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east coast people, how ya doing with the storm?

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We lost power once already Luckly it came back one. It is supposed to get really bad here around 2:00am! How is everyone else doing?
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I am in Jacksonville, NC, about halfway between Wilmington and The Outer Banks, and we were barely touched by it. There was wind and rain, of course, but the power never went out. Out internet was off line for a few hours, but that was it. I slept through most of it.
Our area was very blessed, and I hope the rest of you in the storm's path are equally as fortunate.
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Please guys be careful!!! I'm so worried about all of you out East!!!
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I like semi bad storms. As long as no people or animals are hurt. I love watching the rain and the lighting and stuff.
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We've had a little rain and some strong winds, according to WeatherBug, the highest gust so far has been 44 mph. Nothing like we were expecting it to be. Tybalt feels cheated since this is the first hurricane he has experienced first hand.
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I hope all of the Cats on the East Coast Are doing alright in all of this.
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Hang in there!
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There's a storm going on?

Seriously, I know the peak of it isn't supposed to be until around dawn-ish for my area (or so the local news said around 6pm last night), but besides a little wind, nothing is really going on outside. Hopefully nothing major will happen.
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No much going on here just catching some of the tale winds from the storm.
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I'm afraid those affected by this have probably either turned off their computers for safety's sake or lost power.
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I'm waiting it out until the wind gusts are stronger... I hate being without my internet connection.
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I just read on the enws that the storm is starting to weaken, but 3 people were killed .

Is everyone okay? I know you probably wont sit at your computers for a while, but when you're here - say hi...

be safe!
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We got rain and winds, like what Sue said, since I'm in the same general area.

The big surprise for me is that my school district closed today! In the past, we have had to go when it was snowing. I guess our new superintendent has different ideas about school closing. It works for me, because I am also taking a grad class, and a free day will give me so much time to catch up, especially since it's the weekend.

I don't even have housework to do, because my s/o has been taken over by aliens and has assumed the responsibility of taking care of household chores.

I hope those of you in the harder hit areas are doing fine, I was thinking about Kellye yesterday, how close to the coast are you?

Sue, tell Tybalt that usually this far inland we sometimes have floods and windier conditions, not much else. I remember hurricane Agnes in the early 70s. The streets in my town were covered, and the houses closest to the river had water up to the second floor.
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Bren - thanks for thinking of me. The hurricane barely touched us here in the mountains of western NC - winds are the only thing going here, but they have died down this morning. Its a beautiful day out.

Last night, the sky was an amazing blue - I had never seen that shade and the clouds were awesome.
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Storm wasn't too bad here! We have some branches down, but all and all everything is okay
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I'm in about 60 miles southwest of DC. The eye passed right over us and we had sustained winds of 40 with gusts up to 70 but no damage to us or any family members, and I haven't heard of anyone injured at all.(My stepdad has a scanner and would have let me know.) We were without power for about 6 hours last night and still don't have cable service.

We honestly don't know how my aunt and uncles house stood up, they live in Nags Head NC about a mile from the beach. They are fine though, staying with my grandmother along with their furbabies the dog Rommel, and the cat Tank. My sister lives near Virginia Beach and is fine physically though without power, or phone servcie. Her car was smoooshed by a falling tree. The car was parked at the time, and we're not sure how bad the damage is, but it isn't good.
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I woke up the middle of the night with a throbbing pressure related migraine. Ouch that hurts!

The worst of the storm will be hitting us in Southern Ontario around noon (3 hours from now). Right now it is raining pretty hard and the average wind speed has been between around 60kph. It is expected that the winds will reach 100kph before it's over. Also there is a flood warning in Niagara Region and north of Toronto.

Hopefully my house will be ok since I really don't want this old house to be wind or flood tested right now! Hang on Skykitty and Sammie5, it will soon be over.

Here's some trivia for those who own/rent in Ontario. Right now no insurance company provides flood insurance (I just heard that on CityTV)! You can get optional sewer backup coverage, but there is no specific flood insurance available.
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It was not fun getting to work in this weather! It is even going to be less fun on the bus ride home!

