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Need encouragement and advice

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My foster Minky is an 8 year old Tortie Manx that was run over by a four-wheeler about a year ago and has had major hip surgery. She has been in another foster home for the last year and we took her in 2 weeks ago to see if we could acclimate her to our household. Health wise she is fine - she walks with a slight limp but has no problem getting around.

The techniques that we've been using include Feliway, vanilla on the chin, soft music, mesh gates to her room, and supervised introductions to our friendly cats. We have kept her on the same food, litter, litter box style, etc, so as not to change her world too much. We have bedding from her former foster to keep some former smells with her.

Her reaction to the cats (whether thru the mesh or with one on one introductions) has been extreme (nasty) hissing and batting. Bogart, our absolute prince with new cats, has tried quick nose sniffs with her and actually walked up and tried to groom her head one time (he is truly very loving). We have kept him in the room with her (and us) and he knows to give her space and will sleep on the other end of the bed from her - a very calm acceptance on his part. If he gets close at all, the hissing starts in earnest. I have also tried introducing her to one of the kittens, being told that she used to groom kittens at her former foster's house, with the same results.

I know 2 weeks is a short timeframe, but I expected a little progress on Minky's part, particularly with Bogart, who is the most non-threatening cat there is.

I'm a lot more experienced introducing kittens over adult cats. Any more ideas out there? I am beginning to get frustrated by all of this.
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Don't get frustrated, give it time. This cat has been through more stress and trauma than a cat deserves to go through. In time this new one will come around-
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Because of the injury she's more scared/vulnerable than she's used to being (8 old cat new is learning new tricks). Like hissy said, time will show her the unconditional love she so desperately needs to feel safe.
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Thanks! Any insights on how long (months, years) it has taken you to adjust adult cats? I'm stubborn enough to make this work, but would like to better understand when we can look for some positive signs.

Adding to my frustration right now is that Bogart's CRF has taken a downturn and we are back on sub-q's with him. He hates the needle stick so much! I am so afraid of losing that guy! He has been the prince of my house for 12-1/2 years, my sleep buddy, and the greeter of all new cats. If anyone can help Minky thru this adjustment it is Bogart, but with his illness, it's not fair to ask this of him (although he is volunteering to do it once again), and what if he doesn't make it thru this round? Sorry, depressed and venting.......
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Sorry, no advice here, but ((HUGS)). Hang in there. You're a great kitty mommy, and you're doing a great job.
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