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Our kitty fell 4 stories!!!

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Yesterday after getting out of the shower and doing some errands around the house I noticed that I haven't seen our 3year old cat "Junior" since before I got int he shower. I turned our condo upside down looking for him with no luck. I decided to go downstairs and see if maybe he fell off our 4th floor balcony, I walked around outside looking and calling his name. Still no luck, at this point I have been looking for him for over an hour. I went back upstairs and called my wife at work to see if she knew any of his special hiding spots, she said the ones that I had already checked. She suggested that I go next door and check with the neighbours to se if he jumped on their balcony to visit (a long shot but at this point I was frantic) They said that they hadn't seen him, my neighbour offered to go back outside with me to look for him. He showed me where his cat landed after he fell off their balcony. I went into the area and called out "Junior" I heard a muffled "meow" coming from behind a barbeque, I went over and sure enough our little guy was behind the barbeque scared witless. I picked him up and took him back upstairs. At first look he didn't look to bad off, he could still walk although a little slow and he was a little bloody. I called my wife and told her what had happened, she asked me to make an appointment for the vet to get him looked over. We took him to the vet and the doctor looked him over and found a couple of scrapes and he was a little bloody from the nose and one of his pads of his feet was scratched really bad. The doctor gave him an anti-inflamitory shot and told us to take him home and make sure to keep him comfy and make sure he gets lots of rest, she said that he will be very sore for the next few days. So we are very thankfull that he is okay and we always watch him when he is on our balcony now. Anyone else have a scarey situation like this with their little one?
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OMG I am so glad that your baby will be okay. I would have had a heart attack if that had been one of my purrbabies.
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Oh my god!!! You are so so lucky he made it out of this ok. That has to be one of the scariest things ever!!

Can you make something for your balcony so that he cant fall off? Perhaps some chicken wire around it or something to that effect? Or, not let him out there at all.. or unless supervised? That would be too traumatic of an experience for me I'd probly lock my cat up in the house for good

I'm so glad he's going to be ok though!!!!
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Oh my gosh, what a fall for little Junior! I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt... poor little guy.
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OMG , how lucky he was . It could have been very bad .

I had a friend in germany and her cat fell from the fift floor in to the seller stairs . He had some mature operation and took a long time to heel . That cat was also lucky he still was alive since he climped on the window simse and there is no balcony .
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I am so glad that Junior will be ok - that must have been so scary!
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OMG! That poor baby! Junior is one lucky kitty! He could have easily broke bones or even hurt is spine.

I agree with Sicy, maybe you could enclose your balcony with some kind of grid or chicken wire or not let him out there anymore. He may not want to go out there may be too tramatic for him. But it's great to hear that he's ok. I would have been scared outta my mind!
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OMG!! How scary! I am so glad that Junior is ok...
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Oh, no! Poor little guy. I hope he's feeling better soon.

There's actually a term for this: "feline high-rise syndrome"
Here's an article about it:
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Thanks for all the well-wishes My wife and I were talking last night about closing our balcony in with wire or some sort of mesh. The weird thing is we would leave the door to the balcony open all the time for Junior, all day when we were at work or just out for a little while to do some shopping and he never had even attempted anything like this before. Yes, he was very lucky that he had no internal injuries or broken bones. Lucky Kitty, we figure he has about 6 of his 9 lives left after his fall.
TuxedoKitties: thanks for the article! lots of useful stuff in there!
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Oh, I am so glad that Junior got away with just some scrapes. I do hope he'll recover soon. Just think how relieved he must have been to see you.
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OMG!! I'm so glad that Junior is going to be okay!
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OMG.!!! Glad Junior is going to be ok. What a lucky kitty. There was an watching over him.
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OMG that is so scarey. I'm glad Junior is okay. Hope you can figure a way to make the balcony more safe. I'm sure Junior loves to visit the balcony and sniff the out door!
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Thanks again everyone for your warm thoughts One more item to add to this story. The day before this all happened, my wife and I quit smoking. Well, to say the least it took all my willpower not to light one up after finding Junior. Every time I remember finding Junior like that it breaks my heart but I'm glad I didn't have a cigarette
I talked to my wife this morning to see how Junior was doing as he was sleeping when I left for work. She said that he is doing really well, he ate some of his breakfast, was purring like crazy (I could hear him threw the phone) and he was even giving kisses!! We know that if he is giving kisses that he should be alright.
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So glad junior is going to be okay! But S**t how scary!
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What a scarey ordeal for you and your baby! I'm glad that he is going to be OK.

I love the video in your siggy too!
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Thank goodness he is OK! I can't imagine how much I would have freaked out!
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Poor cat. That's too scary! I'm glad the story didn't end with a fatal injury.
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why would the cat jump????
I am glad he is ok.

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wow that is one lucky kitty, i am so gald he is okay, his name should be lucky junior
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poor baby! glad he's okay
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Goodness, I am so glad Junior did not break his back or leg, he really got lucky there. He must of really been enticed too close to the edge by something he saw maybe. Give him a few gentle pets for me!
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Originally posted by rfox
why would the cat jump????
I am glad he is ok.

We aren't sure why he jumped. The only thing we can think of is that he got up on the ledge of the balcony and walked over to the neighbours planter boxes. He was probably playing in it as his nose was really dirty when I found him, the neighbours have a male cat named "Boris", we think he might have scared Junior to make him falloff the ledge.
**UPDATE** Junior is really sore and probably still a little shaken up. He was all purrs and kisses when the wife and I got home from work.
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I'm happy he is OK, and will only have a few aches and pains for a little while. I would definately put up some kind of an enclosure if your condo assn will allow it. I know some complexes might look at it and complain that it spoils the look of the complex.
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A kitty in a plaster cast looks a lot worse than a discrete enclosure! (good luck by the way with the quitting smoking - I keep trying so I know how hard it is)
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thank god junior is fine... give him a few good kisses for me...
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I'm glad he will be ok.
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