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I hate my landlord

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She is so awful. Her and her husband dont like cats. I'm lucky to even be allowed to have any. I told her about Saki because I have to fill some paperwork out and she's like "How new is this kitten? We require they have all their shots before they are allowed here. If they aren't up to date, we need proof of their vaccinations on file ASAP" He just has one more set of FVRCP on October 17th. I KNOW she's going to require the Rabies vaccination and I really dont want to give it to him. There's seriously no need. Neither him or Zoey go outside. This just sucks. Does anyone know if its a law in California that they have to have Rabies shots? She told me when I got Zoey that it was required. Grr I'm just so blah I cant stand her.
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Oh for pity's sake, indoor cats aren't usually vaccinated for outdoor diseases!
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I know. They are SO :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor: ANAL!!!!!!!!!
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I'm pretty sure California law requires rabies every three years.
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Forgot to add this but your landlord might also want proof of rabies vaccination for liability reasons.
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None of my cats have had rabies vaccinations. How are strictly indoor cats going to get exposed to rabies?

Check with your local animal control, to find out if cats have to be vaccinated.
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Originally posted by uabassoon
Forgot to add this but your landlord might also want proof of rabies vaccination for liability reasons.
She does *sigh*

I wonder if she's actually going to monitor their shots every 3 years or whatever. I wouldnt be surprised

I'm trying to check some websites.. seems like only dogs and outdoor cats are required to have rabies vaccinations. Of course that's not good enough for her. She says that what if my cat bites someone that comes into my house, and we cant prove its had its rabies shot, she says they can put the cat down to find out if they've had it or not. You cant argue with her either.

I'm just irritated.. I'll probly just do it so that I dont have to squabble with her but it just sucks. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Sadly she's telling the truth here.

She says that what if my cat bites someone that comes into my house, and we cant prove its had its rabies shot, she says they can put the cat down to find out if they've had it or not.
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Working with animals I know that I have to be very careful because if an animal bites me, even if it is an indoor only cat, and if the bite gets infected or anything like that and I need medical attention the animal has to either be put in quarantine or put to sleep if they have no proof of rabies shots.
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Holy cr@p this cant be true
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I know it really sucks, I hate that law too. But if a doctor sees someone for an animal bite they have to call animal control even if the person who got bitten tells them not to.
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California has some strict liability laws. I got my indoor cat a rabies shot, in the unlikely event he got out and bit or scratched someone I could be held liable.
Just my opinion but get him one, and
protect your self.
Your land lady, has to protect herself against possible lawsuit's.

Sorry you are upset about this
take care.
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Sicycat you may want to look through this, has some good information on California rabies laws.


One more link, scroll down to the Veterinary Public Health Section

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My indoor cats have rabies shots every year, but we are giving some of the other vaccinations every three years. All on the advice of my vet. All cats are required to have rabies shots, and the risk of getting rabies indoors is from mice and bats. I'd worry if they didn't have the shots. (I'm in Ontario).
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Yeah it really sucks that indoor only cats have to have the rabies shot. Both of the boys get them every year because it is a requirement of GA law that they have this shot. Neither Sammycat or Oscar have ever been outside since I got them.

Sounds to me like the AR landlord is just trying to cover their backsides for insurance purposes.
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In every city I've lived in with pets, proof of rabies vaccination has been required to get a pet license. I've long wondered if the city license is mainly a way to ensure the vaccination. I don't know if it's mandated by the state, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

I can see several reasons to get indoor cats vaccinated, most of which have been mentioned here. To protect yourself and your cat in the event of liability. If someone gets bitten, even if a vet recommends quarantining the cat, I could see the cat being killed to test for rabies if the people screamed loud enough, and I think many people would.

As for you indoor cat being exposed, bats was the first thing that came to mind, mainly because I've known many people who have had bat infestations; at least one of them had rabid bats for sure (a dead one was tested). The other thing is peace of mind if somehow your cat does get out. Probably not likely in an apartment, but if he/she did and was missing for a few days, you wouldn't need to worry. Our cat was taken care of at some point but was either thrown out or ran away and had been on his own for quite some time before we took him in. He's an indoor cat now, but I got him a rabies shot right away to protect him in case he ever gets out again.

Sorry this is getting long, but one more quick thing - lots of towns and cities have vaccination clinics where you can get rabies vaccinations for a very reasonable cost (however they may make you get a license at the same time!) Some vet clinics do also, so you don't pay for an office visit also.
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Sending a virtual smack to the head to your landlord!

