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Here is a wierd one, found out the other day, after one of my four footed carpet sharks got caught, was stealing lettuce from my salad!!!Matty, the little monster took off with it. Now I cant make a a sald with out being over run with fur!!, anyone else furbabies have wierd things they like to eat?
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Ivo loves lettuce, too. When I make a salad, she'll sit and beg. And she dislikes most cat treats-go figure
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I can't eat anything in front of Em.

He has a passion for Passion Flakies...no pun intended. He'll practically claw my hand off to get at it.

Chips, popcorn, anything junk food Em goes nuts for. I love him so I give in to him
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Originally posted by Matty & Suma
four footed carpet sharks
That's what they are!

Mr. Underfoot will eat (or drink) anything he thinks isn't being watched. Keep a close eye on that glass and plate!

They like cantaloupe, and cereal. Macumba loved to eat dried dates.

Salad is a new one, though! Mine don't go for that, unless it's covered with Ranch dressing.
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When Tigger was a kitten, we were eating hamburgers and watching tv. She was laying on the chair beside the couch and started sniffing the air (was getting the smell of the hamburger).Well my DH decided to let her have a closer sniff, she didn't hesitate for a second and took a bit out of the hamburger

Ever since she suddenly appears when we are eating junk food, cheesez, chips, fries etc...
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Faline will sit in front of me and 'beg' when I'm eatting rice and cheerios w/berries and milk, and she'll really reach out for lettuce when I try to make a salad. She's so funny...
But she'll always eat a cat treat too.
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Little fat piggie Babe likes French Fries!!

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One of my kitties absolutely loves saltine crackers.I'm not sure how unusual this is,but none of my others will have anything to do with them.
If he hears that cracker's getting opened he makes a beeline to me and gets in my face until I give him one,but he don't want it whole he wants me to break it into small pieces and give them to him one at a time.
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My Joji can tell if there's vanilla ice cream out of the freezer, no matter where she is. She seems to have a built in radar for it.
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If a tiny piece of potatoe chip falls on the floor
patches will eat it.....same with toast
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Yeah. I bought this stoned wheat crackers and Em was begging for one. I said to him, "You're not gonna like these." So I gave him one anyways, well a part of one, they are pretty big crackers.

He ate it.

I can give him a whole one and he'll eat it.

I've caught him taking them out of the wrapper to get at them.

I'll never tell him what he will and won't like again.
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My Mischa will eat crisps (i think in the US they are potato chips?)
any flavour but plain and salt and vinegar are her favourite. I also had a cat that would eat chips (french fries?) but only the ones from the chip shop not the ones made at home. Tulip LOVES cheese and will zoom in from wherever when i cut open the wrapper.
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Sphinx likes Pork Rinds, potato chips, cheese and hot dogs.

Kuce like cheese, potato chips, milk, pineapple coconut fruit juice and of course margarine.
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