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Horrible mistake

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Hello, my name is Kendra and I am a huge cat lover. I was an owner of 10 cats until a horrible neighbor called Animal Control on me. The city ordinance only permits 4 cats. I had to quicly get rid of half my cats. How do you chose who stays and who goes? It was heartbreaking!! I had some of my cats for 16 years. I called rescue groups, no kill shelters, friends etc.. no-one would take them. Out of desperation my ex-husband to them to the pound. I felt at least they had a chance (maybe). I told my ex, please don't give me any details, I just need to know in my heart they may get a home. I cried all weekend long.

Well yesterday my mother said she would pay to get them all out and found someone that would help us place them. When my mother called they were all put down except one who was due to be put down today! They held her till the end of the day yesterday and I have her back home.

The guilt and sadness that I am feeling is UNBEARABLE! I feel like I loss 4 of my very best friends. The people who worked at the pound said the told my ex they would be put down because there was no room. I wish to god he would have told me that but he was going on me saying "don't give me any details".

Thanks for listening.

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I'm sorry Kendra. I know you are suffering right now.
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OMG that is so horrible! Us animal lover really need to get together and fit thought stupid city rules. That is just so not right. If you can care for your pets there should not be a limit. This just breaks my heart.
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Omg how awful I am sooo sorry that this happened
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What a nightmare! I am so terribly sorry.
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OMG I am so sorry!
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Omg.. this makes me so mad!! The fact that they can just come and take your cats like that. Does it not matter that you take good care of them? Of course not the shelters dont care. It makes me so angry that they put down normal healthy cats just because there is no room!

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. My god I would probably go strangle my neighbor.

I'm glad you got one back Maybe you could move somewhere else (long shot I know)
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OMG, this really makes me mad too!!! I'm so sorry for the loss of some of your precious cats!!! In my opinion, your neighbor is a total nutcase who needs to mind her own business and get a LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
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I know how you feel , I had to get rid of 3 wonderfull healthy cats becours of my neighbours . I got them also to the pound here in town were I live . They called the Animal controll on me 2 times and the next time they would call I would have to go to court automaticly .They said that my cats destroy their boat with scratches and always poop in their flower . What made me really mad , those a****** moved 6 month later away . Nobody was sad when they moved , the man always couse problems with his anger .

I am so sorry of your loss (((( HUGS ))))
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I am very sorry for the pain you are feeling, I agree with the rest, some people should mine thier own buisness, and as long as you take ggod care of them who cares how many you have? Sometime the law hurts us more than helps. Of little help, is that while they were here, they had a very good and happy home. I hope it helps a little. Hang in there..
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Your story is heart wrenching. I feel like crying now.

I would be so full of emotions. . . . if it were my neighbor. . . . I just don't know. How horrible!!! Those poor kitties and poor you.

My heart aches for you.

My prayers are with your lost babies. . . . that they are all enjoying each other's company and that they are all still with you in spirit.

I feel very sad for the last surviving kitty too
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I am sorry to hear about your vindictive neighbor. How terribly sad that someone so bitter could disregard the lives of your cats like that. I am so sorry for your losses, what a terrible waste.
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OMG This has me all worked up! I'm terribly upset and teribly angry at the same time.. All I can offer is hugs & good vibes at the moment.

I'm so so sorry Kendra!
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Thank you for all the nice replies. My heart is still aching and I am sure it will for quite a long time.

My neighbor is an evil, evil woman. She is coded in the computer at the police station as a signal20 which means "mentally ill person".

The hate I have for her is gigantic! I truly believe what goes around comes around. She actually makes things up to get the cops out here. I have everything documented.

I feel so guily because Animal control did not ask to come in the house so why didn't I just lie to him and my cats would still be here.

