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Originally posted by greycat2
Perhaps you might need to buy a second one?
For the love of god woman, I barely have enough room for ONE!
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I'm so amazed at how well these two get along.

And you finally got your lap kitty! Yay!!
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I am just completely amazed, honestly. I struggled so long with this decision. These two love each other. And what's cool is I cant even really tell who's the 'alpha cat'. They both do their fair share of chasing each other, pouncing each other.. its so evenly balanced. And tonite I watched as they licked each other. Complete happiness and amazement is how I've been feeling. I am so glad I got Saki. He has brought so much to both my life and Zoey's
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Zoey really seems elated to have another cat to play with. I think it's so adorable! I'm so happy for you!!
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It's always exciting checking this thread- I love the perch one of Saki & Zoey-

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Sicy you already answered my question . I did wandet to ask you how you feel now getting Saki for you and Zoey . I rememder when you were so scared to make that step and get a cat/kitten . And now if you look back you can say I am so happy I made this step . Now Zoey is not bored and lonely any more when you are gone over the day . The both are just made for each other

By the way Sicy , I don't blaime your neighbour wanting to pick up Zoey all the time . She is just to cute not to snuggle with .
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For the love of god woman, I barely have enough room for ONE!
I barely have room for one but I managed to get two up in a window. Perhaps in a nother window if you have one??

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I am so pleased to say that hubby and I had the privilege of meeting Sicy and her her fiance Saturday, and she is as lovely and wonderful as her posts are!! And yup, the kitties are ADORABLE!! I watched Zoey get a good hold of Saki and hold him down while she did a quick clean.

Saki is the friskiest baby and it is such a trip to watch Sicy play with them! They both do the neatest flips. They are just the sweetest friendliest kitties, I am sooo in love and Sicy, you are so lovely!! You two are hella great dancers. Thanks again for having us over.

(can't wait for you to come over to see mine!)
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Oh superkitty I had such a fabulous time having you both over! Thank you for your kind words. The cats loved you guys!!! And they love the toy you brought them! Cant wait to hook up again.

Here's Saki playing in the sink lol

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Awwwww geeeeeezzzzz Sicy and you thought that they wouldn't get along!

Looks like Saki is just what Zoey needed!

They are sooooooo adorable!
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No pics of ya's meeting?
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i'm so happy they are getting along great see I told ya that two cats is better then one
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
No pics of ya's meeting?
She wouldnt let me
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Thanks for bringing that up, Jellybelly!!

Sorry, very shy, I HATE having my picture taken. But Sicy can take all the pics she'd like of my kitties!

And who cares about my pic when we can have more Zoey and Saki pics!!
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Saki is teaching Zoey how to be a lap kitty! Zoey never had a friend to show her how. Also, it might be a bit of jealousy that might be doing it. But thats good! I always look forward to pics and updates of these two, Sicy. It somehow makes me feel good inside!
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Super kitty!!! No fair!!! We've posted up all our pics LOL!!!

Yah I agree, Saki is teaching Zoey how to be more affectionate I think, and a bit of jealousy is playing in her, but she may also don't want to feel left out of the attention. I am really glad they are getting along and everything is working out well for you Sicy!!!
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superkitty has no reason to be shy, she's SO CUTE!!

Saki is in my lap again Here comes Zoey.........

This one I took without flash
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If any of you Northern Californians come down to Los Angeles, I hope you'll give me the chance to meet you, and if I come up to the Bay Area I'd like to meet you.
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I'm glad you and SK had a good time!
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You have such beautiful playful cats. Mine arecamera shy I swear.
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Catch them when they're sleepin
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OMG in the first pic Saki is so cute . In the 2nd pic he is saying oh no here she com's again with the flashy thing And Zoey is saying yup there she is

to funny
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Saki is just getting cuter..... the first one is a doll....
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I've seen so many pictures of these two that I feel like I know them. It's like watching kids grow up or something.. what an eerie feeling! I like it though. I want to steal your cats.. j/k! I have enough as it is but give them both a big kiss for me. Wear a face mask with Zoey if you must
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I swear these two just keep getting cuter!

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Saki is about 14 weeks now

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Aw, Saki is such a handsome boy!
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that last one is a great photo Sicy! he is almost losing his stripes.
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WOW Saki is a big boy . They just grow to fast , don't they ???
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