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Since we're all cat people here, what is your favorite cat pose? I love when my cat is sleeping in a ball, with her paws covering her face. Sometimes I am convinced that she could answer any question I asked her, she looks so contemplative, if only I could find a way to get inside her head. Sometimes, she just sits or lays, looking at nothing specific yet very cool and collected, and I am sure she is meditating or figuring things out. No wonder we love cats, they are like living engimas, waiting to be figured out.
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great question! you will get more responses if you start a new thread with the question as the title. People don't know that your question is in here, because of the content of thread, and it may get lost, or not get very many responses.

and welcome to the cat site!
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Lady Blue...OK,point taken. As I said it is difficult to convey exact feelings with a written phrase. I do not know you personally or well enough to pick up nuances from a thread here any more than you can from me. There have been many times here when I have submitted a reply and had no-one acknowledge it. It would be very easy to feel like an "outsider" in each case,but I know that my opinion is only my opinion..

Now,I'm sorry if I misunderstand but very often in your posts I pick up a sense of repressed anger. From what I gather from the other replies from your friends here you have just cause for that. That is none of my business. But kiddo..there was a definite edge there;whether you meant it or not. Thus my comment about Granny's lesson. Even the best writers can unconciously carry their mood into their writings. As a poet you should understand that.

Anyhow,I certainly wish you well lady blue....and if you want controversy pop into the thread I posted and wail away at this lo truck driver...grin. I can take your best shots :tounge2:
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so what you're saying is, it isnt always easy to understand what people are trying to get
across, like for example, friendly sarcasm or humour, but, you can tell that i have
repressed anger?

excuse me while i take a seat on your sofa, free psychoanalysis is not easy to come by, yknow

it surprises me that you get that sense from me, my anger is not repressed, baby,
i let it out.
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I really don't want to get into the middle of this, but I think it needs to stop. I didn't like some of the things that were said on the "Fury Mice" thread but I believe no one meant to hurt anyone else. We are all friends here and I think everyone knows that. Let's get back to the important stuff like who has a new kitten or whatever! Let's please talk like friends again!

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it's my understanding that Kittyfoot can take whatever i hand out and vice versa,
it isnt meant to hurt and harm, it's a lot of tongue and cheek, yknow?

that's the way we've been known to understand one another :tounge2:
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Why would you want to take on that kind of a challenge, other than to get things stirred up? I've been away for a while and things sure have changed.
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