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CSI season openner

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Anyone else watch it? I found the ending to be a suprise and I am looking forward to the "to be continued" episode. Looks like Grissom hearing is better after the surgery. I have to remember that where I am it is on at a special time next week.
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I think it is the other couple not the one that died at the end.

Its on a special time??? Let me check it out.
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According to it is on the usual time thursday at 9pm.
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I think it might be the girl in the club, or somehow the Valet is in on it.
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Loved it also, I think it's the other couple that killed them. Can't wait to see the next episode!
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The other couple, the one in the beginning? I thought so but no DNA of theres on the second murdered couple. Hmmmmm we shall see.

I have it on tape, going to watch it again.

Just have a feeling about the girl in the club, they keep referring to the glitter found at the murder sites.

Grissom... looks better than he did last season(lol)
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It is one at 7 pm next Thursday in Toronto. I don't know why.

I did find that those too couple looked remarkably alike!
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I was surprised two that the killer couple was found killed. I also have a feeling about the girl in the strip club. I think she was in on it somehow.
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So Grissim can hear better now eh??

I love CSI- Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Can't wait for the new season to hit our screens I'm sick of re runs.
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Loved the season opener and Grissom looks pretty darn good with that new beard!

I think that maybe not the girl in Club Shimmer but someone else that frequents Shimmer has something to do with the murders. Hint: What about the guy Grissom works with in the morgue, the Doc? He frequents Shimmer all the time....hehehe The only flaw there is that I don't think the Doc has any reason to want to murder people for the "fun of it".

Oh well, back to the tape to find more clues! LOL
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Grissom Beard... Grissom with Beard... very nice!

I liked it. Good episode, though I hate 2 parters.
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I never miss it! Grissom is hot! :lips:
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I figured why it is early in Ontario - it is election night and the tv will be doing provincial election coverage!
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Grissom is so cute with beard! Glad his hearings are back after went to the hospital.

can't wait for the next week!!
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I think I prefer him without the beard.
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this is one of my favourite shows, and the premiere was great, i knew it would be a 2 parter. can't wait to see the 2nd part tonight.

i think grissom should lose the beard, though, he's still sexy, either way.
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Grissom is a hottie, but damn all the men on there are hotties drooooooooling! Thanks for the reminder, I kept thinking something was to come on today. I can't wait to see it!
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Who do you think is the killer?
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Frisky, I swear your orange tabby is making me LMAO! He has such a weird shocked look on his face LOL!
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Wow!!! Didn't figure out the killer at all
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Yeah! Cool eh? I liked the ending. The more I see Grissom with that beard, the more I think he needs to shave it off!
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OK, I was watching the show and then I woke up. How did they figure he was the killer and why did he do it? How did the guy in the bathtub die and was it murder? I just hate when that happens to me!!!
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The clerk's footprint had the crest of the courthouse melted into the sole when he put out a cigarette on a metal crest on the sidewalk outside the courthouse. Plus, Greg found his old police uniform in a sewer near the house, he had used it to get into the house (knocked on the door and said he had a warrant). He did it because he used to be a cop and was afraid the killers would get away with it, since he knew they did not have a lot of evidence.

The guy in the bathtub was punched from behind at the bar by a guy wearing a ring with a shark fin part sticking out of it. That pointy part poked into the brain and it bled slowly until he just fell over and died in the tub. That had to be one of the most disgusting things that I've ever seen on network TV. Last season there was one body that was just liquid in a duffel bag, but this guy was... oh, I'm getting nauseated just thinking about it!!
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They figured who the killer was by the inprint on his shoe and the fact that only certain people knew that they were waiting for a warrent.

The bloated guy (ewwww!) had a brain bleed that took 12-24 hours to kill him. It was from a blow to the head.

Hope that helps.

I enjoyed last night show. Looks like Warrick has a new girl now.
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Thanks Julie and Ady. It was so frustrating! I couldn't wait to log onto TCS this morning to find out what happened!
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Oh the tension the tension whens it gonna hit NZ,, aaaaw csi
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