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I just put Advantage on Zoey cuz I found one flea on her the other day. Can those of you that use it, share your experiences with Advantage? I tried to get it all on her skin, I separated her fur and tried to get it under the fur but a lot of it got on her fur, its all wet I had to do it while she was resting because if I force her she will not stay. Anyway, I had the same problem with my RB cat Sasha. So Zoey kept licking her fur and licking her lips. She might have gotten some in her mouth, even though I dont know how because its all on her neck where she shouldnt be able to reach.

I put Saki in the bathroom because I dont want them to play and have him get it on him cuz then he'll lick it too. It's been like 3 hours and its still not dry yet! I gave Zoey some food and a treat so that she can get the taste out of her mouth. She's doin ok, not salivating or anything. I will be watching her closely though. I was hoping to let Saki out over night but now I'm a bit paranoid about him getting any of the Advantage on him only because I know it will end up in his mouth. Is there a way to keep it on her skin and not her fur??
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K I guess I should have posted this in a different forum.

I ended up leaving Saki in the bathroom overnight so that Zoey's neck would dry.
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I take Frontline Plus since my cats go into the enclosure and also have a dog insite . But the same thing happen with Frontline Plus , no need to worry about that and yes it will take a while till it try off . One time , one of my cats groomed the other one and licked all the Frontline Plus off , the cat who licked it off was perfectly ok .
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I just have one cat, but what I do is apply a small amount and then later in the day apply the rest. It does take a long time to dry.

I really wish they could come up with a quick dry formula.
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These topical flea treatments are oil based and take quite some time to disperse. I wouldn't worry about the other kitten licking it off of her. I am hoping you are treating both of your kitties. One flea could have left behind a thousand eggs. Make sure to vacuum the house and throw away the bag as soon as you are done as fleas will survive being vacuumed and crawl back out of the bag.
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Saki was treated before I brought him home, and he's due again on Friday so I'm going to have the vet do it when I take him for his check up because I'm scared to use it on such a small kitten.

I did vacume and throw away the bag the other day.
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