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I don't know if anyone out there remembers that I posted a few weeks ago about a badly emaciated cat I found as a stray.We called her Wendy.Things have been a bit up and down with Wendy and the last visit to the vet was a very distressing time.Wendy had to stay in to have her blood and food monitored.She had loads of blood tests done and finally she was found to be suffering with diabetes,this had been untreated for a long time and due to being untreated,her liver was not functioning properly and this caused the thyroid to malfunction.
Does anyone out there have a cat with diabetes? How do the cat and owners cope?
Since being given a small amount of insulin,Wendy has improved dramatically,she has put on weight (2.9kg now,was 2.1kg),she has been outside exploring and is a much happier cat.
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My sister had a cat for years with diabetes. She kept it under control by insulin and by feeding him kelp, which can be found at some grocery stores, health food stores or asian groceries. My sister asked my friend who is into homeopathic remedies to suggest something for her cat. She suggested the kelp and his blood sugar started to decrease. The vet was very surprised at his improvement. The cat finally did pass on, but it was not from the diabetes.
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I have cared for three diabetic cats over the past 6 years. If you need assistance or advice, please feel free to email me privately. I am happy to help in whatever way I can. gayef@us.net

Best of luck,

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