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I'm so sorry for your trouble

I'm new here myself but I noticed your post because I myself have a kitten with diarrhea.

He tested positive for Giardia - a common protozoan parasite. In my case it makes sense because he comes from a multiple cat household and his foster rescues cats. Your cats are indoor that's why it's tricky.

But you might want to look that up. And ask your vet to test for it. It can be easily transferred from cat to cat.

I read one thread on this forum about someone's strictly indoor cat catching Giardia too.

I hope your kitties get well soon

Much love

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Weird as it sounds, the extremely watery stool and frequency sure sounds like Coccidia, Giardia or even cryptosporidium  protoza infection. These are ocysts that gets transmitted in water or from feces (cat to cat). Both of these infections can also include mucousy bloody diarrhea. It makes sense too that irritated digestive systems can result in blood...the severity of it doesn't sound like "just one of those things."  It seems like the process of elimination by the vet should include tests for giardia and cryptosporidium as well as Coccidia. However from what you are saying this is a vet doing a process of elimination based on circumstance and not based on symptoms.


Almost 100% of the cases from any of these parasites occur when cats go outside and drink contaminated water. It would be really weird but maybe possible that it was in some of the food since more than one is affected---which is alarming since it is commercial food or even your water.


Since ocysts aren't bacteria or viruses it is possible for them to survive municipal water treatement. While this article is about a specific area back in the 1980s it shows that it is possible if the water isnt being treated adequately.

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certain parasites, in fact some that you mentioned, can in fact be obtained by tap water. Water if filtered for certain chemicals, not for most parasites. It happens probably more often than you think.

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Wow, thanks all so much for the replies and the information. It's definitely something to keep in mind if the meds don't work.


I was able to wait until yesterday to take her in to the vet. She didn't strain anymore Sunday or yesterday and the frequency of her BM was less (3 or 4 times) so I thought she could wait until Monday. However, I took the day off so I could get her there as soon as possible. He gave her a thorough checking over and said he's positive she does not have FIP. He said she seems way too healthy for that. She's a good weight, wasn't feverish or dehydrated, and he said her tummy felt good. He said the straining was most likely due to her being sore and feeling like she has to go even if she doesn't. She only went a small bit during Sunday night so I thought for sure she'd go in her carrier but she didn't. He prescribed her Metro and he said that it should work fast, within 48-72 hours. He gave her the first dose yesterday. He said I should also continue with the food and the meds for at least a week. I saw a tiny bit of watery poop that was sort of firmer but not in the right shape of a regular BM (if that makes sense) yesterday afternoon but nothing since. I'm hoping she's not going from diarrhea to constipated. Ironically that's what happened to her sister.  She started to become constipated so I mixed in more regular food with the prescription and she went normally so it seems Lexi is better. I did ask what next if this doesn't work for Adele and he said a fecal sample probably and maybe bloodwork (which scared me) considering I'd hate to think a 20 month old has something seriously wrong with her like cancer of something. I will be so happy when she does a normal BM. It's been 2 weeks!


@JulieS1907 I hope your kitty feels better soon too!

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Originally Posted by Feralvr View Post

I am certain it is NOT FIP so try to move past that thought. They would have showed signs many years back if so, plus they would not all be getting sick at exactly the same time.




