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HELP my kittens lower lip is swollen

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his lip is now red and swollen 

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it looks like you are having trouble posting, but if his lower lip is red and swollen, it's possible he's been bitten by some insect that he was trying to eat. (like a spider bite)  Or he's having a reaction to something he got into.  If it's bad, you should probably get him to a Vet.


Here's another thread about a kitty with a swollen lip, is this what your's is like?

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thank you so much for the concern. i took him to the vet he has a little cough and bumps around his mouth where the swelling is and they gave him a shot of antibotics its barely nothing but he said to watch it and see how it goes for the next 2 weeks instead of giving him steroids or anything which could make the cough worse so hopefully its just cat ance and his little cold will go away. yay!!!

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I could not see your pictures from your original post but I can see your profile picture that shows your cats swollen chin. When I clicked on your profile picture it looked to me that your cats nose is a bit swollen too. Is it? Chin acne can really turn nasty and turn into Folliculitis causing much swelling. My Pipsqueak had it pretty bad a couple of summer's past. Did the vet suggest that you clean the chin with anything? There is an ointment for this as well called Mupirocin that you could ask your vet about. The chin would not cause a cough though. Might be two separate things going on at once. Keep us posted and vibes for your kitty. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif
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My Mattie had cat acne. The vet told me buy Stridex pads and clean her chin with them. I worked. The other important thing is be sure to only feed your cat from a clean dish, preferably a stainless steel or ceramic, not plastic.
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My cat had issues with bumps on her lower lip two times. They gave me antibiotics and told me never to feed her in plastic bowls because they hold on to bacteria. I switched her to glass and metal bowls only and she never had the problem again. Hope your kitty is okay and gets better soon.

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This is what it looked like. After I switched her bowls it hasnt happened again. I think they gave me antibiotic lliquid and a cream. This was back in like 2007/8

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