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What do you think?

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I took a stray cat to get spayed this morning. I later got a phone call telling me that when the kitty was prepped for surgery, they found a scar on her tummy. They said that they couldn’t be sure if it was a spay scar or not. I was really surprised because I thought she was a stray. They said that the only way to be sure if she had already been spayed, was to open her up. I was caught off guard and didn’t know what to do, so I said to do what they thought was best.
Well, after I had time to think about it, I regretted my decision. But it was too late. They did the surgery and she had been spayed previously. I am so angry with myself but also with the doctor. After thinking about it, I thought it had to be a spay scar. Don’t you think the doctor should have been able to tell if it was a surgical scar or a scar from an old injury? That she would have an injury scar at the very site where spay surgery is done is highly unlikely. At the very least, I think she should have told me that. Now I’m thinking that this little girl was opened up needlessly because of my stupidity. I should say that this was not my regular vet. She was a new doctor at this hospital and I had never taken any of my cats to her. I usually ask for my doctor, but this time I didn't. Without even meeting this doctor, I have no confidence in her. I don’t think she has the best interest of the cat in mind. So what do you guys think? Should the doctor have been able to tell if this was a spay scar or not? Or was she just after the money? The estimate for the surgery was $238.00 but I don’t know what the actual charge will be since they didn’t actually spay her.

I know this is long, but I just wanted to say that even though I don’t post often, I do come here every day to read. I learn so much from you all!
Thanks so much.
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Hi Spencer!

It is not your fault.
You did not know that she had been spayed, so please do not beat yourself up over that. When the baby gets home, love on her, tell her how much you love her. I am glad to see that you care about her to make sure you are doing the right thing.

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This is really a common mistake and one I have made in the past as well. Now, I have all my spays tattooed as well, so if they do find alternate homes in the future, the vets will know that cat is spayed. You will probably be charged for the procedure, as they had to do everything but the actual removal
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I have run across this many times where the vet is unable to tell if a scar is a spay scar, or even if there is a scar. That leads me to believe it is difficult to tell. $238 sounds like a lot?? Here a spay is only around $45-65. And cheaper if you take a stray cat in.

PS: I have a scar on my abdomen but the doctor doesn't know for sure if I've had a hysterectomy or not until I tell him. Unless maybe they did an ultrasound or something.
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I was in the same situation with Ivo, who was also a stray. When they found the scar, the vet called and asked what I wanted to do. I chose to not go on with the surgery, partially because she had never shown any signs of going into heat. But even the vet couldn't tell me for certain if it was a spay scar (it must have been-she's never gone into heat in the 2 years I had her). I wouldn't beat myself up over it-you were showing great care for the cat by taking her to be spayed in the first place.
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Thank you all for the quick response. I think this estimate is rather high myself, but where I live, I don't have a lot of options. And I do like the vet I usually see at that hospital. I think if he had been the one to do the surgery, he probably would have suggested that I wait to see if she goes into heat. I should say that this surgery was done with a lazer so there is an extra charge for that. Supposedly by using a lazer, there is less bleeding, less chance for infection, less pain and a quicker recovery. Since this little girl must have an owner, I'll be putting an add in the paper to see if someone will claim her. I've been looking in the paper everyday to see if someone has lost her but no luck.
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