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I would put catnip & kitty cat treats in a natural warm sheltered spot, be it inside or outside (wherever you think she may want to go first). If she's like my kitties, the smell of the treats and catnip will make it hard for her to resist.
Good luck!
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Hi Pamela,

I'm in the same boat you are. I live in Southern Maryland and I have 7 inside cas and 4 ferals. I've been trying to get two of the tame ferals in the house but I just can't get my hands on them. I left the doors of my shed ajar and have it fixed so that it won't blow open.

I don't scare easy, but this situation really has me worried. I live in a small house with 9 big oak trees in the back yard. If one of them falls on the house both me and my cats could be crushed.

Good luck!
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I am ready to scream with frustration and pull out my hair!

Callie just REFUSES to go into the trap. I SWEAR she's doing it to DRIVE me NUTS... For the last 3 nights, I'd set out the trap, watch her sniff around it, take ONE step in to lick the juices off the papers then back off and sit right next to the trap staring at me! ARGGGG! I have left the room several times so she won't see me if she went near the trap but still no luck.

Tonite I feel really bad because I put out tuna fish (LAST RESORT for me) and actually saw her get in the trap - ONE-TWO MORE STEPS and the trap would've shut! I was starting to get sooo excited thinking I've finally succeeded! That D*** CAT (pardon my language-I RARELY swear so this shows how upset I am)- she backed out and jumped up on the fence and looked soo smug! After a few minutes of frustration, I decided to go and play with my cats and not watch.. WELLLLLLLL, the next thing I know, I saw Callie jumping down from the fence and approach the trap so I walked up to the door and realized that another feral (who doesn't come regularly to feed) got trapped instead! I had to let that POOR terrified feral go (I was planning on trapping him later on and get him fixed but now I'll have a harder time trapping him!) While I was opening the trap door, I swear to u guys, Callie was sitting a few steps away from me watching and I could SWEAR she was LAUGHING at me!!!

I am getting STRESSED out cuz news says the storm will hit earlier than expected- will hit tmr (thurs) in the AFTERNOON instead of late Tues nite/early Fri morning so I don't have much longer left before I can catch Callie safely and get her in!!

PLS send me some good luck!

I want to take all food inside tonite so that way Callie'd be hungry BUT at the same time I want other ferals to be able to feed NOW cuz who knows when they can come out to eat after the storm..

Let me know what u think if I should take all food in so Callie can't eat but what about other ferals?!? I took food in today all day so she didn't get to eat much today but no luck so far....

Ellie, I HOPE u have better luck getting ur ferals in than I am having with Callie! Be safe! Try to go into the basement- I think that might be safer cuz of less windows? Also keep all ur cats in their carriers during the storm cuz someone mentioned that cats can get scared and run off if the house becomes damaged.

I have also bought Feliway ( couldn't find Bach's rescue remedy) so I hope Feliway works- I'm going to plug it in tmr when the storm starts and hope it keeps my 4 cats CALM...

I am pretty much prepared- I have cat food, all 4 carriers set out, flashlights, extra batteries, candles, junkfood, some good books to read if electricity goes off and start praying that no trees hits my house/basement,no flooding (I live near a river), etc..WISH I don't live alone- could use another human being with me in my apt.

Two last things left is to get the kennel/crate AND get Callie in! Last nite as I was going to sleep, I suddenly recalled that one of my friends have a big dog crate/kennel so today I asked her at work if she still has the kennel and if she was planning on using it this weekend. She said she wasn't going to use it so she'll let me borrow it! That means I don't have to shell out big bucks for something that I will probably never use again in the future!

Now, I need to concentrate on getting that D*** cat into the trap, transfer to the kennel then try to calm her down.
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Ellie- I was wondering if any of ur cats are acting funny or differently recently?

I'm asking because I can tell my cats are getting nervous. Buddy CONSTANTLY wants to stay on my back/shoulders. Spike who had not jumped up on my back/shoulders for over 2 years recently started jumping up on my back and wanting to stay like Buddy does. (this is NOT good cuz I already have so many scratches on my back/shoulders/arms from Buddy-don't need more from Spike also!) Pepper seems to be meowing more often and wanting more affection - Zebra seems to be wanting more attention also. They all are also staying closer to me than usual and that means I'm constantly tripping over them.. They like to be in the same room with me usually but not under my feet like now..

Was wondering if u were having the same experience? Anyone out here on East Coast that are noticing differences in their cats' behavior due to the hurricane coming?
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Callie is adorable!

I might have another suggestion for you for trapping her.
Put your cats in your bedroom, open the front door with food just inside the door. Sit in your car or somewhere else outside unseen and wait for her to go to the door. If she is curious, she will go up to door wondering why it's open, eventually she should go in for a bite to eat. As soon as she gets in, quietly run up and shut the door behind her.

