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Is anyone watching Paradise Hotel?

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I am addicted to this show! I have only missed one episode all season and it is on 2 times a week!
Its getting down to the end now, only 3 girls and 5 guys left at the hotel

Who else watches?????
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I love it! It's such a cool show with all the twists and turns!
Who do you want to win?
I want Charla and Dave.
Most people want Charla and Dave or Beau and Amy.
I can't wait till 9pm tonight LOL!
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Me too

I HATE HATE HATE HATE AMY!! omigor I cant stand her *screams*

I too want Charla and Dave to win. I pretty much hate everyone else LOL.
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Another obsessed fan here. Amy is the most irritating whining witchy dingbat ever. Dave and Charla deserve to win!
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only if reruns are on do i watch it
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I can't stand Amy either! I wonder if she thinks so is "America's Favorite"??? And Zack? He is the epidomy of stupid! They are made for eachother! LOL!
This show illustrates the whole social divide. Smart and socially acceptable people vs. Idiots that bully and gossip!

Go Charla and Dave!!! (I think Dave should run for office-LOL!)
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Love the show! I like Charla, Dave, Keith and Scott (he's totally under the radar). Can't stand any of the others! Amy and Zach are just so dumb, it's embarassing and uncomfortable to watch them. I cringe every time they speak.
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Ok well now that others have come forward too I can talk about it!

I want Charla and Dave to win as well. I can't stand Amy, and I agree with the statement that her and Zack deserve one another. I just wish they would film Amy after the show is over watching the episodes and her reaction when she sees how stupid and annoying she was!
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omg I got so scared I thought Dave was going home

Beau was my choice! yay Now if that b Amy can just go home
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Never heard of it!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Beau was my choice! yay Now if that b Amy can just go home
Same here.

I thought that Amy's table manners in tonight's particular show were just fantastic. How old is she? I hope she's embarrassed by her behavior when she gets home and sees herself on tape. I know I would be. I'm amazed I can dislike someone so much who I've never met. But I get this really bad feeling she's going to win.
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I think Amy is about 21 years old. She will always think that she was perfect on the show even if she watches it. She will only see what she wants to see. Yousaw what happened when everyone can back after watching the show - they were all deluded! Zach needs to grow up and get a life. Charla needs to start treating Dave a little better and Dave needs to become less sensitive!
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Yep exactly. Amy thinks she does no wrong. All of them do.

I feel the same way ... I hate her. I dont even know her but I get just livid and disgusted when I watch her.
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I've watched it only once and took an instant dislike to Amy.

My only problem is: I have no idea what the show is about. What are they vying for? What do they win? Etc....

Thought Beau seemed sweet. And not too hard on the eyes either

I'll catch it again and try to figure the show out...
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They have not announced what the prize is yet. How lame is that? lol
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Really??? Oh wow....

Well, I am sure it's something good.

Is there only one winner or is it a girl/guy couple thing?
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A couple wins. The finale is in 2 weeks I think. Next week it is on Tuesday for a 2 hour show.
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I guess you guys are right... Amy probably won't see herself in any negative sort of light. I don't think it has anything to do with her age though... I wouldn't have tolerated hanging out with people like her when I was 21. Maybe one day, in the far off future she'll realize. Then again, maybe not.

I was amazed by the others when they came back... did none of them see how terrible and mean their friends were?

And Ghys, I believe one guy and one girl win at the end. And I wish they'd announce the prize already. If I were Charla/Tara (because I would so not be Amy, and Holly rubs me the wrong way too) - and I found out the grand prize really wasn't worth it, I just might leave early. I'm apparently less tolerant of Amy from a distance than they are being right there with her.
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Amy is gone! Woooohooooooo!

What was with Dave?
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I was estatic when Amy left!

And I was wondering the same thing about Dave last night. Maybe the chance at the "ultimate prize" (whatever it is) is starting to get to him.

He also seems like the type (imo) that will take it personally if he loses now. He's come a far way, he believes he got himself, Charla, Keith and Tara that far, and it might hurt his ego to lose at this point.
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I think that Keith is going to boot him. If he doesn't then it is only because of Charla.
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Yep I agree. I like Charla though so I hope that doesnt happen
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I MISSED IT!!! *$#$%$##!!

After watching all these darn episodes I miss the big 2 hour special night one. I can't believe it!

