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Paige has a catnip bellied Terry cloth mouse which she carries around. she sleeps with it too.. we laugh and ask her "where's your baby?".. she usually goes and gets it too.

She also has an interest in Jason's heroclix, they're like the figurines one uses for dungeons and dragons and such, except it has a base where the stats are. she hides them wherever her nest happesn to be. She used to hide all her toys behind the TV before we blocked it off. (and half of Jason's) Now they (she and Jason) hide their toys in a plastic bag behind the couch. he'll be looking for a clik and out tumbles her mouse and she gives him the dirtiest look, too.
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One of my cats Sheba would drag around a foam cover that one puts over water pipes to keep the cold/warm. Those things are 3 feet long and she would drag them up from the basement. We had to hide the spares so she wouldn' wreck tem!!
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Buttons kicks her toys around the house, Felix carries a bit of paper around for ages and ages and growls if any of the others dare to go near.
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Pookie carries around his favourite toy - a hair scrunchies. We buy them, he destroys them. He carries it around in his teeth and when he sees another can he drops it and lays down on top of it to hide it. When the other cat is at a safe distance he gets up, grabs it, and takes off again!

I lost my girl Pixel in December and she was the amazing one! She picked up EVERYTHING in her teeth and carried it around. She began with small things, picking them up and taking them to the tub where she would drop them in and then bat them around in there. Bathtub hockey, we called it

Then there was her nest. She would pick up anything and everything tht was left within her reach...remote control, water bottles, stuffed toys, books, paper (which she shredded)...ANYTHING...then she'd carry it to a spot behind the bedroom door and make a nest in it. I'd clean it up when she wasn't looking and when she'd discover what I'd done, she yowl like a cat in paaaaaaaaain! Here's a pic of her, sleeping in her little nest. Oh yeah...and she had a snuggly baby, too. She rarely slept without him until Frodo came a long. He was a silver horsie beanie baby. You can just see her cuddling it between her front paws.

Oh man...just looking at that precious picture of her and remembering all her little games and antics (she's famous for having invented games) makes me so sad...I miss her terribly Only 8 months with her was not enough. Although I doubt even 8 YEARS would have been enough. Is it ever??
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I love it when my cats carry their toys, My Kramer has a big white fuzzy mouse that he carries all over the house with him. The funniest thing is when my ferret takes all of the cat toys and hides them under the couch so that the cats can not play with them. Every time I put peanut back into his cage I have to pull out the couch and retrieve the entire basket of cat toys.
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Hey saw a Picture of your kitty... what breed is he..he looks just like my Baby Isis..???
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Rosie carries anything from bottle tops!.

Sophie has several mice that she carries around a lot, and sometimes end up in her water bowl
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Popcorn has, just this minute, brought me, from the other end of the house, a coat hanger. It's one of those ones with a padded, crocheted cover on it. She let me know in no uncertain terms how wonderful she was, bringing me this large, difficult to carry, useful item.
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