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Apartment shopping! UGH!

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I just got back from Lincoln & I'm so worn out! Ric & I spent 4 1/2 hours looking at apartments or calling places...Why can't things just be easy for once? Good thing out of the whole deal...I found a really nice place! I submitted my application & put a deposit down. They'll get a hold of me in one week to let me know if I've got the place or not. I'm really glad Ric was with me...he asked more questions than I did! What a sweetie! He inspected everything out in the apartment...even though the one we saw was the demo place (but they're identical). I'm still a little shocked about the rent though. Call me a tightwad, but I hate spending that kind of money for a place! Rent is $540 per month, garbage & water is paid & cable channels #1-13 are paid. Plus... They have a FREE exercize room, with FREE yoga classes, FREE pilates classes & a beautiful outside pool (too bad I'll be living there in the WINTER!). But the place has a beautiful view of the pool & it's in a very pretty neighborhood. Lots of trees & beautiful homes. Here's the site...please check it out! It's called Lions Gate (for those who have checked out my previous thread about this!). Lions Gate

I'm really hoping I get this place! It's just perfect! PLUS...IT ACCEPTS CATS! YAY!!! It cost $100 none refundable deposit per cat...but I think I'm going to either lie about having 2 cats or maybe leave Echo with my parents until after the training program. I'll miss her so much though! Tiki must go with me...she's so attached to me! And likewise! She just goes nuts if I'm gone most of the day...she searches the house high & low for me. I'd hate to get her stressed by leaving her here too. Plus, it would feel unnatural to have my babies with me.

Well...I just had to share my apartment news! I still can't believe this is happening! Wow...welcome to Michelle's wild & exciting life! LOL!
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Hope everything turns out for you! How are you and Ric,getting along?
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Look a lot like a complex where I used to live! Is it a big complex? Keeping my fingers crossed. It looks really nice!
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Today we got along great! But last Tuesday we had a fight! Things were said out of anger & frustration, but after a good nights sleep we both apologized for being so cranky...and everything is good now! He's such a sweetie! He was such a trooper today. I didn't actually ask him to come with me, but when I talked to him about it he said he would love to help me out. Now...how sweet is that! Today was actually the second time I've actually seen him...and I wasn't nervous one bit either. And neither was he!

It was rather funny today...I had a big chuckle out of it! We stopped at Lions Gate & then we headed north to check out another nice place (it was actually my favorite but no opennings). So after that I thought we'd swing by my new store & see if they knew of any places available. I got to meet my new Supervisor Ryan & Ryan thought Ric was my boyfriend! He started asking Ric questions about US trying to move up there & if Ric will be able to find work...and so on. Ric just smiled & said that he already lives here & has a job. After that Ric started teasing me by calling me Babe & Hon...as if we were "together". Nothing of that sort has been discussed at all...way too early for that stuff!
So far things are looking pretty good for us. He makes me laugh so much...it feels so good to laugh again! When I'm with him I forget all about the bad things & just enjoy every minute with him. I love that feeling...it's something I haven't felt in a long time.
Thanks for asking Sherral...sorry about getting so long winded about it all!
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Originally posted by Deb25

Look a lot like a complex where I used to live! Is it a big complex? Keeping my fingers crossed. It looks really nice!
Yes..it's a huge place! I actually got lost trying to find the Managers Office! There has to be at least 15 big buildings of apartments all by the same company! They are beautiful though...so elegant! Too bad I won't be there for long! I'd really like to stay longer than 5 months...so I'm hoping that I'll get a job at the newest Walmart in town after my training!
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Awwww...Shell thats wonderful. I am very, very happy for you!

It sounds like a nice apartment complex. It doesnt sound too badly priced compared to all the amenities. Plus, its close to the mall!
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Originally posted by rfox
Plus, its close to the mall!
Isn't that awesome! I think it's actually only 6 blocks away...OMG..that could be dangerous! LOL!
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Gee I wish my house payment was that low! The rent we paid for our 2 bedroom apartment in San Jose was $1500 a month with nothing included! We had it cheap as we got in on another persons lease. Everyone else new was paying $1850.
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Good luck!!!!

What you will pay for rent, would get you nothing here. I cannot think of any place even a real dump, that would not be at least 800.00. Plus cable and a exercise room.. Here well more on the line of what Dragon Lady mentioned, without cable or gym.
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shell I have high hopes for you and Ric,but please go slow and really get to know him.Make sure you have fun,but be careful!Don't want to see you get hurt again.
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Thanks Sherral! That is exactly what we were fighting about. I wanted to know his intentions & thought that he was blowing me off at times. It was just weird...one day he'd be so talkative & the next he'd clam up. So I instantly jump to conclusions about him playing me & etc...but he said he just wanted to take things slow. That made me feel better knowing that he didn't want to jump into anything drastic & wants to take things one day at a time. That's exactly what I want too. My life will be so hectic in the next month & will eventually slow down a bit for the next few, but it will all get uprooted again shortly after that. I know for a fact that we both have "feelings" for each other, but we're both scared of the future. It would suck to get really involved with him to only leave him 6 months from now. But...if this works out good, that will have to be discussed. He made the comment today that if I moved to Columbus, he might move back home (that's where he's from originally) & he knows a great place that I could move into (his parents own the place). So, I do know that he is thinking of the future with a possibility of me being in it. I on the other hand haven't thought that far in advance.

