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So mad it defies short explanation.

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My husband and I are in the process of shopping for a home. We went to a mortgage company to get pre-approved. We're there with the twins, and the lady tells us she's going to make copies of all our relevant paperwork. We ask if it would be possible for us to come back in a couple of hours for our paper work as the twins are getting fussy. She says no problem, in fact why don't we mail it back to you? We figure OK, these are professionals they can handle putting something in the mail.

Four days later no package from the mortgage company. I call and they say "Oh it went out, I mailed it myself. Just give it a few more days." Okey doke, no problem. Wait a few more days. Still no package. Call the mortgage company again. "Where is my package?" Well, we mailed it a week ago today. It was going to Madison wasn't it? "Pardon me?" I say still calm. "Well it wasn't a in town address we mailed it to." At this point I begin to lose that calm.

"I'm in town." I say. She says "Are you sure?" I bite back several rather insulting remarks. "Yes I'm sure. Does Roanoke sound familiar?" She says "That's where I mailed it! That's not where you live?"

Ok folks, we live about 3 blocks from said mortgage company. They have mailed a package with ALL of our information to my husbands former address almost 200 miles away. He hasn't lived there for two years, and we have no idea who is living there now.

We are FURIOUS. This is our social security numbers, our childrens social security numbers, our addresses for the past 5 years, everything anyone would need to commit identity fraud. Want to know what the company's reaction is??? Oops, gee we're sorry. We'll send you copies of our copies.

Needless to say these people will NOT be financing our home.
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Well as it is against the law to open another's mail, your original packett should be returned untampered with. Here's hoping!
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i hope the mortgage place gets the returned package! I have had my share of mortgage companies and its not fun.
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Please call the major credit bureaus and put an alert on your social security numbers, just in case.
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You could sue the jerks and win on this you know.
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As a suggestion...

When we bought our house, (last year), we used Wells Fargo, did EVERYTHING over the phone/fax/ CERTIFIED/OVERNIGHT mail. Easiest thing I've ever done with a bank!
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That would make me mad, too! I say sue them. The idiots deserve it!
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Our plan at this point is to wait until Tuesday before doing anything. According to the post office(the packet was sent via regular mail, no fedex, no ups, not even certified mail) if it's not back by then it's most likely not coming back. If we haven't gotten good news by then we're planning on contacting everyone we can think of and telling them that our information is out there, meaning our bank(a copy of our bank statement was in the packet as well) and every credit organization we can think of.

Jeff(dh) is talking about suing but I'm a little hesitant to be honest. Granted, this goes beyond "a little mistake" and the people involved DO need to be taught a lesson, but I don't know that we'd have a leg to stand on in court especially if nothing comes of it other than some inconvienence(here's hoping that's the case!!). I'll keep you guys posted.
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To make you feel a bit better, not everyone out there is looking to commit identity theft. We had something very similar happen to us about a year ago:

We opened an equity line of credit on our home, and we did the whole process over the phone. After we closed on it, the bank contacted us that they had 'lost' our 2001 copies of our tax returns. They told me to fax it to them, that would be sufficient. So I did. TO THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER!!!!! I was mortified. I switched the last 2 numbers of the fax and sent it off ( amazingly it was also a fax on the wrong number ). As soon as I realized what I had done I majorly panicked. I kept thinking 'oh my god, somebody has ALL of our info' and it was all my fault.

But amazingly, the guy who got the info called me ( I had my phone on the cover sheet ) two days later and told me had mistakenly gotten it. He told me that he had shredded it all, and I had no worries. I still was concerned, but we just got copies of our credit reports over a year later and everything was fine.

So, try to look on the bright side. Perhaps whoever got it just tossed it. And keep a close eye on your credit reports.
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You could always do a reverse lookup for the phone number of the address, then call them.
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Just got a phone call from the manager. They got in touch with the lady that lives in the house now. She recieved it a few days ago and sent it back. Point in their favor that the manager called on her own time and apologized profusely promising to hand deliver it to us as soon as they get it. She sounded as relieved as I felt!

WHEW! I definitely feel better. I can't be angry at the manager, she's done her absolute best to fix the situation(and did a good job of it) but I'm still pretty teed off at the *%$#@ consultant we talked to. She's the one that made the call on where to send it.
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Oh gees I would be mad as well! So glad you are getting it hand deleivred!sp?

You take care now!
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