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What do you miss most about your furbaby?

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I think in the intrest of sharing & helping each other to get over our losses, we should all share the 1 or 2 things we miss most about our pets who have gone to the bride (I was going to say 1 thing, but I myself have so many more that I can't narrow it down to just 1)

The two things I miss most about Smokey are, her smell & her meows.
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Just like you, there's so many things that we miss about Toby. He was such a wonderful character...he always came to greet me when I came home. He just LOVED food, particularly chicken, and boxes, nothing better than a small box to curl up...except maybe fresh, clean laundry.
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Rang, this is such a great idea. Thank you.

Well, I just lost two little ones, Grady and Alex.

The thing I miss most about both of them is how sweet they were - purring at such a young age and being lap kitties.

Grady had his own little quirks though. The thing I miss the most is finding him sleeping in odd places - the food bowl, in the middle of the floor (unusual for a tiny kitten) or in a bag of food.

I miss Alex's cute little hair that went all over the place and wouldn't lay down flat no matter what.
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I miss the tiny squeak coming from a huge male red tabby. I miss the way he would lie on his back and put his paws over his eyes when he slept. I miss the way he would sit in my lap and hug me with his huge paws. I miss rubbing his extra fuzzy tummy. I just miss everything about my big guy.
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This thread is making me very teary eyed. . . . but is a wonderful idea.

The things I miss most about George. . . .

The way he would snuggle into me in bed. . . . loudly purring. . .
The way he would read the paper with me EVERY morning
The beautiful peach color that lines his eyes (like eyeliner)
His short stubby paws!
His sweet soft white chin that I loved to rub.
His snoring. . . . purring. . . .
Everything about him.

The two things I miss most about Butch (a childhood kitty). . .

The way he was very vocal and could cry like a baby
The way he would carry on if he was mad. . . . stomping his paws and moaning. . .

The two things I miss most about Little One (Butch's sister). . .

The chance to pat her (she was extremely skittish)
Seeing her and Butch nestled into one another sleeping

The two things I miss most about Binki (another childhood kitty)

Sleeping on my pillow
Dressing her in doll clothes
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The things I miss most about Max (our Manx) are his absolute tolerance of any new cat in the house (he actually nursed Bogart and Boris when they were kittens to the point that he gave them milk), his complete and absolute trust in us, his wide-body sleep posture on my chest, his love for the "chase game", his tail envy (he loved to swat other cats and dogs tails), and probably most of all, the way he would wiggle his "nub" when he got excited. He has been gone for 6 years and I still look around the house for him.

The thing I miss most about Hippocrates is his absolute adoration he had for Steve and I. He met us at the door every night, he followed us from room to room just to be near us, he sat between us so he could touch both of us, and he would get angry at us when we went on trips (you could predict his behavior by the number of days gone - 1 day mope, 2 days huffy, 3 days plants would be knocked over, 4 days slightly clingy, 5+ days "I want my mommy"). When I was sick, he knew it, and would snuggle close without getting on top of me just to let me know he was there to comfort me. He has been gone for 15 years and I still miss that guy.
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my lovely, loving Tortie girl

I miss her sweet soft warm comforting purrs, and the way she crept into my lap or onto me at night so softly I could barely feel it until I noticed her purring away happily in my lap. She gave me 17 years of unconditional love, always ready to comfort me with a soft hug and sweet purr when times were tough, and always ready for a hug and happy "aaaaaarp" and purr when I was happy. Sometimes if I go and put my head on her favorite spot on the couch, I swear I can still hear & feel her purr.

I also miss her special meow - the way she would open her mouth a moment before the sound would come out - "aaaaarp"! She always did that, whether it was a long complaint about an empty food bowl, or a short happy chirp.
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I miss Precious snuggling with me,every night when hubby and
the kids were in bed it was our quiet time together and he
would jump on my lap and sleep - i miss that so much
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I miss Jack hogging up the pillows in the bed.
I miss his white fur all over my black suits for work.
I miss him playing FBI agent every day.
I miss him laying on the back of the couch, behind my head, padding with his paws.

I could go on but you said list 1 or 2 things......

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The thing I miss about Snuggles is the way she constantly showed me love. She was the ultimate snugglebunch, she would run to me when I called, and walk all over me for hours. No matter what happened she never lashed out once. She did all sorts of weird tricks like walking on her back legs and scooping food with her paw to eat. Mostly I just miss sitting there cuddling her and the way she would purr loud enough to hear 20 feet away..

