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Requesting Prayers...

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My 6-month-old kitten is quite sick; the vet does not know for certain if it's FIP but strongly suspects it, based upon X-rays and a biopsy of abdominal fluid.

I'm asking for your prayers. Please include my little Savannah in your prayers, if you can. And if you're not one to pray (or not even religious), please just think good, healthy thoughts about her.

Thank you so much,

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omg i sure hope it turns out to be not that, but yes i will say a prayer for her for sure, get well vibes also(((( )))) please keep us posted...
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(((hugs))) to you and Savannah. You will be in my thoughts.
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Special thoughts are on the way to little Savannah. I really hope it isn't FIP.
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Oh Jenk - I will keep you and Savannah in my prayers
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Prayers will be said for your savannah.
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Healing vibes from me to Savannah.

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Good Luck Savannah, wishing you a healthy, long life...
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Sending prayers for Savannah, may she be healthy and happy!
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You've got it. Please keep us updated.
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I'm praying for her around the clock, it seems. All I can do is exhaust all medical tests until I'm told, "There's no more that can be done." I'm distraught and pretty much at my (emotional) wits end. I love her so much, even though she's only been with me for two months.

If you think of it, please continue to include her in your prayers; I will update you when I know something new. (The biopsy of the fluid in her abdoman shows a high protein count; my vet doesn't have high hopes at this point. I feel like I'm already grieving the loss of her.)

Thank you so much for your support.

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Bless your heart Jenk ((((HUGS))))

I will pray for Savannah and also will say a prayer for peace and comford for you
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Lots of good healthy vibes and thoughts heading your way from here *Hug*
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I'm so very sorry to hear this about your little one. I hope that it is not FIP. You and Savannah will be in my thoughts.
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Your little Savannah will be in my thoughts. Poor little thing, I hope she gets better soon.
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You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I hope it's not FIP. You are your kitty are in my thoughts.

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Jenk - thinking of you and Savannah . . . I hope everything turns out for the best.
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Healthy vibes for your baby coming your way.
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I am sending healing prayers to Savannah! I pray it isn't FIP!
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poor little critter. I hope she turns out ok.
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An ultrasound revealed nothing abnormal, which means that I can't blame another problem for Savannah's symptoms. The vet who did the ultrasound (a colleague of my cats' usual vet) said that FIP looks to be the cause. He gave me the option of giving her prednisone for a period of time to see if there's improvement. He said that in 5% of the cases of FIP he's observed, the cats (even those as young as Savannah) have recovered from it. Somehow, the steroid can help bolster the immune system; if it takes over properly, it apparently can overcome the fatal aspect of FIP (perhaps rendering the mutated virus gone but still leaving the virus itself behind).

It's heartbreaking to watch her sleep all the time, rather than to be spritely and even mega-active, as I briefly knew her to be. I've been able to get her to eat some of the special, high-calorie canned food the vet provided, but, tonight, she took one taste then walked away. I'm terrified and sad as hell... This is heartwrenching and mindbending, I tell you.

Thank you for all of your prayers.
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