Everyone be safe and hug your kitties!
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Wind, rain, and some high surf here. Nothing that bad though!
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We just got rain and slightly heavy winds. They were predicting it would hit today, but I think the worst hit overnight-when I came into work a little over an hour ago, it was pouring. There was some flooding along the edges of roads and under bridges. Now, it's just raining steadily.
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I'm in Valley Cottage, NY - about a half hour out of NYC and we didn't get diddly. It rained but that's about it. Phooey. I was all set for a beating!
Oh well... I'm sure pussycats are relieved!
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Nothing too bad in Central Jersey!!! the sone is actually shining brightly right now!!!
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On update from the news at


Looks, they say, can be deceiving. If you check out what tropical storm Isabel is bringing to the G.T.A., you may not think it's as bad as predicted. But if you examine pictures from across the border, you get an entirely different story.

At least fourteen people are dead and states of emergency have been declared in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, after the storm's full fury cut a wide swath across the U.S. Almost four million people are without power from the Carolinas to Pennsylvania, and officials are warning they could stay that way for days, as crews begin the clean-up.

Storm surges as high as 11 feet sent waves crashing into homes and businesses, with the angry waters driven into the streets of some cities. Bridges and tunnels were swamped, thousands of trees were broken apart, and hundreds of homes were damaged, as the howling hurricane twisted its way up the coast. "We have trees on houses everywhere," confirms J.D. Brickhouse a North Carolina county manager. "We have roofs that have been blown off."

While the worst of the weather is over, for many the aftermath is just beginning. Officials are trying to assess just how much damage Isabel did, while those who fled their homes return to see if there's anything left - all the while knowing they may have to go through it yet again. Hurricane season in the U.S. lasts until November.

Meanwhile, the U.S. capital is paralyzed by flooding, downed trees and power outages. U.S. federal offices shut down on Thursday and remain closed. Washington's subway and bus system are also closed. Amtrak halted all train service south of the D.C. area. Most of Congress skipped town before the storm. Dulles International and Reagan National airport have both cancelled all their flights, at least until noon Friday, when the situation was to be reassessed.
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I was out for a bit this morning. Went to school to pick up some books I need for the weekend--no electricity and it's only 2 blocks from my house. There are trees and branches down all over the place, some of the trees were quite large, but luckily fell into the street and not on anyone's houses or cars. Some of the traffic lights are out, too, must be where the power is out.
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Hello :-)
I don't know why I put a smiley face up there -I still don't have power and am very bitter about it ;-) I don't care so much about the cold showers, not being able to dry my hair, or not having a/c....but it's my kittens!!! They are so traumatized ;-) They hate the heat and are shedding like mad so the hairballs are an issue for them....and they are scared of the flashlights b/c they think the shadows they make are chasing them (which is in a sick way very funny to watch) :-) Poor babies...I'm hoping I will get home from work today and will have power ....I need TV! I have finished 3 books since the start of this hurricane and can hardly stand all of the knowledge I've been acquiring ;-)

I faired pretty well during the storm considering. We sat on our neighbors enclosed porch (right where the chesapeake bay meets the Atlantic ocean) and watched a catamaran take out large portions of the Lynnhaven fishing pier. THEN, we watched parts of the pier and other peoples staircases crash into ours and our neighbor's stairs to the beach and take them out as well. It is amazing the power of those seawalls! The water never came over the deck just crashed against it. So Saturday, I learned how to build stairs and in between reading on the beach and swimming in the now glassy waters of bay we rebuilt our staircase. It used to take 4 stairs to reach the sand from the took 11 on Saturday b/c of the loss of sand!

I almost went to my parents house to weather the storm instead and am so relieved that I chose not to. They had 8 trees ALMOST hit the house. Instead they hit the cars. One fell across my mom's trunk so she'll need to get that replaced. The other fell on their new-ish little suv. Everyone thinks may have to be totaled b/c one fell across the roof and did major frame damage and the others fell into the back windshield smashing it. But my family's safe and are just thrilled that it was only the cars.

Wow...what a long-winded post! Sorry to ramble on...
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BTW - I'm in Virginia Beach, VA :-)
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