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Can someone help me with a email problem?

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I just received a email from a friend who sent me pictures that we taken after my friends funeral last week. OMG..you have no idea how important these pictures are to me & my stupid damn computer is telling me I can't open them because I don't have the application!!!

Could someone please PLEASE help me?
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Do they have the file extensions on the end of the files? Save them to your hard drive, and if they don't just rename them with the .jpg or .gif or .bmp or whatever they are. If you don't know what type of file they are, try opening them with Irfanview. It will recognize image files and update them with the correct file extension.
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Oh Heidi! You're such a angel!! It worked! I totally went into panic mode when I couldn't open them...sorry for being such a computer dummy!

Thanks once again! I need to resize them & I'll post them. They turned out great!
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No problem! I just learned the Irfanview trick about a month ago, and it's been a lifesaver.
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Here's those pic's! The first two are group shots of all of my friends...I'm in the front wearing the brown dress (if you didn't know already). The last picture is really special to me though. We all decided to go to the bar after Todd's funeral...that's what he wanted us to do. He's favorite beer is Schlitz (it's God awful beer though!) & almost all of us drank one for him. After that, we put the can's in the letter T.
I know that Todd was with us there & was smiling down at us. It still hurts...hurts alot. Todd left us 2 weeks ago today...still feels like yesterday, but yet it seems so long ago too.

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What file extension is on the photos?
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Nice pictures...... but Schlitz??
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Originally posted by Gothic_Amethyst
What file extension is on the photos?
Honestly, I don't know. I just openned them with Irfanview & it worked. Then I saved them on my harddrive. I'm just happy that I got it to work!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Nice pictures...... but Schlitz??
Yeah...I know. That stuff is just rotten! But that was Todd's signature drink...so we all bit the bullet & sucked it down!
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Nevermind I didnt reply in time...someone already helped
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No problem!
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sorry shell about Todd, im sure he was looking down at all of you and was there in spirit, you take care, dont let yourself get to far in the dumps, btw those were real nice pics.
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Thanks! I'm doing pretty good about it all. I've been throwing myself into work right now, so I don't try to think about it too much. I seen Nichole (his wife) last Friday while I was at work. I really debated on talking to her. I thought that maybe she wouldn't want to talk about it or anything, but I knew I just had to talk to her. So I did & she's doing good. It's really hard for her...Todd was her life. Actually he was ALL of our lives...he was a very big part of each of his friends lives. I thought about stopping by her house this weekend & go out for dinner or something. I think it would do her good, but I don't know if she's want to.
Thanks for caring though...it'll get easier with time.
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Shell again I'm sorry about Todd.. They are great pics and I know how much you will treasure them! The beer idea sounds great.

hugs to you shell and glad you got the pic thing sorted out, thats a neat tip Heidi, thanks

love sam
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Aww! Thanks Sam! I treasure these photos so much! Losing such a close friend makes you love your other friends even more. As weird as it sounds, we had fun that day. We shed our tears for Todd, but we replayed all the fun things that we did & made the best of it. We vowed with each other that "this" will not break us apart...it will make us stronger. This is the first time we've all gotten together in many years...it's sad that it takes something tragic to make that happen.

Thanks again Sam! Hugs to you Sweetie!
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