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What I miss most about Gateway are: his headbutts in the middle of night signaling his desire to be petted and then the way he would plop against me after I willing acquiesed and purr like the dickens! I sure do miss you, boy-o!
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I miss everything about my Achilles, it's been two months since he was run over and died, but I still cry almost every single day. I still can't believe he's dead and gone. There will never be anyone like him.

I miss his kisses the most. When he'd jump on my stomach at bed time and kiss my face. I miss the way his big yellow eyes would look up at me, like he knew I loved him and he loved me back.

My precious baby, I miss you so much, I dedicate this song by Lionel Richise to your memory:

I wanted you for life
you and me
in the wind
I never thought there come a time
that our story would end
its hard to understand
but I guess i'll have to try
its not easy
to say goodbye .....

For all the joy we shared
all that time we had to spend
now if I had one wish
I'd want forever back again
to look into your eyes
and hold you when you cry
its not easy
to say goodbye......

I can remember all those great times we had
There were so many memories, some good some bad
yes and through it all
those memories will last
forever .....

Theres peace in where you are
may be all I need to know
and if I listen to my heart
i'll hear your laughter once more
and so I got to say
i'm just glad you came my way
its not easy to say

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i miss the way Susie would come inside smelling of grass and earth, and her eyes would be bright and her fur would be a little dirty, and she just seemed so alive.. we lived deep in the country (i had her wheni was a child) and all our cats were indoor/outdoor, and she loved going outside. i miss the way she would curl up by my feet everynight. not by my face or stomach-she wasn't really a lapcat-but she'd never sleep anywhere than the foot of my bed, snuggled up next to my ankles. i miss her sweet little face, and her meow.
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I miss so many things about my precious furangels, Lucki, Kit and Blackie....

Lucki- I miss my little petite girl so much. I miss the way I would pick her little body up and hug and kiss her, she was a very sweet little black kitty. I miss her little chirps and her precious little face. I miss when she would knead my hair and fall asleep on my head purring away. We only had three years together but I treasure every moment you were in my life, my angel.

Kit- I miss when I would pull up in the driveway late at night and Kit would be on the porch waiting for me or he would come running down to greet me from his night out, which he enjoyed so much. He would then come inside with me and I would give him his nightly snack and he would head butt me and meow the entire time, the only time I could hug and kiss him so I really treasured this time together. Kit would then come up and sleep in my bed with me, which always made me feel so happy, since it was not easy to win his love.

Blackie- My big beautiful black boy, I miss seeing you sitting on the kitchen counter at my parent's house looking so regal and beautiful. You were such a kind and gentle soul. I miss how much you would purr all the time. I miss seeing you looking so happy looking out the window and enjoying the birds and squirrels. I miss so much about you Blackie.

I often say how much better life would be if all three of you were still in my life, but I know you are all safe now and happy and always watching over me until we meet again.
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I miss Glory's squeak and the comfort I got from her curling up next to me every night.

I miss the looks Tiger could give. I miss they way she loved with all she was no matter what.

I miss Tinsel's bringing cricket leggs into my bed. I miss just calling 'Tinny!'
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I lost Kittycat (named after KIttycat in the family Circus comic) in 1990. What I miss most about him was the way he lay against my legs while I was in bed. You know, that "next to you" feeling.

Secondly, I miss his BIG meow and kinked tail. He was half Siamese and half Tabby..and huge. I wish I had taken more photos of him.
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This really is a tear jerker thread. Hugs to all of you who are still hurting.
Life goes on, but we will miss them forever, right.
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Holding him.
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aahh...my baby Bear. lost him dec. 5, 2003. i miss everything...but what i miss the MOST is how he'd wake me up in the morning for his breakfast. he'd sit by my head and rub his front paw down my cheek. as long as i kept my eyes closed and pretended to sleep, he'd keep doing it...occasionally giving a 'hmmewph' snorting noise. as soon as i opened my eyes it was open season on my head. if i tried to pretend i went back to sleep, he'd press his paw on my eyeball, or lick my forehead until i gave in and got up. i miss my baby!
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I miss my Fred for so many reasons. I miss the way he would hug me and give me little wet kisses even if I had only been gone to the mailbox. He slept with me every night for 18 years, and even though my others will cuddle with me, they don't get it quite right. I miss how he kept all the others in line and made them behave. If they got hissy or slapped at me, he would bonk them on the head as if to say you will respect our meowmy. If I laid on the couch, he would always come lay on my tummy and tuck his little head under my chin. Once when I was really sick, he sat on my pillow and watched over me while I slept. That is just a little of why I miss my little friend so much. It has been almost a year, and it is still such a fresh hurt. i wonder if it will ever hurt less.
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