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Oh that was such a funny story!!!! I bet those people were shocked to see you (errr your behind that is...lol)

A: My favorite toy as a child was my barbie dolls. I loved them!!! I would play with them for hours and hours!!!!

Q:If you could be any famous person....just for one day, who would it be and why?
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Debby; Oh my God, I loved Barbie Dolls too. . . . . If I could be any famous person it would be (current) it would be Bette Midler. Can she ever sing, I try but I don't even come close(does not, however, stop me from singing, much to the chagrine of my family!!!!! Famous person (past) Kate Smith (love the shoulders on those 40's dresses. . . . .no, seriously, she too was a helluva singer!!!! New question: What fictional character would you be? (oh, yeah, and why?) Threeleggedkat
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Hmmmmmmmmmmmm what fictional charactor would I be.....I really only want to be myself, but if I could be a fictional charactor for a day it would probably be Santa Claus for 1 day....of course....Christmas.....because I love to do things to make people happy, and Christmas it the time for that.

What is the funniest story your family or friends tell about something you did when you were little?
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My name is Joe and I live with two Felis catus companions, Michaela Kristin and Tonya Robin.

Michaela and Tonya are sharing a bath towel.

They are both, of course, complete angels! :goodbad:

Michaela is the daughter and only child of Sesheta Gray, who passed away in December of 1999. Sesheta had come to live with us from a county animal-shelter; and when she arrived at her new home it became apparent she was expecting! Michaela was born in our bedroom.

Tonya came to live with us from a veterinary, whose technicians had rescued her. She'd been living in an apartment building adjacent to the veterinary; and she was abandoned in a locked room when the Homo sapiens person moved away. Fortunately, a window had been left open -- so when Tonya began to starve she leapt from the window to freedom, her daring escape thankfully observed by one of the veterinary technicians next door.

Unfortunately, the egress window was on the third storey; so Tonya was injured upon landing. Her right rear leg has healed nicely, but I can tell it still bothers her a bit from time to time. And Michaela has a heart murmer.

Both the young ladies and I are very pleased you've this wonderful web-site!

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First, welcome Mr.Cat! It seems your heart is as big as all of ours here at the catsite!!! I hope you stick around and enjoy the company!!

A: I swear it isnt funny, but my parents always talk about how abusive I was to my little brother. How I would slam his fingers in the door (like at 3 I knew what I was doing) or how I used to lock him out of the house. Oh and of course there was the time I poked him under the eye with a pencil (he still has the mark). Of course they dont remember him chasing me, spitting on me or digging his nails into me. However the funny part is that I am now 26 and I still hear the stories!!!

Q: What is your favorite commercial on tv?
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A: I love the commercial for the Visa check card where the father and daughter are in the pet store buying bunnies... and while it's taking time for his check to clear, the bunnies have multiplied insanely. That commercial is so cute and so funny!

Q: What food do you absolutely detest?
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A. Mushrooms.. I am really big on texture and I hate the way they feel in my mouth. Same thing for shrimp.

Q. What is the BEST meal that you can make that you like (i.e. not what your kids like, but what you like)?

.. for me it is my veal piccata OR my homemade peanutbutter cookies (EVERYONE loves those)
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A: I make a dish called "Sweet and Sour Stew". I got the recipe from my father. I LOVE this stuff!

Q: Who is your favorite comedian?

P.S. to Threeleggedkat: You are braver than I am. I had a story that involved "relieving myself" for the embarrassing moment too. Wasn't sure I was ready to draw that picture for all to see (thus, why it's called an embarrassing moment)
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Hi all,
My favorite comedian is Robin Williams. I know that he isnt really a stand up, but I have always loved him.

Do you watch Soaps, and if so, which ones??
(I watch the ABC ones. I am a 4th generation ABC soap watcher!)
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I wish I could watch Soaps. I work all day, but my mother watches General Hospital everyday, and she likes to fill me in. The funny thing with soaps is you can not watch them for months and when you finally see one, it takes only a few minutes to catch back up!!

Q.) What is your favorite holiday, and why?
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my favorite holiday would be thanksgiving because there's no pressure to run out & buy the perfect gift, it's just families getting together, enjoying each others company and eating!

how do you shake off the stress of the day & get yourself to relax?
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A: You're looking at it! I like to relax by looking at my e-mail, 'cause there is usually something form someone I enjoy hearing from. Plus one or both cats usually take up residence on a lap or shoulder while I'm at the computer.

Q: What is your favorite piece of jewelry?

Mine is a toss-up between a gold cat ring I found a couple of years ago in a little jewelry shop in St Augustine, FL and a cheap little necklace from an ex-boyfriend that is Sagittarius the Archer. (I'm kind of into the astrology thing).
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Welcome Mr.Cat!!! You should go introduce yourself in a seperate thread so we all can welcome you here!!! Glad you have joined us! Love those adorable cats you have!!

And Deb25, I sure would love to have a copy of that sweet & sour stew recipe it sounds delecious!!!! Maybe I should start a recipe thread in here somewhere!

I am going to close this thread because I think it is pretty long, and open a new one to continue it...called
"Getting to know each other...part 2"

I will staret off with Deb's last question here, and go from there.
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