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Dumb ?...which outfit looks better?

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I'm going on a date tonight & I just can't find the right outfit! We're just going to the movies & possibly have a few drinks afterward. So I need to wear something casual, but to me nothing looks right. I've lost some weight & now nothing is fitting good. I did by a couple new pairs of pants, but now I've got to find the right shirt. I've narrowed it down to a black stretchy short sleeved shirt or a long sleeved lite sweater in a sage color.

What do you think is the best? Here's some pic's that I just took...I look like such a dork, so forgive that!
BTW...I still need to do my hair, so forgive my funky hairstyle today!
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and last one...
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I like the black top better. Just my opinon.

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Hmm...I like the second one the best, but black will hide any spills from the drinks
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I vote for the long sleeves. It has a softer look to it than the black top does.
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I would vote for the second one...just seems more casual & cheerful somehow. Both look nice, tho.
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Both look great, but I think I like the second one best.
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I like the black top. I love black clothes though. You look really nice in both.
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I should be a poster child for "What Not to Wear"! My vote is for the dark top, which means you should wear the lighter one. LOL
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I'm partial to black -- it goes well from day to evening! Hope your date is great!
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'm still up in the air about it, but after trying them on plus a few more I think I'll be wearing the black shirt. It's more comfortable then the others...plus it's slimming since it's black.

I'm just being paranoid about all of this. Ric & I have been "seeing" each other for a month or more, so I know it shouldn't matter what I wear. But since it's our first official date, I wanted to look nice. I'm sure he'll be wearing a t-shirt & jeans (which is just fine with me!), but I want to look nice.

Thanks again for all of your suggestions & compliments! That's so sweet of you guys!
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I like the black top because it shows off your little waist better
Do you have a little black necklace or bracelet to go with it? That would finish off the outfit.
Good luck on your date!
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Can you believe I forgot all my jewelry back home? Plus...I forgot black shoes! Damn...brown shoes & a black shirt won't go together!

Thanks for the luck! It'll be fun...I hope!
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I vote for the sage, sets off the warm tone of your hair color better, imo <G>.
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Where are you going on your date?
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We're going to the movies (not sure which one yet) & then probably drinks afterward. Nothing major. I'm sure after all of that, we'll head to one of our apartments & hang out for a while. That's usually what we do anyway! It'll be fun I'm sure!
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That sounds like fun! You will probably be more comfortable at the movies in the long sleeve shirt. I always take a sweatshirt into the movies because its always sooo cold!
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I vote for the black top... Are you wearing the shirt out or in? If you wear it in, do you have a black belt? LOL! You look very cute in both, but I think the black looks more fun.... Enough of my my 2¢ -- You have fun tonight girlie!!!! (Have a drink for me)

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i really like the second one, I actually think that looks more slimming. You look great in both!
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LOL...I just re-read the thread and I see that you forgot your black shoes.... awww darn! I saw some really cute black (leather) mules at Dillards that would go perfect with the whole outfit...

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Oh you guys! Now I'm totally undecided! I don't have black shoes or a black belt...only brown. So, I guess the black shirt is out. I like the sage shirt, but it fits weird around the waist.

Damn...I'm off to search my closet over once again!

Thanks everyone! And Kim...I just might have 2 drinks for ya tonight!
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If you have brown shoes and a brown belt and a brown "other" accesory then you can still wear the black shirt (I learned that on one of the make-over shows the other night).
Are we confusing you enough now LOL!
You will look good in whatever you decide to wear!
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Originally posted by Shell
And Kim...I just might have 2 drinks for ya tonight!
ROTFL!! Thanks Shell..since I'm on pain meds and all, that's the only way I can have a drink..through you, LOL!!!!!

Hey Shell...both outfits make you look really cute and they both make you look slim... so don't you worry to much girl..either way I'm sure you'll look great... PLUS you haven't done your hair yet to complete the package...
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Ok...I think I found the outfit!

What about this brown sweater with jeans? That way I can wear my brown shoes & brown belt?

Do you think this looks better or worse than the other too? Honest opinions please...
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The only other burning question....who's the date with? And what happened to Ric?
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Shell - That looks great! That's the outfit! Perfect!! Perfect!! Perfect!! Now go do your hair, take a pic and show us what you look like right before you go out, LOL!!! (Really, Shell - if ya have time...take a "to-go" pic)
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Originally posted by Deb25
The only other burning question....who's the date with? And what happened to Ric?
The date is with Ric..it's just our first actual out on the town date. We usually just hang out or go shopping (a man after my own heart!).

Kim...I'm off to do my hair & I'll post a pic once I'm done. I have no idea when he's coming over to get me. He said he'd call, so I'm hoping it won't be until 6:30ish or so!

Thanks Guys!
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The brown sweater and jeans looks quite good together, I like it. Have fun on your date!
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Yes to #3! The brown sweater looks perfect, and it shows off your waist, too. Have lots of fun tonight - you look gorgeous.
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Ok...this is the total package! LOL!
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