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I lost my job....very depressed and angry.

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I lost my job last Thursday....9-11...as if that wasn't a depressing enough day as it was.

They called us in for a meeting...the factory I have worked at for over 14 years....I was 23 when I started...will be 38 next month...is closing end of November. So very very sad.

I don't know how long I will have my job....they are going to start moving out machines from different areas of the factory....depending on what area we work in, and what machines go out first...I could go any time between next week or the end of November.

I spent all of Thursday night bawling and drinking....didn't make it to work at all on Friday....of course part of that was due to my Doctor's Apt for the lump I found, that I told everyone about here in the lounge last week...I'm sure some of you read it, so won't go into detail again here.

Hanging in there...trying to think positive....but not sure what the h*ll I am going to do....I can't afford to be jobless....and there are NO jobs in this area.

14 years is a long time...and I don't know how to do anything else....I don't even remember anything else.

Brent has actually been quite decent through this... he has hugged me and told me we will get by somehow...and has asked me almost daily how the lump is...and if it has gone down, or doesn't hurt so much. He has actually been very kind.

What pisses me off the most.......and here I go...so please forgive me..................

My factory would not have shut down if it wasn't for the cheap labor in OTHER countries!!!! HALF my job went to Mexico...and some of it (one of our biggest customers)...took their business to China.....because they could have their products made so much cheaper there...because of the cheap labor. These are AMERICAN companies......taking jobs away from AMERICANS...because they can get it done cheaper in some other country.....EEEERRRRRGGGGGG....what the h*ll do they think they are doing to the American economy?????? THIS is why our freakin' jobless rate is SO high here!!!!!!

It should be ILLEGAL for American companies to go outside of America...thus taking millions of jobs away from America...just because they can have their products made in some other country who pays their workers a dollar per hour!!!!!! So they save some money...but in the long run...America suffers!!!!!!!!
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Oh Debby! I'm so sorry you lost your job and over such a silly thing!!!! I hope you can get a new one, It's a sad thing to loose a job after 14 years.

LOTS OF HUGS and prayers for you at this difficult time my friend.

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Another thing Deb... I couldn't stand to see that precious face of your all screwed up and angry!!!
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Oh Sam...you should see it...it's horribly screwed up and angry! Would make Freddy Kruger (sp) run away and hide!
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Oh No Debster.. Manage a weak smile for me please sweety!!

LOTS AND LOTS of Board Magick!!!!
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Thanks Sam! (I still want to adopt you! )
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Debby, I'm so very sorry to hear this. It does suck that American companies are taking jobs away from fellow Americans. And I think you're right....it does hurt the economy which is already in trouble.

Hang in there! Searching for silver lining..... Think of this...you will be able to spend a lot of extra time with Amber now, and remember back to when you had to go back to work and dreaded it so much! And you'll be able to spend more time with us here, which you know we all appreciate a lot.
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Awww, Debby, I'm sorry to hear that. You will have unemployment benefits, for while, won't you? Why not take a little time, to relax and spend some time with Amber? You really haven't had that, since she was born.

Look around and see if there is a need, in your area. Maybe you can create your own job or business.

You've taken a lot of hits, this year. Maybe some time off, to chill out is just what you need.


BTW: Do NOT let that lump go unchecked!
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Oh Debby, I am so sorry. I agree, it should be illegal that they move american companies to Mexico - hubby got laid off as well last year - the company had opened a plant in Mexico - so he decided to go back to school. No wonder the economy is going down the drain.

Hang in there Debby, Cindy gave good advice, you can get unemployment benefits and have a great time with Amber!

And PLEASE get that lump checked out!

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I agree with Heidi, having a lot more time to spend with Amber is one positive thing to think about. And I also agree with Cindy about creating your own job. I know some people who work for themselves cleaning other people's houses. These people say they enjoy what they're doing, and they are paid well. You would also have some control over how much you worked, so maybe it's something for you to think about.

P.S. I didn't see your post about finding a lump, but I really hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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I'm sorry, Debby.
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Ah Debby that sucks! That is what happened to Ted's job,went oversea's! It does suck,and unamerican!
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Debby, I'm sorry to hear that. It's not going to make you feel any better, but it's not just American companies moving production south of the border or overseas - the European ones are, too, which is one reason why Germany has over 10% unemployment.
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It's seems like all manufacture and tech jobs are being outsourced overseas for cheap labor. It's not fair at all. One of my friends lost his job when his circuit board company moved overseas. Over 15 years ago my dad lost his job of 20 years because they moved to hong kong.

And now with your new medical problems its just not fair. At least you'll be getting unemployment and your benefits will continue through that period, right?

And don't worry too much, believe it or not the economy is starting to rise slowly and surely, and sooner or later there will be a job boom greater than that of the clinton administration due to the early out option for boomers. Have you ever thought about child care?? Maybe working in a day care center or something?
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Summed up in one word....Damn...can I say that on here? Sorry if not but that is the way I feel about your situtation. Girl I know things will work out for you it may take a little time but you will be okay. Hang in there.

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Debby, I am so sorry to hear about your job loss. The one good thing is you will have more time to spend with your darling Amber.

American companies have every right to move to other countries. When they do, they should be treated as foreign companies and face all the tariffs and restrictions that other foreign companies have to deal with. They should not be able to move for cheaper labor and reap the benefits of being an American company, too. The companies that do that don't really care about anything except money, actually it's their executives who want to give themselves huge bonuses while screwing the people who actually work.

I hope you can find a better work situation for yourself. Take care of yourself, and remember all of us here are behind you.
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Debby, I'm so sorry! At least you'll be able to draw unemployement right away & you get some money.

