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well thought i would let ya know, my husband got to come home today, i am so glad, and also glad to be out of that hospital, he is tired and feeling kinda sick, but i guess after what hes been through thats a inprovemnet, i will take good care of him, so he will milk it for all its worth id say just kidding, anyway i hope he is on the way to recovery. thank you all for your prayers and hugs and thoughts, it meant alot to me. thanks again
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Great News! Be sure to take care of yourself too!
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That's excellent news! Still sending prayers & good thoughts to both of you!
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I am glad he is home. I know this time of recuperation is going to be taxing to both of you, so take care of yourself throughout this time, and find some of that important "me" time as well...
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that is such good news!!!
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That is wonderful news I know it is a relief to get him home and out of the hospital. Take good care of him and yourself.
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Glad to hear dougbug!!!
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