I miss Cuddles and her feisty ways, how she always acted like a total snobby princess but would sneak over to cuddle with me when no one was looking. How when I called her name at just the right pitch she would come running from fields far away and jump into my arms.. How she always liked to look so pretty.. I miss my kitty.

I have to believe that they have souls because they had way too much character to just be empty I hope that if there is a heaven that they are there and if not that they have met eternal peace.
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I miss just having them in my life- I miss finding my watch in the litter pan (Ripley) I miss shredded paper towels (Shredder) I miss seeing His Royal Blackness in our yard (Bartee) and I miss seeing Stryker curled up in Pop's lap at night when we watch tv.
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Things i miss about Piggy:

morning meow/snuggles...letting me know it was time to wake up and play with him

the way he would look back, just as he was about to go outside and meow one quick time as if to say, 'see you soon'

the way he would sit with me and Ken and intently 'watch' tv with us ;>

the way he kept my head warm at night by sleeping on it.

the way he came tearing down the sidewalk when i called for him and jump into my arms.

it hasnt been that long since we lost him...its still so hard. But when i cry at night, his brother Georgie is always there to share in my greif and we comfort each other.
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Dum Dum: The smell of his fur & the way he was always by your side when you were feeling down.
Sporty: He is the only kitten I owned. So I guess, I miss his innocence, his kitten curiosity that always got him into trouble, and his playfulness.
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I miss the way Smoggy cuddled up to me under the blankets at night, politely waiting while i turned over or wriggled and then found her space again. I miss her knowing the sound of my car coming home and waiting ready for a stroke on the top step. i miss her answering "chirrup' when i called her, and her sweetness and playfulness with all the new strays we brought home. Most of all i just miss her.
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Gryphon: I miss his humongous greeeeeeen eyes; I miss the way he'd ask to be picked up, and then reach his soft paw up to the human's face.

Shasta: I miss her bossy ways; I miss the way she loved to share our food treats.

Nibs: I miss his confusion -- he could never make up his mind -- we always said first he had to find it; I miss his "identity" yowls -- Siamese -- he'd go to the other end of the house and let out a ginormous yowl, and as soon as we'd tell him to put a sock in it, he'd come running for a scritch.

Samantha: I miss her Drama Queen ways -- EVERYthing was a BIG DEAL; I miss how she wrapped herself around my feet, and followed me around; I miss her white garters.

I miss every last whisker of them, but I'll stop now
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Punky Bruster: I miss the way he used to attack my heels, my moms, and my step-dad's heels, the way he'd hunt everything he could get his paws on, and the way he had a shorter than normal tail because his dad was a manx

Ginger (The Bailey Cat): I miss the way she used to greet me every time I'd go to my dad's office to visit, the way she'd purr wanting so much attention, the way she'd love all the attention she got. She was the Office Sweetheart.
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I just really miss them. They were so special that, like others, I really don't know where to start or how to narrow it down. With Aris I miss his loyalty. I mean I could find a mouse near my shoes and he would be so proud and have the sweetest look on his face like "look mama! Look what I got for you!" All while I was like oooh Lord get it out!!! lol I also like the way he was so protective. Before my husband and I married I went through alot and didn't have my children with me for a while. He would know when I was sad and when I would need company and he took on a very "protective child" role in my life. When others would come to the door he would be right there like dogs do. He had a very protective attitude and if your spirit wasn't right or your intentions weren't right he knew it. When my husband first started living with me before we were married (this was before I knew God), he would look at him so funky when he would walk around the house. lol Aris would wait until late at night and nip his ankles. Nothing firece, but definetly a "you'd better not hurt my mama!" After a long period of time they ended up becoming the best of friends and their relationship was almost as strong as ours. It was so relaxing to see my furry son approve of my then husband-to-be.

With Tiger, I miss his innocence. We took him in and for a stray he was so inocent and trusting, loving and kind it was just unbelievable.
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I miss Hobbes sleeping on my head at night.
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I miss the love I got from my beautiful Snoopy. I miss the way he always trilled to me, every time he looked at me. I miss how he would paw at my arm or hand to get me to pet him. I miss how he used to hog the bed, like I'd wake up on the edge of the bed, about to fall off, and Snoopy was stretched out taking up almost the entire width of a Queen sized bed. Actually, I miss EVERYTHING about him.
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I miss not having my Charley to pick up and hold
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Pepper was a pound puppy. She was a year and half when I adopted her. She was always a good dog. She was so beautiful and gentle. She was my best friend and I was hers. She was the dog I always wanted when I was a kid but was never allowed to have. She always new when I was upset and comforted me. I loved her long fluffy fur. She was great to snuggle in bed with.

