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Kitty letter from Flylady.com...very cute!!

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Dear FlyLady,

We have a bone to pick with you! Our life used to be so easy before
MomCat became a "Flybaby"! Thunderbutt laid around and me, Kamakazi
Kitty, I pretty much did what I wanted. Not anymore, thanks to you!

Now, the minute our ToyMan leaves the house in the mornings, MomCat
is up and moving around the house. Thunderbutt gets booted out of
the bed until it's made, although she admits she does like getting
back in amongst the pillows that used to be piled up on the chair
where she couldn't lay on them without falling off. And, Thunderbutt
admits it is nice getting those "Good Morning Girls" treats without
having to go through her "dying Cleopatra" routine on the kitchen
floor. Also, I like being fed and having fresh water on a regular
basis, but what that's not what I'm complaining about.

There's this thing now that makes noise ALL the time! Just when I
get good & snuggled in for my nap, "BING" goes this thing. I snuggle
in again, and it goes "BING" again! Same routine ALL DAY! It's
enough to make any self-respecting tabby lose her fur!

There's this big red whirry machine that MomCat lets out of it cage
once a week now instead of once a month! And it's cousin, the little
black one that she even took to both of us once! You haven't
lived 'til you've been vaccuumed, she calls it. Took away one of my
lives, I'll tell you! Me 'n Thunderbutt hit the bricks and run for
the WarRoom when that thing comes out. MomCat frowns and calls it
the WarRoom 'cause it looks like a war took place in there - whatever
that means. I don't get it, looks fine to me. It's our favorite
place, but it's changing, too!

And what's with that spray stuff? It's making everything smell!
MomCat always says it smells good, but then we have to make
allowances for the fact she's two-legged and doesn't have a tail.

And you know what? Those midnight snacks we used to get in the
kitchen off the dishes? They're gone! No crumbs on the floor,
nothing! You expect us to live on just cat food? Why, Thunderbutt
will probably go from being just slightly obese to merely fat!
MomCat calls it "Shining Her Sink", and I'll have to admit, it is
nice not to have to worry about accidently falling into a pot of
water, but no more secret snacks? C'mon! Give a cat a break!

We're losing all our good hidey and snuggling places! My favorite
spot on the back of the couch, that I had good & comfy with my fur is
now all cleaned up and what's more, it doesn't smell like me
anymore! It's true, MomCat has unearthed some of my favorite toys I
had hidden and forgotten about, but she also found some of my
favorite non-toys I had hidden for those occasions when THEY leave us
alone! Like that ball of yarn I had stashed which she never missed!
Thanks a lot!

MomCat tells ToyMan that she's just getting started and hitting the
obvious places and that pretty soon everything's going to be clean
and neat and organized. I have to admit MomCat's a lot happier than
she's been in a long-time. She makes special lap time for me which I
never got before (usually after that annoying "BING" sound!) and
ToyMan started doing things, too! Now he makes special time for me
too, and we play catch. Watching him try to get me to bring that
ball back to him is always good for a laugh or two.

Sigh...change is hard for us to accept, but I guess we'll just have
to deal with it. MomCat says she's in it for the longhaul and that
the house is starting to look better. That's a matter of opinion, I
guess. She must be feeling better about herself, too, 'cause she
sings & smiles more. She doesn't spend so much time at that funny
machine with the big eye and the clackey things (and the thing I'm
not allowed to play with) and when she does, she often smiles.

Thunderbutt & I wonder what she'll look like with wings?


Thunderbutt & Kamakazi Kitty
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That's funny, I never thought of it from a cat point of view before.
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I love it...and I love flylady
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