Sorry to bump this thread but this kind of stood out for me rereading through it again. Unfortunately I have been driving myself insane with research on FIP. I keep thinking the vet is wrong and Adele almost certainly has it. When you say, "would have shown signs years back" what do you mean? I have no doubts that all my cats have been exposed to the coronavirus. Delilah battled a terrible URI as a kitten which I think led to her asthma. Also, both Adele and Lexi had horrible diarrhea for over 2 weeks as kittens. I know this doesn't mean they will ever get FIP but my mind has been going overboard. Are these the "early signs?" I read LOTS of posts on here about people with experience with FIP and one made my blood run cold. The cat sounded just like Adele, frequent loose stools and such. Eventually fluid was found in he abdomen and although the person never posted again, I can only assume what the diagnosis was. I also read something about constipation even being a sign and as I said, I think Adele might now even be constipated. I put Lexi and Adele in the back room last night so I could cook. No one had gone to the bathroom when I got home from work. While I was cooking, someone went normally. I believe it was Lexi but can't say for sure. This was around 7 or so. Then around 10:30-5 this morning, I again put them in the back bedroom so they don't get into the Christmas stuff while I sleep. When I woke up, there was another normal bowel movement, maybe slightly hard I guess which could point to Adele but I still don't know. Also, when Adele went to the vet, her temp was 103.2. The vet said he did not think it was a fever, but just a slightly raised temp due to stress. Then I read all this conflicting info that it could be a low grade fever which is a sign of FIP. Again, he said she was not an FIP cat (100% positive), not dehydrated, lethargic, belly normal, and he even remarked her coat was very soft. I'm a nervous wreck worrying now though. He did tell me, "Please call instead of researching online. It makes everything harder, for you and for us." He told me that "if this was FIP, she'd be so seriously ill now or dead." Yet I've heard some cats last as much as a year with the dry form. Honestly I agree with the vet that I should have never researched. I never even heard of FIP until 5 months ago and ignorance was sure bliss.

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I know FIP shows with many different symptoms but I don't think this is FIP.  I know it's not the wet form they would have become critically ill by now.  I really don't think it's the dry form either because they would have begun showing other symptoms by now.   With the dry form they would be generally sick by now, They would've started to feel bad and have lousy or no appetite, and there wouldn't be improvement.  Dry FIP is almost always a constant downhill type illness.

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Thanks @Denice I figured this was not the wet form as the vet would be right, that she'd be in a serious downward spiral or even gone as her symptoms initially started December 2 and it's been 16 days. I do still wonder about the dry form but she hasn't progressed thankfully. The only thing that got worse was her diarrhea after a week but he said that it didn't surprise him, something about the intestines and the system sometimes needing more time to bounce back the longer it's been going on. He just basically called her situation "colitis." She still behaves wonderfully, boundless energy. She broke a couple ornaments yesterday but I couldn't even be mad considering I'm so happy she is still herself. She has a great appetite too, always snooping around the kitchen, even wanting more food. I did start to wean her off the Purina EN prescription special diet as I do believe it caused some constipation. The vet suggested I wait a few more days (until Friday) and while I'm certainly glad her bowels are resting, I don't want another problem going on. I am calling again when I get home as he asked me to give him an update. I wish I knew for sure she went normally. It's really tough to tell in a multi cat household. Even though she and her sister sleep in the back bedroom so anything in that litterbox is theirs, I still can't tell who's is who. If I find more than one BM, I can safely assume they both went but I found them at separate times. I also can't watch them to see who uses the box as the door is closed of course. They also prefer to use their box so when they are in front of me, they won't use the other cats' boxes. Adele was only using them when she was needing to go a lot.

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There are so many causes of diarrhea in cats. It seems that almost every medical condition that a cat can get has the potential to cause diarrhea. Why is it that you are choosing to focus on a fatal condition like FIP, especially when it seems the chances of this are very low? Why not put your energy into one of the more common causes, like a change in diet, food intolerance, parasites, GI disturbances, etc.?


I guess I'm just confused. My approach has always been process of elimination. If one of my cats had diarrhea, a full fecal exam would be one of the first things to be done ( to check for parasites), most likely along with blood work (to check for illness/infection). If that came back clear, then we look at diet and choose something gentle (for a sensitive system) and/or hypoallergenic (to address food allergies). If a change in diet didn't help, then we would have to take a deeper look into something like IBD, where an inflammatory response is taking place.


Just my two cents.  hugs.gif  I know it's frustrating.


I'm sorry to hear Adele broke a couple of ornaments! Bad girl!  ;)

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I really believe you should listen to what GoHolisitic said. Diarrhea is so common in kitties I too don't understand focusing on FIP. She hit the nail on the head on what you should start with and how you should approach this. I speak with people every day about diarrhea in their cats and these are the the steps I'd recommend as well. 