This is how I caught my two feral cats at work. Like you I was determined to get them indoors back in December because I knew the winter days would be rough for them.
The first one I caught no problem this way. The second it took a whole month later to catch him because he was a little more skittish than his sister was. The way I caught him was, I put his sister in a carrier inside and left the door open, he heard her cries and came in to investigate, I used a fish net to grab him before he bolted for the door when he saw me and shut the door. LOL, I know it sounds funny that I used his sister for bait and a fish net, but it worked! They both stayed as office cats for a few months until they calmed down, now they are the most loving cats I have ever had here at home.
It's amazing how you can turn feral cats into loving cats with time and patience.
Anyway, sorry I got off topic there.

Try that to trap her. She may not trust that trap you have now and is being more cautious because of what happened to her last time. You may have to try something else to get her.

I know how frustrating it is but hang in there! And if you don't catch her, I'm sure she will find shelter somewhere else. Like you said, they do have instincts when it comes to danger coming.

How is the weather there now? Has it started to hit the inland yet?
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Thanks for the idea about coaxing her into the house. I did try that with another cat and it worked so I will do that today. I set out the trap early this morning with tuna fish and am hoping to catch her with that first. when i opened the blinds, Callie was sleeping on my door welcome mat and run off a bit when i opened the door then as soon as she saw me setting up the trap, she left. I'm hoping shell come back soon!

Work is closed so I can't go in to work today. I'm sure u all are thinking "U crazy lady, why are u sad!?" I really thought I'd have to work today so I left some stuff at work. I also was supposed to get a dog crate from my friend at work but now I have to drive over to my friend's home (about 30 min away) to pick this up so if I DO succeed in trapping Callie, I can transfer her to the kennel so she can move around in it. That's one reason why I'm disappointed about work cuz my workplace is only 10 min away from my home. Now I have to drive for about 30 min and HOPE that the wind won't pick up too much before I get back home.

Wind is starting to get stronger and it's very gloomy outside. It hasn't started raining here yet but I'm sure it will soon. I am going to move 2 outside plants inside, try to find a secure place for my garbage can and some other stuff.

Will keep u posted further.. From what I see from the news, the main area of hurricane/storm will hit my area this afternoon/evening..
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Stay safe Pamela, and extra strong COME IN THE HOUSE CALLIE vibes coming your way!
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THANKS! I've pretty much given up on Callie's being trapped or coming in. I opened the door like someone suggested with tuna fish on little plates leading inside and Callie did start going in but when I tried to close the door behind her she took off and I missed her.

I will keep an eye on her and if she's still at my door as it gets worse, I'll open the door and see if she'll come in.

My cats are DEFINATELY upset. Zebra started meowing like crazy about an hour ago- she RARELY meows sooo that shows she knows something is coming. All 4 cats keep huddling near me. I just plugged feliway on and hope that will start working to calm them.

I can't believe how sick I am now! Last nite, I started getting a cold and now my ears are aching like crazy, keep sneezing, sniffing and sometimes coughing AND it had to happen NOW when I can't go to a dr to get antibiotics! I feel so crappy and TIRED but at the same time, I CAN'T rest or sleep cuz I'm afraid if I fall asleep then I won't know if it gets too bad, if a window gets broken, etc (I'm deaf so I won't hear glass breaking so that means I need to WATCH so I'd know) so that's frustrating...

Now all I have to do is sit tight and hope for the best-no broken windows, doors, walls, no flooding, etc.... I've heard that Isabel has been downsized to cat. 1 so that's good!
Guess that's all for now....
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Good luck to you! Please let us know how everything went. I sure wish you could've trapped her. *sigh*
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Not only that, but I wish you could have kept the one caught in your trap as well. I understand that your mission was to trap callie. You can try putting a thin, and I mean thin layer (one layer) of newspaper at the bottom of the trap (so she won't feel the cage on her paws) That sometimes work, but looking at her picture and guessing her age, I would say she is probably trap savvy. Just be sure she has a place where she can get food and water if you don't trap her. Quite honestly, ferals have good instinct. If it really starts to blow and she is standing outside your door, I would be tempted to just open the door, and step way inside your home and let her come in. Good luck and I hope you don't really get hit to hard!
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Another thing that has worked for us is to tie a chicken leg (like from KFC) to the back of the trap with dental floss. They'll walk in all the way to get to the chicken. We've had a few that took us over a year to trap. We finally used our drop trap that my husband made:

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Hi Pamela,

My cats are also acting funny. They seem to be nervous and have been very vocal and they constantly want attention. I also have a Buddy and he's the one I noticed the change in the most.

It's 12:14 and it's started raining and the wind is really picking up. The trees are swaying back and forth.

I have a kennel for a small dog if you would like to borrow it. I live in Waldorf.

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As u can see, power is STILL on!Ellie, same thing here- the wind is starting to pick up real strong and it's starting to rain hard. THANKS for the offer of the dog kennel. I already went and picked up a dog kennel from my friend's this morning.

Still no luck in trapping Callie. Recently, she came and huddled at the sliding door staring at me. It got me so upset! When I went to open the door, she took off again.