I know you've always wanted to go to college, maybe this is a sign for you. Yes college cost money, but once you are finished...look how much money you could possibly be making. Then again, it's a risk...look at all the college grad's that can't find jobs. It's just a crappy situation for all.

Many hugs to you Hon! It'll get better for you...it's got to! You've been through so much this past year & it hurts me to see you so sad. At least Brent has been supportive...it looks like things are starting to look up a bit!
Sending loads of prayers & good vibes your way Debby! You deserve the very best!
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Sweetie, I am sorry that what you feared has come to pass. But I know you are strong in your faith in God and I know that when one door shuts, He opens a window elsewhere. Here's hoping that window is opened soon- and what is this lump you are talking about Sis? I need to keep up!!
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Hi Debby, I'm so sorry to hear this. You'll probably get unemployment temporarily which might help out for a while. Maybe you could go to school and get a little training for something else, while your unemployment is there.

My suggestion...go to school to learn something on the computer. You know like take a course in MS Word, or Excel. There are usually office jobs available, and you're so attractive, I would imagine anyone would love to have a lady that looks like you, greeting their clients and customers.

You have half the battle won, because you already have a computer. At any rate, I'm sorry your job is closing down. You've been there a long time, and starting over is not an easy thing to have to deal with.

I know things will work out for the best, in the end. It's hard to see it now, but usually things do.
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I'm so sorry.
Hissy said it well, though - often when one door closes another opens.

I do wish these companies would use a little more common sense. They don't seem to realize that American employees are also American consumers - who won't be able to purchase their goods & services if they're out of work!

I missed the lump story. I'm praying that you're OK, and that things will look up for you soon.
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I am sooooo sory Debby . That is why I don't buy protucts made els where , I always look at made in USA and I will buy . If we all do that the company will have to change . ... ((((((( HUGS ))))))) I will be praying for a better job for you , much better job . Hang in there girl
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Debby, if you want to go to college, I am sure you can get pell grant - which will help towards tuiton. Good Luck!
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I just saw this thread, and I am sorry YOu know last year, I lost my job, too. At first I was mad, then I was happy because I knew I would no longer have to work in a fab and also work long hours at nights. HThe only thing that truly sucked is I took a BIG paycut going from $14+ to a little over $10.00 so that's the part we still have problems with.
have you found out if they are giving you an involuntary severance package? I am sure with you working 14 years, it may be a generous one with medical benefits. I would definitely find out, though. Also, if I remember right, In Arizona, when people lost their jobs at the place, they were also able to get unemployment on top of the ISP. Are there temp agencies close by? Don't say you can't do anything else, either because you can The school idea is also a good suggestion. Both hubby and I are going to UofP.
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I feel for you. Have been there done that.
I know you feel really bad right now. Take a little time for yourself, apply for unemployment, and try going to a agency tell them your situation you may find something that way.

I have found jobs when I least expected it, through friends who knew a friend that needed someone. Hang in there.

Think of something you really would like to do, and go for it.
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I'm sorry to hear about this. I can sympathize to the extent that I was fired last year from a job I did pretty well, because of new management who preferred 'yes-people' which isn't a habit I've ever developed.

One problem with companies moving production out of the country is that many Americans don't think about the impact on other Americans when they buy things that cost less. I remember a number of years ago when clothing manufacturers added tags that said something like 'made in America with pride', which I don't think they do anymore.

Debby, I haven't read about your medical condition but if it does require treatment, and your company offers COBRA benefits after lay-off, meaning that you can buy health insurance through them at their price, you should think about doing that. Although subsequent laws do give you some leeway, you can still get hit with a 'pre-existing' condition issue if you are un-insured for too long of a time before
insurance from a subsequent job kicks in.

I don't know whether you belong to a union or not, and how that impacts COBRA benefits. But you should definitely investigate that either with a union rep or the human resources department. ( I wouldnt discuss your med condition with the HR department though!.)I believe COBRA laws apply to just about everyone.

You can read more about it to some degree here:

Dept of Labor Health benefits

There are links on the right to COBRA and HIPAA which both apply here.
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I lost my job in June of 2001. My manufacturing plant also closed down. I drew unemployment and also had surgery due to a workers comp. injury from that job. My advice is get the lump checked out now.
Do not wait to be laid off. If you are covered by a health insurance program do it now!!!! If you wait it will be worse to get insurance straightened out. Also if you are covered by health care program some of them pay you something while you are off on medical leave. Then when you are laid off you can draw unemaployment. Please do not do what I did and wait until after you are laid off. It is very complicated that way. If you have to have surgery or anything like that you can not draw unemployment at the same time. You have to physically be able to work to draw unemployment. I will also advise finding a job as soon as possible. Employers seem to want people who are already employed or recently laid off. When I am asked during an interview what I have been doing with myself since the plant closed and I reply "Going to computer school" that is ussually the last I hear from them. They do not seem to want someone who is taking the time to improve themselves.

Sorry to be so long. Don't do like I did and be stuck in a rut. It is so depressing looking for work every day and not finding anything. I will add you to my prayers. Best of luck.
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Oh Debby, I'm so sorry. You have every right to be depressed and angry - it's so unfair that so many jobs are leaving the country. I wish I had something uplifting to say that would cheer you up, but I know it's not a fun situation.
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Debby, this is so sad. I am so sorry. It´s always frustrating to loose a job, and even more so when you´ve been working there for so long.
I agree with the others, take some time to enjoy Amber. Another good point is that this years you will have plenty of time to get ready for Christmas, even make some Christmas presents. It´s wonderful to be able to enjoy the tima before Christmas without beeing running around in stress.
Don´t forget to take care of youself!
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Awwwww...Debby! I was hoping that this wouldn't happen! Big hugs coming your way girlfriend.

You know that I've been having troubles myself, so if you want to vent, you have my email!

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