Anyway, thanks to all of you.
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Well you didn't lie because your cats were loved & well cared for, there for you should have had nothing to hide. I get so mad at people who turn others in for things like this. I only have one cat, but I can see myself easily ending up with 10 cats. The question that should be asked is not based on number, but rather on care & cleanliness. 10 is probably a lot of work, but still a managble number. I belive here in Wisconsin the law is 3 animals. I volenteer with a no-kill shelter & let me tell you I would rather see someone with multiple cats who loves & cares for them than someone with 1 who is abused or neglected. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine how difficult this must be, but try not to be so hard on yourself. You were put in a very difficult position with very limited choices. Unfortunatly sometimes there is no way for us to predict how something will turn out. Right now shelters are over run with kittens & the truth is 9 out of 10 people that go looking for a cat are looking for a kitten.I feel for you & I get ANGRY at the people who put good people in this position.
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OMG!! That is SO awful, and my heart goes out to you, so much!! I cannot imagine the pain you are in. The only thing I can say, is that they ARE in a good place, and WILL be waiting to see you again someday, as they HAD to know, how good and kind and caring a person you are. --Pets just KNOW that... I wish you comfort in your immense pain, and just know you can come here, and there will be many who will understand how you feel right now... {{{HUGS}}} to you.
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Im so sorry {{{Kendra}}}
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I'm freaking pissed at your X. Don't get me started! I can see why he IS an "X".

Your cats know it was not you that was the bad person, you were put in an impossible situation. I'm so sorry.

They are together frolicking and will be waiting for you, I am sure.

If there is ANYTHING I can do . . .Is there an address that we can write to the city expressing out contempt for their laws?
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That is terrible to hear. I understand how hurt you must be feeling.
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Thanks again everyone for your very kind words. I also agree that if you take care of your pets and not living in filth, who gives a crap how many?
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I am so devastated to hear about your loss. I am so sorry, this is just heartbreaking. I also live in constant fear that something like this will happen to me as I have an awful neighbour who doesnt like cats and technically I am only supposed to have 2 but I have 7. I have her convinced that I have only have 3 but I am scared its only a matter of time as she is always on the look out trying to catch me out as I know she suspects that I have more.

It drives me insane that you can even be put in this position and that someone has the right to take your babies from you and cause this amount of pain. It is so unfair that someone can own 1 cat and maltreat it and not care for it and nothing is done about it by the authorities. And then you have people who provide wonderful caring homes like yourself and you are made to suffer for your kindness. The amount of kitties you have should be irrelevant as long as they are looked after properley. I just dont get the complete injustice of this situation and I really feel for you. I am so sorry. These animals are not just cats, they are part of the family - they are my children and if someone tried to take them away from me I dont know what Id do.
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I'm so sorry Kendra. WHat a horrible situation to be put in!

Karma will get her in the end.

What's her beef anyway?
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she is just one of those wacky type of people. A big trouble maker. The whole neighborhood hates her.
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Wow, I just read this story, how horrible. I am so sorry for your loss. The city I live in has ordinances too, but I say, to hell with them. I pay some of the highest takes in my area and they will never tell me I have to get rid of some of my cats. Heck, I have Amber and I know they would not want me to have her, but they have no choice. You see, there are many loop holes in these ordinances if you look. For one thing, my city states that you can have only 4 cats and/or dogs. So right there, you can have 8 cats. There mistake in the ordinance is the and/or part. If I can have 4 cats and 4 dogs, why not just 8 cats? As for Amber, they state you can not have exotic pets including but not limited to Lions, Tigers, Bears, Cougars. They do not state I can not have a Bobcat. Now here is the catch. They explain what they meant by "exotic animal". To my city an exotic animal is any animal not native to northeast Ohio. Well, this could include almost any pet. How many have birds or fish? Most of them are not native to Ohio. But the best part is, Bobcats ARE native to northeast Ohio, even though they have been almost all but eliminated by us humans. (I have never seen a Bobcat in Ohio, but they say they are making a comback) The state of Ohio says I can own a Bobcat. Anyway, my point is this. DO NOT give in to your city government so easily. Fight for your right to own your cats. You live in the USA and you have the right to freedom of choice. As long as the animals are in very good care and they pose no threat to your health or any one elses health. This is another good reason to keep them inside. I wish I would have read this post sooner. You could have even told the city you watch cats for people while they are away on vacation. So please, anyone else reading this, fight for your feline friends. If they are in good care, no one should tell you to ger rid of them. Also, please keep them inside!
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OMG I'm so sorry I'm sat here like an idiot! I don't understand how your neighbour could be so cruel. It makes me so that things like this can happen.
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