Hissy, yeah I did think of keeping the other feral inside but at that time I didn't have the kennel so I couldn't have transferred him to the kennel then having the trap free to trap callie with and I wouldn't have any other room to keep them separate in. (Meaning I keep either Callie or the other feral in bathroom then the other feral in the kennel then me with all my cats in my bedroom when it gets bad. I also am pretty sure that HE (feral) have a lot more common sense than Callie does. I really don't think Callie has much common sense especially since RECENTLY she was at my door and it was VERY windy and rainy! Right now, I don't see her so I'm HOPING she has found shelter under my deck and WON'T come back until the storm is over cuz I don't want her getting hurt if she comes out of the shelter. I have put a HUGE bowl of dry catfood under the deck so hopefully she and other ferals will find the food and eat when they're hungry.

I had a real hard time trapping Callie the first time to get her spayed so I suspected that it'd be hard for me to catch her since she KNOWS about the trap and apparently she does remember..
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Pamela, I just want you to know my thoughts are with you and your family & furr-family, including the extended family! You too, Ellie!

Stay safe!
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Electricity is still on so far. I have not seen CAllie or any other ferals outside for the last couple hours so I guess that's good.

Ellie, how are u doing? Were u able to get ur tame ferals in yet?

It is starting to get real bad here in my area. It's pouring rain, trees are swayihng back and forth, tree branchs and other stuff are being flung around outside. My cats are REALLY starting to freak out. I m going to put them in carriers in a few minutes.

I think I'll lose electricity soon. Power has flickered a few times. I better get off and unplug my laptop so it won't get damaged.

Ellie, hang in there. Others who have offered support to us poor suckers here on the path of hurricane Isabel, THANKS!!!! Keep thinking of us.. Ill be thinking of u lucky people safe in ur houses with ur furbabies.
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How are you doing? Have you seen Callie since the storm passed? Did you get much damage?
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Hi Pamela,

How did you make out?

There was a large crabapple tree and a pear tree that fell over and some large branches and hundreds of twigs in my yard, but nothing serious. My power went off 10:30 Thursday night and it didn't come back on till 11:00 Friday morning. I met an elderly couple yesterday that haven't had electricity for 3 days.

My cats slept through the whole thing. I haven't been able to get my two friendly ferals inside yet but I'm going to keep trying. I want them in the house before we get snow. I also have a new feral that I need to trap and get to Petworth.

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I'm still alive and kicking! I NEVER want to go thru another storm like that ever again!

Callie is still alive also but let me tell u something- she is OFFICIALLY A VERY STUPID CAT WITH NO COMMON SENSE! Let me explain why..

Thurs afternoon/evening as the storm was getting worse, she came out to my door several times and would huddle there looking pitiful. I opened my door for her to come in if she wanted but she would run off and disappear for a while. Around 8 pm on Thurs when it was really bad (some big branches had fallen on my deck by then), I was moving all 4 of my cats into my bedroom to put in their carriers and as I passed one window, I saw Callie. She was sitting in the corner near my window with her back to the outside walls of the house and I could tell she was having a hard time staying on her legs due to the strong wind. I just couldn't believe my eyes. I told her thru the window (she was looking at me the whole time) to go find shelter but she refused.

This was a very very dumb action on my part but I went outside to try to catch her (luckily I didn't get hit by anything-just got soaked really good) and she stayed in the corner until I got to less than a foot away then she took off. She came back 2-3 times after that and it broke my heart to see her fighting her way to my sliding door but the first 2 times, I opened the door, she'd run off so after the 2nd time, I just left her be and prayed that she'd live.

The next morning (Fri), she was at my door yowling for food so apparently she survived with no damage!

I lost electricity Thurs afternoon around 4 and it didn't come back on until Sat nite. I was able to use my laptop for 2-3 hours (on and off) to communicate with my family since my laptop has its own battery (2-3 hours worth).

I was very lucky that there were no big damage to my landlord's house. Some BIG branches fell on my deck. I took pics- will get developed then scan some and share with u guys. Almost every house on my street had trees that were either fallen, missing branches or listing to the side. My next door neighbor's tree (small) fell on his car but luckily no damage to the car. Two houses away from mine- there were two BIG trees that fell over into another backyard missing his house by several feet!

Several times during Thurs afternoon/night, I was POSITIVE that some trees would fall on me cuz I could see the branches AND trunks of trees swaying back and forth. There's a lot of trees in my backyard. Luckily enough, none in my yard fell..

My cats, Callie and I are doing okay.. THANKS to u all for ur support and care!!
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That's so sad, that she came to you for comfort, but was not able to get the nerve to go in the house. At least she's ok! I guess she wanted you to make the storm go away!!
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thank goodness you are all okay - it sounds like a true nightmare - we don't get ANYTHING like that over here. Perhaps Callie will feel braver over the next few weeks at least she knows you are still there. Good luck with the clearing up and all.
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Pamela, I'm so glad you and all of the kitties made it through the storm OK. Poor Callie, it sounds like she really wants to trust you and for you to help her, but just can't quite get brave enough yet.
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Pamela , you are one lucky woman . I am sure you were scared to death , at least I would have been . I am so happy to read that you and all of your cats are ok . That is great news . I am glad Callie made it save trough that storm . I do hope she will start trusting you more and may get her to be a insite cat one day .
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Silly Callie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To ALL of you!!!!

I'm so glad everyone's OK!
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*bump* for Superkitty
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