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I have two cats, jasmine and tenchi. Tenchi is a little over 1 years old and jasmine is about 5 months. We got them at separate times but they have been together and gotten along really well for about a month.

The only thing I could have done personally was give tenchi some catnip last night, but I can't think of anything that may have triggered it..

Before bed my fiance and I went to get ready and there was a giant pile of vomit on the bathroom floor.

This morning there was more but not as much.

I know once in a while it is ok for a cat to vomit because of hair or whatever it may have eaten that makes them feel yucky, but I'm afraid of this being more. I can't even tell which cat it is coming from since we haven't witnessed the vomitting yet.

If you have any ideas or need more information just say so, i'm new here but will check back regularly thanks!

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I really don't know if it is more or not . Sometimes mine do that too , go to one place and then to do that again on a differend place . I know with mine it is hairball . You can try to add a little pumpken (sp) in a can to their food , it may help . But I am sure if you look a little around in the forum you will find how that is explain better .I hope that it is only hairbals with your cats/cat . See if you can watch them more and make notice that they all drink and eat normal .If not they may be more going on with your cat/cats and you need to go to the vet .
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I am going to move your thread to Health and Nutrition where the health experts gan give you a hand.
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Thanks for moving it I wasn't sure if vomitting was considered behavioral or not.

In any case, I just found out it was Jasmine.. The 5 month old. I don't know how that big giant ... mushy thing on the floor last night came out of her, but she was nice enough to be puking up bile.. potentially blood (its orangy liquid substance) today.

I have a big calculus test tomorrow and was going to take today off from my other classes to study but I scheduled a vet appointment for her later today too so hopefully I can get her resolved and know she's ok tomorrow when i'm out at class.
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I am glad you go to the vet with her . Hopefully it is nothing . But keep us up dated
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Vomiting a great deal is a cause for concern as the cat can dehydrate quickly. Please let us know how Jasmine does- color me worried from your post.
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Please let us know what the vet says when you get back! That IS cause for concern....huge pile and orange biley stuff is not good at all.
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Just an update on Jasmine..

I looked in her box and did notice some diarrhea so I took her to the vets and (just got back) told them everything I knew.

Jasmine was so calm.. she must have felt really bad she didn't even put up a fight when they took her temperature rectally.

They said they found a high bacterial count in her stool they did with a swab. I'm sort of on a budget but I authorized htem to do about $300.00 in test work for blood work, x rays, etc.

I want this problem found out. They think she'll be done around 6:30 est tonight so they'll call so I can pick her up. I'm really hoping she'll be ok.

Thank you for all of your concern! I will update tonight when I know more of what is going on.

Edit: Ok we got Jasmine back, the vet didn't see anything in the xray but wants a consult\\2nd opinion. I really dont want to shell out 70 bucks for it thought. Her blood shows everything is ok but there's a high amount of bacteria in her stool. They gave her injections for her stomach upset.. so she should be fine today.

She was perscribed clavamox antibiotic in case there's any bacterial infection .. and some special perscribed cat food for a short while that's supposed to be easier to digest. She thinks its yucky compared to her normal food but hey, we mixed it up for her.

If she isn't vomitting tomorrow I take her back for a recheck anyway, but if she is i have to take her back right away. Which will be hard because I have class all day tomorrow and a test.

In either case she should be feeling better soon assuming nothing is lodged in her somewhere and the antibiotics help.

She's been a little more active today than she was earlier.. at least she came to sit near me but she wants her sleep. The vet said she'd be sleepy anyway ffom the injection.

Here's to hoping she's ok tomorrow!
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