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GSE For Cats?

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Lukey has had diarrhea the last 2 or 3 days and pooped on the spare room carpet twice. Can I give him GSE [grapefruit seed extract]? I take GSE most every day.


If not, what's good for D? I fed them raw meats only. It looked like gelatin I cleaned up off the carpet, from Lukey. He may have caught something from a bird dropping in the enclosure.

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I fed them raw meats only.

I feed raw too and while I'm still learning I do know that not having enough bone or calcium in the diet can cause diarrhea.  If you have any questions about whether his raw diet is balanced with the right amount of bone/calcium, you could start a thread in the raw feeding section of the forum under Nutrition.  The folks there are very helpful. 

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Hi -

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. He gets this once in a while but not often. Lukey likes to go out in the enclosure more so he's more apt to catch things than my other cat Cubby.

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I gave Lukey a teaspoon of CS [colloidal silver]. I've done that before when he had D and it seemed to clear him of it in a day or two. I give him 1 tsp AM and PM.

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Diarrhea on cats on raw certainly can be caused from not enough calcium.  Just like constipation can be caused from too much calcium.  Now I know in another thread you said you were feeding whole cornish game hens, but I think that was your only source of calcium (bones)?  If so, have you ever actually measured what percentage that is?  Below is that a balanced raw diet should be comprised of:


Normally, if you feed bones, it would be 80% muscle meat (which would include hearts& gizzards)/10% bone/5% liver/ 5% other secreting organ - which can be kidney, brain, spleen, pancreas


As far as using grapefruit seed extract, others swear by it!  Here is one thread I found on it:

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Thank you for this info. I seem to balance their diets pretty well but I don't use exact measurement. I clipped Luke's claw too close the other day and he hissed at me so I put his paw in GSE in water but I don't suppose it will get infected anyway.

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