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This is so stupid of me, but I just dropped some superglue on my new pair of khakis! Anyone have any idea how I can get it out with ruining the pants? Any help! PLEAAASSSEEEE!!!
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The only way I know how to get super glue off of thins is by using polish remover. However, I don't know what affect this will have on your pants.
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Call or email the company
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eHow to Remove Super Glue
Superglue (cyanoacrylate) has many uses. Besides the typical household function of sticking things together, it's used in surgical procedures and even in crime labs to develop unseen fingerprints. Originally marketed as Eastman #910 in 1958, this stuff is sneaky and it goes everywhere if you don't keep an eye on it.

1. \tClean up any glue that is still wet by blotting it with a white paper towel or terry cloth towel.

2. \tSoak the object in warm soapy water if possible and try rubbing off as much as you can.

3. \tPour a little bit of acetone-base nail polish remover on a white terry cloth.

4. \tDab at the dried glue until it dissolves.

5. \tUse extra fine sandpaper to remove dried glue from the surface of an object.

6. \tTry a product called Goof-Off or Z-7 Debonder (see Related Sites).
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Thanks for all the responses, I am going to try the pure acetone, and some other ways. I might even ask my cleaners guy to fix it...they do miracles...LOL...if they can't...another shopping spree wouldn't hurt (I wish!)
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I'm glad you asked this! I got a little superglue on a new shirt not long ago and was wondering the same thing!
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I don't know if it works on superglue, but I have found that Goo Gone will take care of just about anything. (I'm not kidding, that's the actual name.)
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