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Meet my great dane, Bella

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Many of you "know" Bella already, but from my thread in the Fur Pictures Only she seems to have sparked a lot of interest so I thought I'd share some photos of her as well. Kind of a meet my family day today!

These were taken this afternoon - we went hiking with Bella in Big Sur, California.

Sleeping in her bed right now!

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She is beautiful. My neighbor has one.Those tails can be dangerous.LOL.
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those pics are great! how did she like going through that creek? probably lapped a lot of water. youve got a good camera there.
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originally posted by vettechstudent
She is beautiful. My neighbor has one.Those tails can be dangerous.LOL
I second that! I've never met a great dane but ouch, some dogs have solid tails.
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she is absolutly beautiful . A german friend of mine got 2 Great Dane . One I believe is a Westmeister Great Dane and usualy biger then the regular once . The other one is a Harlequin . She got a male and a female and yes , she wants to breed them .
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Raquel, she loved the creek! We tried to get her to walk up on the planks to cross but she wouldn't!

Heidi, Bella is rather small for a dane. Males are usually larger than females, but Bella was the runt of her litter and is even smaller than average. Of course, to most people she's huge! I believe European danes are on average larger than the American lines. That's too bad about your friend's breeding if he/she isn't an educated breeder.
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Well she looks like a BIG girl to me! She has very soft eyes.
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Sunni Jean-

You have the most beautiful pets, I love Bella to death!

Is the lovely lady in the pictures you?

Fantastic!Thanks for sharing!
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Big Cat , I love Great Dane dogs . They are beautiful . They are also called the gentle giant . Yes in germany the Dogge (great dane) are much biger .
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I can't believe Bella is SMALL for her breed! Goodness! She's quite a sweetie pup.
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Bella's gorgeous.
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I agree, she is very beautiful and looks so gentle and loving.

I'm so glad to see you haven't cropped her ears. I hate it when people do that.
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omg she is stunning i absolutely love animals and she is a big girl wot a cutie
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"Majestic" is what I heard someone call the breed. I agree!
And what Tamme said about cropping ears, I was also told it is a good idea for Danes for health reasons.I don't know much about the subject.
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OMG that is one HUGE dog! I lost my chihauhau last year - he would have fitted in one of that dogs ears!

She is stunning and I would put money on being soft as and daft as a brush.

On a seperate side of things - scenery looks great and if thats you in the photos - you are looking great - quite a stunna as we say in the UK if I may say.

Thanks for sharing

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I LOVE Bella. I have always wanted a Greate Dane. They are such awesome dogs.
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I just saw something on Woof! A Dog's Life (with Uncle Maddy) regarding Burt Ward and his wife. They have a huge foster home for Great Dane's. See their website at

They said they can have up to 80 - 90 GDs at one time and they ALL live inside with them in their home. They said it's fun getting up at night to use the bathroom because all the dogs are surrounding the bed.

I think they said they spend $12,000 a month for food alone. Yikes!!
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BIG KAT!!! I do hope you post more pics of your Bella!!! (even though it's a cat site ) I absolutely LOVEEEEEE great danes. That was one dog that I said I would get if I had a huge enough property to let them roam about on (LOL!) She looks so adorable and sweet! Now I'm drooling, and jealous that you got to hike in Big Sur!!!! Great pics of the hike!!!
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Thanks everyone for such nice comments! That is me in the photos.

Ear cropping is a highly debatable topic in the great dane world. My own opinion is that it is purely cosmetic and I would never choose to have the surgery done. Some people maintain that with cropped ears there is a lesser chance of infection, but I think as long as your dog is healthy and you clean their ears it's not a problem and that's just an excuse to do it because you like the "look". For me putting a young puppy under for surgery because you like the effect of the cropped ears just isn't worth it. Also the US is one of the few countries left where it is still legal to ear crop, and I hope we soon catch up to everyone else and make it illegal so there is no debate about it, especially in the show world.
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I agree, along with tail snipping off dogs or cats just for 'cosmetic' reasons. Yikes!
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LOL fuzzmom! They are certainly expensive to feed, but they are so wonderful to have in your home. I feed Bella a raw diet instead of kibble so it's even more expensive, but all worth it since she's so healthy and beautiful! Burt and Tracy Ward are very popular in the dane world because of all the rescue/foster work they do.
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What a beauty! I love her long ears, too - they look so much prettier natural.
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geez, I can't even imagine. What do Burt and Tracy Ward do for a living to afford all that? It makes me wonder.

More pics Big Kat!
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I like the lop ears! I was going to mention the threat of infection (just saw on Emergency Vets a dog that had to have his inner ears removed and was basically going to be deaf due to chronic infection) but you had a good point when you said you keep them clean. the dog was a small spaniel btw.
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Tamme wrote:
geez, I can't even imagine. What do Burt and Tracy Ward do for a living to afford all that? It makes me wonder.
Burt Ward is famous for portraying Robin in the 1960's TV series "Batman", and has continued to work in TV and movies as an actor. He also runs a special effects house. Although not a premier box-office draw, he's probably made some good money in Hollywood. I'm trying to remember if there were any "Batman" episodes that featured great danes...

Burt Ward bio:

Re: Bella - BIG DOG! And you say that's she's small for a great dane??

She looks like a gentle giant; "Bella" is quite an appropriate name for her. Does she play with the cat and the bunny?
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