So Amy is really gone????? Can someone please take a minute to tell me everything that happened?! LOL! Please???

I wish they replayed the shows later in the week. Is it on regular times next week?
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I don't think I can express just how much them cutting the show off where they did last night irritates me.

Anyway. I'm torn with who I think Keith voted off. As far as Scott saying he's trustworthy, I just don't believe him. I think he's been trying to play both sides, quietly, to stay under the radar and in everybody's good graces. And I'm wondering if Keith is picking up on that or not.

The only reason I would think he'd boot off Dave is because of Dave's current behavior. I wonder if he realizes how bad for his stradegy his answer at pandora's box was?

In the end, I still think Keith is going to get rid of Scott. He seems like he's been honest about his loyalties from the moment he got there, and I know he doesn't want to get rid of Charla either way.

I think I'm voting for Keith and Tara to win at this point. Dave is being too shady for me.
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Originally posted by Big Kat
So Amy is really gone????? Can someone please take a minute to tell me everything that happened?! LOL! Please???
Uhm.. I can't remember the beginning that well... I know there was a 'party'... belly dancers were there, and Pandora's Box. The biggest issue with pandora's box is that Dave said that he could have easily kicked off Scott or Keith instead of Beau. Scott nor Keith thought that Dave would kick Keith off, but Dave insisted that he was thinking about it.

The roommate selection was a normal one, more or less. (I'll get to the less part.) They were choosing the partner they would be spending the rest of their time in paradise with. The seven remaining were, Keith, Scott, Dave, Amy, Charla, Tara and Holly. Amy actually picked Keith. She said it was because she didn't want to make Scott choose between her and Holly. Not that I'm complaining, I am so happy she's gone. It took long enough! So Keith chose between Amy and Tara, and of course, picked Tara. So the 'teams' are Keith/Tara, Dave/Charla, and Scott/Holly.

The thing that's 'different' is that someone in the hotel is going to have the power to vote the next couple off. And we come to find out that the guests themselves get to vote who gets the power. They just can't vote for themselves or their partner.

The "highlights" would have been their excursions the next day I guess. They all left separately and ended up with someone from another team. So, I think it was Dave paired with Holly, Scott paired with Tara, and Keith paired with Charla. Then for the night, they moved them around again, and their pairs were Dave/Tara, Scott/Charla, and Keith/Holly. Keith and Holly got into it, over if he (Keith) or Dave would be more likely to keep them on. Dave was working Holly earlier on their excursion, saying that she had no reason to worry about being voted off if he had the power. He did say that he'd discuss it with Charla, but he did also say that Holly/Scott were definitely not going home.

And he told Keith that he had his back, like usual after Pandora's box. So Dave is being weirder than his usual self.

Keith and Scott decided to confront Dave about what he was doing. The whole cast was there in Dave's room. And they asked him why he told the same thing to both Holly and to Keith about their teams. And asked him why he told Holly that Tara wasn't his second pick for a girl to stay. He even went so far as to say he NEVER had Tara as a number 2... and that if Keith/Tara felt that way, it was just that - only how they felt. Finally, he started yelling that Keith knows he would never vote him off, that it was all his stragedy, etc. Oi.

As for who they voted to have the power, it came down to being Keith. Everyone voted for Keith except for Keith and Tara. (They can't vote for themselves or their partner.) And they both voted for Charla.

And the cut the darn show off right where Keith is making the decision on which couple to boot off! ARGH!

If I missed anything, can someone help fill in the gaps?

Originally posted by Big Kat

Is it on regular times next week?
I believe it's on Wednesday of next week, starting at 8pm. It's another 2 hour special.
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Jenn you are a lifesaver!!!

Thank you for such a great update. I don't feel I missed a thing now!
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No problem. I hope I didn't miss anything too important.
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Good update and you do have the date and time correct!
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Love Paradise Hotel! I don't mind if Dave gets the boot, but I like Charla, so that part is the bummer. Also, I like Scott, but I'm not fond of Holly. I wish Scott and Charla could get together.

Did anybody catch the conversation between Charla and Dave that was about their "relationship"? My phone rang and I couldn't catch what happened. I'm sure it was something about Dave's feelings for Charla and whethor or not they would have a relationship outside of Paradise Hotel ... Please let me know what transpired!

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