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Info on the Wicca way

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Hi everyone I know we have a few Wiccas, or is that Wiccian sorry not sure how to say this correctly. I was wondering if anyone knew of any could websights to gain information on Wicca. I would love to learn more about it.
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Hmm, will have to look into websites to share with you. I can recommend a bunch of decent books, if you're interested...
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This is a dumb question . . . what is wicca? I know people who believe it/study it are called "witches" . . . that's about it . . .

P.S. -- Please excuse my ignorance.
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we have a get your bootie out of the broom closet thread that has some help info it in, there are quite a few pagans on this board and a couple witches!
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This is a good website, it is geared towards educators with Pagan students in their schools.

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My sister is a wiccan but im not real clear on they're beliefs
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I'm not entirely sure myself, but if I'm right, and if I'm not please someone correct me. I think Wicca is white magic, or good magic that follows a female diety. Again I'm not entirely sure so if I'm wrong I'm sorry it's out of ignorance.
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Kinda sorta but not really. Wicca is a nature based reliogin "magic" is only part of it. There is both good and bad magic and our gods are good and bad. The way I look at it is, since god is supposed to be everything they need to be good and bad and male and female and that is what wicca has. It is mostly about nature and how god is in everything around you. It is really close to catholic if you think about it. An easy to understand book is by scott cungingham. I got it on www.bn.com that really explains everythign simple. I have been slacking on learning more latly because I have been so busy with work, school, and my business
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Wicca is a modern rebirth of the worship of the Goddess (and her consort, the God). It is a nature-based faith, honoring the divine within all of us. Each and every human being is a god or goddess, since we are all children of the Gods. Nature and animals are to be protected. Life in all its forms is sacred.

The only "rule" of Wicca sounds very simple, but on closer examination is pretty complex. "An it harm none, do what you will." Meaning, you can do as you like, as long as no one is harmed. Harm encompasses more than physical danger. Interfering with another's free will or freedom of choice is considered "harm". Things that could or would cause emotional pain are "harm" as well. There are times when it must be balanced with common sense; Turning in a known child molester certainly interferes with their freedom, however, you are serving the greater Good of protecting the innocent (children).

Magic (or Magick, as some spell it) is basically a form of prayer. While traditional prayer is passive ("please make this happen!"), magic is active ("this is going to happen!").
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Wicca is one form of paganism (just like Catholic is one form of Christianity), focusing more on the 3 faces (or phases) of the goddess (the maiden, the mother and the crone), which is pretty much a trinity to the life cycle of youth, adult, elder. Those of us who are pagan, but not Wiccan, just basically choose different names to put to the gods, as most of the ancient religions (Roman, Greek, Celtic, Eqyptian) had many of the same ideas with different names. My choice is the Egyptian gods, Earl chooses the Celtic gods.

Magic is one aspect of any pagan faith. As Sue said, it gives the person a more active role in controlling the environment around you. The "rule" that I've always seen with magic or "spells" is that it must not ask for personal gain, but for the good of the situation or the best possible solution. (I.e. you couldn't/shouldn't ask to win the lottery, but ask for the financial situation to become manageable.)

The pagan faiths really, IMO, put one closer to nature and appreciate the complex world around us. (Not that other faiths cannot do the same thing, but it is more of the focus of the pagan faiths.)
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