My indoor cats do get their rabies shots just in case they get out!
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My landlord stinks too. We're renting a house(like I would be able to fit my family in an apartment with a crowbar!) and we're not technically supposed to have animals at all. Other tenants of his in the area have told me it's pretty much a don't ask don't tell sort of thing. The man is a wannabe slum lord anyway. My AC doesn't work(we stopped complaining when told to work properly it would need to be replaced and he wasn't going to do that), my fridge works but is wierd, the crowning glory was when my then 3 year old got locked into a room because the door knob stopped working while she was in there. I called saying I need this door fixed NOW my kid is locked in there. He asked if I could wait until tomorrow so he wouldn't have to pay overtime to one of the maintenance men! I said sure, but the door isn't going to be on the hinges anymore tomorrow, I have a small child in there!!!! The maintenance guy came in about 15 minutes.
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The vet told me the same thing about if someone came into your house and Max bit him, they would have to check for rabbies. She said it was more for my protection that he have the vacination. I don't have him have all the shots that are out there. We agreed that he would only have the shots that are absolutely necessary.
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Sounds to me like the AR landlord is just trying to cover their backsides for insurance purposes
Yes, he probably is, and that is good business. So go ahead and hate him for all sorts of things, but I agree with him on this one.
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Why wouldn't you want your cat to get its rabies vaccination? It protects people as well as the animal.

I completely agree w/ your landlord, and I would do the same thing if I were him.
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Ok already, I'm going to do it I'm just not happy about it. I dont need to be preached to, Christ. Should have never said anything.
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to put things into proper perspective, at least your landlord doesn't require that they be declawed (many landlords in this part of Texas do..... ) here in Texas, rabies is mandatory for all indoor cats as well as outdoor. so i can see why your landlord requires it.

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Just take him to a good vet that knows the current vaccination protocols & not to vaccinate him b/w the shoulder blades, and do it on a day when you can stay home with him for a couple of hours afterward to make sure he's OK.

I think a few irresponsible pet owners have really made things tough for the rest of us. I lived in a rathole slum apartment for years b/c it was the only one I could find that allowed pets. Landlords were always worried about the cats scratching the walls - they have my couch, why would they scratch walls??? And they would say that cats cause flea infestations in the buildings - no amount of explaining about products like Advantage would change their minds, either. Arrgh.

This website has some great ideas for finding housing with a pet, including making up a 'pet resume'!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Ok already, I'm going to do it I'm just not happy about it. I dont need to be preached to, Christ. Should have never said anything.
Sicy! At least she lets you have cats! Many places don't. So look on the bright side! (Don't smack me )
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I'm sorry. It's just really been an emotional and stressful last couple of days. I break out in tears for the smallest things. Getting adjusted to having a kitten in the house isnt as easy as I thought. Especially already having Zoey.

After the first few replies especially by uabassoon, I realized that I really had to do it. I honestly thought my landlord was bull@#$ me, because you guys dont know her. She is an evil, backstabbing, craptalker who only cares about herself. So I just wanted to rant about it and then this morning I feel like everyone is 'taking her side' and it just made me upset. And making it seem like I dont care about my cats because I dont want them to have the shot. I know about vaccinting in the legs.. if any of my cats get sarcomas because of this stupid rabies vaccination I will be SO upset. That is the main reason I dont want it. The chances of them getting rabies are far more slim then getting a sarcoma in my opinion, in my situation. But I just cant believe they can put them down if they dont have proof of it SO obviously I will do it now.

Saki has an appointment Friday for a checkup. I'll see if he can get the rabies shot then.
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I know, I hate people that hate cats!

Sicy, you might want to ask your vet about the Purevax rabies vaccine - it's given annually instead of every 3 years and is more expensive, but doesn't have any adjuvants so it's supposed to be much less likely to cause sarcoma.
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Oh God.. I thought it was the one every year that is the bad one?? Zoey got one before she left the shelter that is good for 1 year. I thought that was bad and that I was supposed to ask my vet about the 3 year? Now I'm really confused.


Ok I just searched for it.. I see what you're saying and what it is. I wonder why then are there so many arguments about vaccinating your cats only every 3 years rather than every year.
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Sorry, didn't mean to confuse. Check these out:

But above all I'd go with what your vet says - just mention your concern about sarcoma, and ask what he/she uses and why he/she made that choice.
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This one's good too...it's a specialty cat hospital in Oceanside, CA - they explain what vaccines they give & why.
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