It just wasn't normal at all & I got all the signs last night that he doesn't like me. BUT...he makes comments like "ya know, next week when we both have a day off we could go check out this new place down on 70th street?". :censor::censor::censor:? Does he want to hang with me or not?

I'm not very good at this whole dating thing. I've been in long relationships & have dated very little before/after those. So, I know I'm rusty but I'm not a moron about it all either. I gave him all the signs of me liking him. When we talk, I smile & look him in the eyes. I'm always asking him about himself & etc...plus I ask him if he'd like to doing something with me. Occasionally, I would touch his arm when I talk or joke around. I'm just a touchy kind of gal I guess. Isn't that a sign to him? Maybe he's just dumb & clueless about women..and me in general. Maybe I come across as needy to him? I dunno...

Looks like I'll be sending him a long email today explaining how I feel & asking where I stand. Honesty is very important to both of us, so I'm hoping that he'll be honest with me. Oh...I sent him a joke last night before I went to bed at 1:30 & he REPLIED to it at 1:45! So much for getting to bed early, huh?

I'm really sorry for the rant. I'm just mad as hell at him right now. I went through the hurt stage last night & now I'm just mad. Thanks for listening & thanks for all the compliments...that really made me feel good.
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Originally posted by PurrfectCatlove
You know I was thinking Shell ... maybe is a little debresed not having a job right now .... maybe you guys just need to talk and see how things are ..... ((((HUGS))))
No, that can't be it. He starts his new job on Monday as do I. He'll be working days for 2 weeks & then starts nights. So, maybe it won't work out anyway since our schedules won't work.

All that I ask outta him is to be honest with me & tell me what he's thinking. It sucks not knowing where I stand with him.
I agree with the talk...that will be happening soon.
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Shell, you are such a beautiful woman, and you have such a sweet personality. Ric should be more than grateful that you give him the time of day. If he's brushing you off, or taking you for granted, then he doesn't deserve you.
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Just because he will work nights, doesnt mean it wont work. When I met my husband, he was working nights, too. The only time I saw him were on Friday and Saturdays. Maybe he just had something bothering him?
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I guess that's true. I'm really trying to think positive about everything, but I'm having a hard time.

I haven't decided if I should write him a heart to heart email or call me tomorrow to see if he'd come over so we could talk. It makes it so hard to talk to him face to face when I don't know what to say. At least in an email, I can step away for a few minutes to regroup my thoughts. Plus, I think if I actually talked to him about it I'll probably say things that I shouldn't because I'm upset.

Did I say how much I hate dating? This crap is for the birds!
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