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to introduce myself

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I am new to the cat site. I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Dana. I am a stay at home mom of two wonderful daughters, Caitlin and Sierra.(31/2 and 8) I am married to a wonderful husband who lets me have all my animals without to much fuss. (he loves them all, even though he wont admit it) I have a dog, a fish a hamster, two parakeets, and 3 wonderful cats.

Minnie, completely black,small, female cat. Two years old. Minnie is very reserved. You have to waight for her to come to you. She doesnt like to be messed with very much at all. When she wants your attention (and lets you give it to her)she will let you know. Minnie is my baby yet she has a special bond with her daddy. (my husband) They understand each other. Minnie is named after our dog mugsy, who is also all black. It started off being Minnie Mugsy, then Minnie Me, to just Minnie. She is the sister of my male cat Jerry.
Jerry, black and white spoted male, two years old. I can not say enough about this cat. He is defanately my special baby. Jerry is very smart and very loving. Hes a pretty big cat. Jerry loves to be held and petted. He loves his belly rubed on. I think sometimes he thinks he is a dog. Jerry sleeps with me everynight. His favorite past time is chaseing butterflies and moths outside.Jerry is the brother of Minnie.
Minnie and Jerry were given to me at 3 weeks old. The mother had been hit by a car. I fed them from a bottle until they could eat by themselves. I helped them to use the bathroom.My dog Mugsy gave them their baths.(he has a soft spot for babys) I am their mother as far as we are concerned. I love them with all my heart. They are very dependant on me and dont let me to far out of sight.
Lilly is my baby. She is 6 months old. Lilly is completely black, female kitten. She has a unique personality. Lilly knows she is the baby and doesnt mind reminding you. She is very demanding about anything she wants. I am so glad to have found her.
I wanted to introduce myself as you will probably see alot of me here. I have a passion for my cats and love to talk about them. As soon as I can I will post pictures. I also will share the news when my kittens are born. Thank you for reading about us. I really look forward to talking with all of you in the future.!
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Welcome !!!

Sounds like you're taking care of a wonderful family
(the more the merrier :o )

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Welcome to the site Dana! Your kitties sound wonderful. And they definitely have a Mommy who loves them very much.

Enjoy your time here! It's a great place to talk with people who understand what it's like to love your cats so much it feels like your heart will burst.
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Welcome to this cat site
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Hello and welcome to TCS Dana.
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hi, welcome to the cat site! look forward to seeing you around!
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Hi Dana and Welcome!
Looking forward to seeing some pics of your Kitties.
Thanks for rescuing them!!

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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome aboard!
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Welcome to the board!!!
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Thank you all so much for the great welcomes and comments. I just think it is so great to visit here and to hear from other cat lovers like myself. Also thank you all so much who have posted advice on my other posts! you have helped me find some really great programs that I would have not otherwise found! You are all wonderful people.
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Hello and welcome
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Welcome Dana
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Hello and Welcome!
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welcome Dana! I've read posts from you elsewhere but hadn't been in this forum for awhile. I appologize for the belated welcome!
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