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I agree with Go Holistic.  I have had FIP cats before and they are a lot sicker than your kitty is.  They were so weak, almost comatose, certainly not destroying ornaments off a christmas tree.  I have had both the wet and dry forms.  I think your vet is right this sounds like a case of colitis.  The diet and meds should clear it up pretty easily.  If it doesn't then look into other options such as irritable bowel or food sensitivities.  FIP should be the last thing on your mind given the symptoms.  Most of my FIP cats had no appetite, and it sounds like your kitty is still eating pretty good.  I would try to focus on something else as it really doesn't sound like it's FIP. 

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Thank-you for replying. I'm sorry for another "freak out" on this board. Also, I'm so sorry to anyone who lost a cat to FIP and if I came off as offensive. I've just been so stressed with everything. I really tried to get into the holidays this year with everything happening but couldn't. I'm just too upset.


I did talk to the vet again yesterday about everything. He said she could have had a slight fever but it was certainly nothing that alarmed him and something he finds commonly in cats with inflamed insides. I also discussed the fact she could be constipated. He said if she doesn't go for a couple days, it's not a huge deal. He said some cats don't even go every day and it doesn't mean they aren't healthy. I have been noticing that sometimes mine only go every other day, although sometimes they are very regular. I'm still not 100% sure if Adele went yet. The same thing happened as Tuesday, I put them in to cook, someone went, and I'm not sure who. There was nothing there this morning. However, now my dear Delilah is going soft again. Well she was fine until this morning. I don't know if this is pure coincidence and she just over ate. She was stealing the other cats' food yesterday, I caught her so hopefully this isn't going to continue. The thing that worried me was her poop was very smelly and actually orangy in color. Of course, being the glutton for punishment I am, I googled it instead of calling the vet, and it said this could be a sign of too much bile. Does this mean she has a liver issue going on? What could make a poop orange? Usually when my cats are good, they go a deep brown color or lighter. To be honest, it scared me again. I hated leaving them. It's come to the point where all I do is worry about their health. It's one thing after another, unfortunately. Delilah has been having frequent asthma flares too, especially when she purrs.  Then Grace has been doing some quirky things that have me on edge too.

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No one finds your posts offensive, even people who have lost cats to FIP.  For myself anyway, I am concerned about you.  I know kitties can become seriously ill and have conditions that are lifelong, I have one, and it is a trying time.  What you are doing with always going to the worst possible scenario is contributing to extreme anxiety.  I think you are beginning to see your kitties as a source of anxiety rather than a source of joy and companionship.  I know with my kitty that has a chronic issue I am more watchful of his behaviors and quicker to take him to a vet but I still enjoy him.

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Originally Posted by WorriedSoMuch View Post

"Please call instead of researching online. It makes everything harder, for you and for us." He told me that "if this was FIP, she'd be so seriously ill now or dead." Yet I've heard some cats last as much as a year with the dry form. Honestly I agree with the vet that I should have never researched. I never even heard of FIP until 5 months ago and ignorance was sure bliss.

Hun, hugs.gifhugs.gifalright.gifhugs.gif I am in complete agreement with what you vet told you above. I DO understand the desire, need and drive to do our own research on the internet and on boards BUT just know what you read and find out may cause you much, much more undue stress and anxiety. I know for a fact, because I have done it on many occasion. I drove myself crazy for years over my baby boy Wilbur heartpump.gif. None of what I ever read and worried over came true either.

You have not brought in any new cats, right?? So they have not been exposed to the virus recently, right?! I honestly think that IF they had FIP you would have been seeing signs early than this AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, they ALL would not be getting these diarrhea episodes at and around the same time. Surely, this must be either the Christmas decorations or something else they got into, a mild virus or diet.

Did the vet give you the metro? If not, again, ask him about it. What about the W/D? Did you ask about adding that into their diet right now until things clear. These are two things I would be doing and have done in the past when my cats have had these bouts. AND YES..... laughing02.gif you are not alone in the diarrhea department. It does happen and they will recover. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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