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Stray Cats in My Backyard (How to Remove Them?)

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I've been away with my indoor/outdoor cat for a month and when I came back I noticed a mother and her two kittens (1-2 months of age) in my backyard.


I can't let me cat out because they will fight and will hurt the kittens, how and to where I should move them, and how can I mke sure they don't return to my home?

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This is a tough situation.  One the one hand, hopefully, you'd like to be able to help the mom and kittens.  On the other hand, someone has been irresponsible and now they're in you own cat's yard!


I'd talk to the neighbor's and see of anyone is familiar with them.  They may be being fed by someone near.  You'd have to decide how to handle them in your yard at that point.


You could also call local rescue groups and ask if there is anyone who can trap them for you.  Keep in mind that if this happens, they will most likely be taken to the shelter and, unfortunately, will probably be euthanized.


Is there a way your cat can go outside without going into the yard?  A porch or other place he can be confined?  I know it isn't fair but he's better off not being able to roam.  Too much trouble waits for cats outside - the mommy and two kittens being perfect examples.

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They're not anyones and I feel bad for moving them, and at the same time I feel bad for not letting my cat outside, he doesn't leave the door waiting to be let out.


I don't have a confined place outside.


I'm really really lost.


We don't have a near public park where I can move them there.

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There aren't very many options, sadly. It would be illegal to move them anywhere else---if you were caught dropping them off you'd be charged with abandonment. If you call a shelter to come get them they'll almost certainly be killed.

I can think of only 2 really good options:
1.) you have them all spayed/neutered and let them live in your yard. Your cat would probably get used to this as long as everyone is fixed.
2.) if you have a friend who lives in the country and would like some barn cats, they could go live there. You have to make sure there's some way to confine them for a couple weeks so they know where they live, or they'd come back to your house or get killed trying to come back. They should also be spayed/neutered for this or your country friend would be overrun with cats in a couple years tongue.gif.

You can call around to all the cat welfare places in the area to ask about low-cost spay/neuter.
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I'm Sad and Lost

This was my previous thread.


Unfortunately there is no option.


I have to keep them in my back yard.  I thought of an idea of having them take the backyard and my cat can have the garden on the front of the house.


How can I keep each cat in there territories?


I thought of a sound barrier to keep each on their side.


What are your other options?

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No, my cat doesn't do ok with other cats fixed or not.


I found a barn, but how safe are the cats with other cats and animals?

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Is your male neutered? Is there a room in your house you can put the momma and kittens in to isolate them from your male?


I'm going to ask a mod to merge this post with your previous post since it's still relating to the same issue, and it will help the responders help you further. :)

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Yes neutered, and I can't have them indoors.

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No cat is going to get along with a strange cat right off the start.  I brought a stray inside the very end of May.  I have a resident indoor only kitty who is 5.  They are still working it out.  The stray I brought inside is kept in a safe room.  He was there without coming out for 2 months.  Introductions have been done at a very very slow pace.  My resident cat has never like other cats either.  It can be done.  It just times lots of time and patience.  If you'd like to know more about all of the steps, there is a great article here on cat to cat introductions.  I can also tell you more in detail what I have done. 


If you just try to bring in the mom and kitten it will not go well.  But with slow steady introductions they can learn to live and coexist together.

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In order for them to have safe homes at the barn, you need to do a couple of things. First, have them all spayed and neutered. Local shelters or rescue groups can help there. Second, make sure the barn owner gives permission for them to be there, as they will have to be confined for a week or so before releasing them. Cats are very territorial and they will try to find "home" (your house). They will most likely be killed or injured trying.

They can be confined inside the barn or in crates inside the barn, if they are available. Someone will have to feed them and take care of their litter while they are confined. It sounds like a lot of work but is best to make sure they adjust to their new home.
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The stray i've been feeding wasn't around for a day and showed up hungry and anxious to see me and come into the house. The cat cried and made a strange whining sound. I bought toys and a bed and a litter box but i'm still not sure when to offer pretty a capture. Should i try to shut the door and trap pretty or forget it. Any suggestions are welcomr.
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You definitely need to trap her. She needs a vet check, spaying (or neutering) and her shots. It will be a bit traumatizing for you both but will benefit everyone in the end.

Thank you for helping her. In future, you can start your own thread and update us about her.
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Sorry guys for the late update.

After a couple of weeks they left!

I noticed in the last week the mother would jump the fence and her kittens would wait for her. And, I think after the were able to follow her they never came back. I hope they are safe.
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