I miss her more than anybody will ever know.

Love ya Pep

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I miss my Willy's purr, the way he would sit in the window waiting for me to come home every day, how he would hang over the side of the tub when I took bubble baths and play in the water, and how much he loved it when I sang to him.
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Max has been gone just about one year. I miss everything about him. He was just a big gentle tuxedo cat who knew he was King of our home. There will always be a hole in my heart. I love you Max. Life at our house will never be the same.
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This is a tearjerker thread!

What I miss most since losing Odie to distemper, Mattie to FIP, and BB, Zero and Smartie is simply trusting that kittens will live. I used to think a pregnant kitty was a blessing ready to happen. Now I know that it is such a risk for heartbreak. I almost want to shake people who think it is ok to let their kitty get pregnant, or that it is not possible to spay/abort a pregnant kitty. As painful as a spay/abort would be, I can't believe it is worse than finding a cherished baby has passed too soon.

I feel the worst about sweet Mattie. She was a very special kitten, but most of my attention was on the rest of the litter who I planned to adopt out. I took her for granted, thinking I would have her furry sweetness for a long time. When she was diagnosed with an always fatal disease (FIP), I was so shocked. We suddenly went from "too many" cats to almost "none". I had already promised her sister Festus to someone, but luckily she let me keep her. That is when we decided to keep Garfield, too. And they have been a blessing. But I wish I had cherished Mattie more.
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I have lost so many cats over the years (my mom always rescued strays and we always kept a few)

Suki & Dino: were both siamese...I miss watching them cuddle on the couch and their loud meowing

Tish: How she always protected me as I grew up

Runty: How she followed me around everywhere I went.

Bear: His spirit

Misty: Head butts

Muggins: So much....the way she sat with me and looked up at me, sleeping by my head, hugs and playing peek.

Tigger: How we was always the king of the castle.

Honey: How she loved to chase ice cubes and shut the fridge door for treats.
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I miss them.
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What I miss most about Joss is his voice, like any good siamese he knew how to get heard

His neediness (sp), he just couldn't stay alone. He loved being on our lap and being cuddle.

Having to fight for a place in my bed, the closer he was to us the better, even during those hot summer days

The fact that anyone coming in our house was a new friend to him.

Would hold a grudge, and would come running if you called him.

He was my soul cat

I also miss Kimi, one of my Scottish Fold.

She was the biggest cat I've ever had, but was also the gentlest.

I nickname her "Kimi La Douce", which translate to "Kimi the Gentle One".

Such a tiny meow coming out of such a big cat

Came such a long way from the tiny scared kitten, that never knew human touch from the time she was born to when she was dumped at the SPCA to be PTS at the age of 2 months.

This is Kimi

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Off the top of my head, I can't think of anything for Charlie, Tigger or Blackie, which sounds awful (Charlie and Blackie were only with me for very short lengths of time, so I suppose I just wish they could have had longer, esp Blackie). One of my regrets with both of them though is that I didn't take enough pictures - I dont have a single one of Charlie. Snowy was my snugglebunny, the hardest part after she went was being able to sit how I liked to watch TV, rather than how she wanted to sit with me, and not having to move in bed to accomodate her (although I have to do that for Molly now). George was a foster I only had for 4 weeks, so again I wish he had longer with me, I was glad that I had just let him sleep in teh house rather than in his room though, as the night before he went (unexpectedly), he sat on my chest and gave my lips a kiss.
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This thread brings a complex mix of emotions. I find myself smiling with tears in my eyes as many of your posts remind me of my recently passed Tigger. It's so hard to list what you miss most when you miss everything about your special friends but I'll do my best.

I miss playing hide and seek with my Tiggers and his sad meows when he couldn't find you followed by the purrmeowerrr when he found me.

I miss the sad "please" meow when he wanted treats or food.

I miss the cuddle attacks when he figured you weren't paying enough attention or it was time for food. He'd headbutt me and lean into your scritches will all his weight.

I miss the fact that he let me know I was his everything and the fact that he know he was my everything.

RIP Tigger babies and I'll see you over the bridge, but not yet... not yet...
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Oh my goodness all of these are so touching
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