Don't worry Sherral...I'm being careful! But thank you for worrying about me...you know you're like my Second Mom!
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Ok enough mommy stuff for tonight!
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Ok Mom!
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WOW Shell what a nice place . But my question is : How come you had to put money down allready not even knowing you get it ???
I guess I am buying for to long my own place now . But I just wondering about it . That is good to hear that Ric and you are moving along slowly . I think he may has in hopes there could be a future . At least that what I read in between lines
But I still cant get over how expencive (sp) every where els rent is wow .
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By the way,shell that is cheap for that apt! It would cost $1000.00 or more here!
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The Manager said that I had to put down $100 to take the apartment off the market. She said it was standard procedures. That money goes towards my regular deposit of $250. If I don't get the place, they return my check. I'm just out the $25 application fee. She really seemed excited & really wanted me to get it...so I guess thats a big plus for me. Plus...we talked about our cats for 10 minutes too! She said that she can't wait to see Tiki & told her I can't wait to see her Maine Coon (I've never actually seen a purebred MC).

So, I'm getting vibes from this gal...that's a good sign!
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Sherral $1000.00 , I think I am fainting here

Shell , thanks . As I said I am buying to long now . And I also think I live more in a small place , that may make a big difference .
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The new place looks/sounds very nice! And that is very cheap rent. Here you'd pay $800 to over $900 for such a place. I think I'll communte to Nebraska.
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Wow Shell! I don't have time to check in The Lounge for a few days, and your whole life turns around, LOL!

OMG!!! $540? I just visited the Lions Gate site, and all I have to say is WOW! You DO NOT want to know what something like that around here would be. Well - first of all, there's nothing like that around here. But closer to the city (New York City).....

One bedrooms in NYC with anything close to features like that would start at $4500 because it would be in an expensive neighborhood. Stuff like that just isn't available in neighborhoods that aren't that great.

In NJ burbs of NYC, something like that starts at around $2000.

That's why we don't live in an apartment.
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Shell that place looks really nice! And in a good location, from what I remember of Lincoln.

I have to agree with the others, that price is fantastic! But then, I also know how low the cost of living in Nebraska is compared to almost anywhere else. Just to let you know, we've got a 950 SF 2 bedroom apartment, nothing included, and we're paying $870 ($840 + $30 pet rent), and that's with a $100 per month rebate because the rental market sucks right now. I don't know what we'll do if the rent goes up that $100 next year.
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LOL if you think that's alot of money the last place I was in was $1185 for 2 bedrooms with only heat & hot water included.
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Wow, that is a pretty nice apartment! I never got to live in an apartment -- not sure if that was good or not, LOL Since my mother would not let me move out til I was married, we had our house built.
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I'm still searching on the Internet for any other possible apartments. I've found another one I really like...I'll call tomorrow to see if they have anything available. It's kind of funny...these apartments look almost identical to the other ones! But...they're cheaper yet! I'll have to check about their pet policy...doesn't say anything about it except for calling them about it.
Tanglewood Apartments
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Wow, those look nice, too! What about looking into renting an actual house? What are the house prices like by you, Shell?
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I haven't checked out house prices, but I heard that they're outrageous. Plus, I don't want the hassle of mowing & scooping snow. Apartments are the perfect size for me & the cats...plus they're less hassle.

I just checked the other apartments out & they're managed by the same company...so thats probably why they look so much alike!
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Hope you getinto Lion's Gate - very feline-ish! Things seem to be looking up for you - you deserve all good things Shell!
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Shell - OMG the apartments are gorgeous. I'll take 2 no make it 3. Just kidding :0))).

These type of apartments with the ammendies you mentioned are 2,000/month not including utilities in this area. Also, deposits run about 1-2 months rent and for pets most of time there is a one time non-refundable as well as a monthly charge per pet of $50-100.

You are so luck!! Let us know on what you decide.
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OMG! I can't believe I was complaining about how high the rent is seeing how much everyone else pays! Wow...thats just highway robbery!

Wages would have to be so much better in those areas..no other way to afford those rates!
The way I've figured I'll be able to swing the rent payments with my new wages (approx. $15 an hour). I'm just a tightwad & hate to spend more than I have to. It's scarey trying to budget it everything & make sure I can live comfortably. I hate scrimping from pay check to pay check...or worse. I've been down that route before & I don't want to visit again. Now that I've grown up & realize that I need to use my money wisely, I know I'll survive.

The hard part now is paying all the deposits & etc when I move. I also need to buy furniture (a couch/loveseat, end tables, a new bed & a dresser)...so I'll be in debt there too. I plan on talking to my Banker on Friday...Dad already talked to him about what I'm doing. Tom (the banker) said that he'd be more than happy to float me a loan for a couple thousand to get me on my feet. I haven't sat down & figured out exactly how much I'll need but I'm assuming I'll need about $2000. God I hate being in debt!!!
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Holy cow! I'm in the wrong business! LOL

I'm making $15/hr (with overtime pay included), and it's taken me 6 years of Secretarial work to get up this high! I would KILL to make my salary with that low of rent!!! Shell, trust me...you'll be fine financially!!
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Wow Heidi...I just assumed that you'd be making a lot more than me! Especially since you've had experience in your job! That's just crazy...how do they expect you to live comfortably with those wages & with the high rent?

As for my job...$15 bucks an hour is pretty good just starting out. When I graduate from the training program, I'll be salaried at $32,000 with a 4% increase every year. It's a lot of work & a lot of hours...so I don't know if it's worth it. I'm required to work 48 to 52 hours per week, so actually I'm getting screwed being salaried. If I got paid hourly, I'd be making approx. $37,500 to $41,000...but I'd only be getting $32,000.
Don't get me wrong...I'm very happy with my new wages. It's a whole lot better than what I'm getting right now ($8.80 after 10 years!).

Dang Heidi..wanna move back to Nebraska? LOL!
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