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Cat Condo Miracle

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OK....I'm going to submit a series of pictures that tells of a remarkable story that happened to me today. The day started out miserably....lost a feral kitten, have the stomach flu (whine whine whine)....Let me unfold the story over a series of posts......

I received a copy of the "How to Build a Cat Condo" last night, thanks to Hissy running the monthly contests, and thanks to Meowhoo.com and cat-tree-plans.com.

Here is the CD:
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I opened up the CD earlier this afternoon and had just brought up the images of the wonderful condos that I was going to start gathering supplies for. Here's a pic of one that I liked:
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Just when I had settled on the condo I was going to build. I hear a knock at the door. It's not one, but 2 delivery guys lugging a huge box onto my front porch. I look at the shipping label and it's 84 pounds. My friend warned me last night that she was shipping something to me today.

Here's the box that arrived:
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OK, so there was a hole in the box, and anything that comes from Nancy is suspect. I tore the box open and found this big ol thing wrapped in shrink wrap, with a separate piece of wood covered in carpet......hmmmmmm.....could it be what I think it is???

btw....Nancy is a dear friend who lives in the Denver area. She and her husband drove out to Kansas City to adopt 2 of our last feral orphans, Jake and Elwood (the polydactyl), brothers of my Muddy and Koko. Could this be a thank you gift????

Here's the shrink-wrapped present:
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Cut the plastic off as fast as I could, as by now, the cats are coming out of the woodwork trying to figure out what this might be. Pulled out the assembly instructions and the Muddy and Koko decided to help me out.......check out the kitty over the door opening....
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Scarlett....bless her little heart.....did a quality control check on the little hangy toy.....it appears to be in order.....this is still pre-assembly mind you!
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Check out the finished condo! Man! And to think it went from the looking at the CD to finished product in about 15 minutes! Now that's a miracle! Not sure if you can see it, but the tall post is actually taller than the doorway.....
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Scarlett checking out the tree
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Koko loves the cave!
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Dakota snuck inside and just purred and purred and purred....
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Pinky was the mad man in the tree. I've never seen him so excited about anything in his life!
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OK, so Pinky is my biggest boy....he was determined to fit inside the cave....wheh! made it!
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Bogart hopped up to check it out, and Pinky came down over the top to bat at him.......poor Bogart, my senior boy wants some fun too!
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Little Sage....bless his heart, found the empty box to be far more fun....he couldn't get on the tree with all the big cats in the way!
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And to think I just got their old tree recovered last Sunday. They still love it, and I will just have to build a room addition or something to put it in...

Last pic:
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Holy cow Amy! That's an awesome cat tree!!! The kitties sure do seem to like it too.
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Great present and the babies seem to love it! I would get one but they are pricey, I really like the kitty above the door.
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WOW that was a great suprice gift . Boy those kitties are sure lucky and they look so cute in them
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Holy cats what a tree that is!!! Awesome!
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I have the best darn friends a person can ask for! Nancy just called me - I had been sending her e-mails all afternoon trying to thank her and couldn't get ahold of her. She bought one of these for her babies, and called the woman back to get one for us. She did it because she knew I was feeling blue with my FeLV problem a few months back and wanted to cheer me up.

I'm just stunned! I cried when I was assembling it. My husband just got home and started laughing his *ss off. I think everyone in our household just got cheered up!!!!
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That is a wonderful gift, and and a really excellent cat tree. I wish I could have one also. They are really out of my price range, but even a small one would be cool.
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what a great tree, I am the same as everyone else, would love to have one, but $$$ just to expensive for me, but I am working ome overtime, so maybe soon, but need a digital camera as well to take pics of my girls..
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What a great picture story! The kitties look so happy.
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OMG that is sooooooooo nice!!!! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful friend. I need friends like that!!
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That us such a nice story, and your cats look very very appreciative! I love Pinky trying to get into the cave. Poor cats, don't know how big they are.

I am planning on building a condo, maybe if I get the plans, a new one will arrive like that.
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What A Great friend you have.

That is a really cool looking Condo, the kitties seem
to love it LOL
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That's wonderful! Love your kitty pics :
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Awesome pics !! Looks like your babies had a grand ol time at the cat tree. I hope that little kitty Sage got to join in on the fun eventually.
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Hey... I opened up the files on that cd last week and no new cat tree showed up at my house! Maybe it got lost in the mail?

It was really sweet of your friend to send your kitties such a great present. It looks like they really appreciate it. And you can still build another... 3 cat trees aren't too many, right?

I can't really talk... I have 2 large cat trees for just Spike already.
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What a lovely story! Love the tree and your furrbabies!
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