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Yep, Rupert is cool..not sure of his heritage but he looks like a dark haired viking
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Sooooooo hoping Rupert wins I'll be so disappointed if he doesn't
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Go Drake.

Looks like Osten is due to be a weenie on tonight's show again. All the promos show him having probs in the water. I wonder if he was behind and that it was an "excuse" why he didn't do better. I have no faith in his credibility.
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What is with that guy? He's drowning right by a rope with buoys on it? I was so glad to see the underdog win immunity and pirate Rupert away. But Jon was a total jerk, they kept him and got rid of their strongest player Burton. These people are not thinking.

I love how the one team is trying to build a wall to stop high tide from washing away their shelter! First storm hits that shelter is history.
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Osten needs to go! lol

Could Drake be anymore stupid? Yeah, lets throw the challenge so we can vote out one of our own tribe members.
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I'm betting they realize thier hideous mistake now that they've lost Rupert. I could see throwing the challenge to get rid of Jon- hes a whiny little idiot- but to vote out Burton?

On a side note I just about bust a gut when I saw Rupert sewing himself a new skirt and then trying it out afterwards If he doesn't win I will be greatly disappointed. Hes the best player in the game.
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Unfortunately Rupert will be gone when the tribes merge - he is too big of a threat. Nice play acting on Osten's part. Fake a drowning when you are behind. I think it was stupid that the trhew the challenge. I also thought that they would get some really good stuff when they found the buried treasure - I guess not.

Do you think Rupert will put alot of effort into the reward challenge he has to do with Morgan - he said that he would never lose a challenge.
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I guess I understand it from a strategy standpoint, but why the heck would you vote off your strongest players? I mean, come on, you're still on an island fighting pretty hard to "survive". Anyone want to bet that now Burton is gone and Rupert is at Morgan that the Drake camp is going to fall apart?

And OMG, could John be any more annoying? I thought he was high, too.
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Jon is one sort of character they seem to have on every survivor..lazy, not half as smart as they think they are, and convinced that they are "the puppetmaster" of everyone else It was interesting to see that Jeff Probst seemed genuinely annoyed with Jon's comments and demeanor.

I just love Rupert...but he will need a very loyal set of folks to form an alliance with, who are equally strong, or he will be voted off since his strength and skills are obvious.

And I loved his sewing himself a new kilt <G>.
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Rupert is a man of many talents and I can believe that he is an excellent mentor to troubled teens.
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Rupert proved that Drake needed him! What was with Michelle - I thought she was supposed to fake gagging etc! That immunity challenge was really gross! Once the merge happens Rupert will need to win personal immunity not to get voted out as a threat!
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MUTINY! How dare Trish and Jon conspire against Rupert! Osten is a big weenie - even Christa held the same weight he did. Morgan, or should I say Andrew deserved to win immunity! Jon was a real jerk (as usual) when he went to Morgan to loot. Poor Rupert looked so crushed at tribal council. I don't think Jon will know what hits him next week. Look forward to the wrath of Rupert!
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Holy moly!!! Best Survivor episode EVER!!! I was beyond shocked at this latest twist. So who do you think will come back? I have a feeling that although the tribes are saying now that the ones voted back in will be the first to go at the first chance, group dynamics may change, alliances form, and the game will change.

I'm so happy they are throwing new things in like this to keep us guessing. Lets hope there are lots more surprises and Survivors to come
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Holy Moly! I did not see that coming! What an amazing twist. This has made the whole Survivor series fresh again!

What was Drake thinking? Why is weasel Jon still there? He will turn on them the 1st chance he gets! I knew Osten was a big ol' quitter. He is in better physical shape then anyone. His mental shape on the other hand is weak, weak, weak!

I think that Burton and Michelle will be back in the game as they are the strongest of the "Outcast" bunch. There was no doubt in my mind they would win that competetion. While they were on reduced rations, they had beds, showers and the element of suprise on their side. I am just suprised that Drake made it as close as they did!
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That was quite the surprise! I hope the Outcasts can last through the end- whoever is chosen. I wonder how they will choose who goes forward, and if they will be back next week to compete again? Osten is such a wimp- I still laugh when I think about how that pelican scared him so much! I mean come on, who is afraid of pelicans? They are the coolest birds! Well he made history, and maybe that was his plan all along, as he has already lined up some appearances on talk shows etc...

I was really disappointed in Rupert though. For a teen counselor, his mouth, attitude and over all character is not something I would want my teenager exposed to. That fight with Jon was ridiculous. I really hope Rupert doesn't go all the way in this one. I'm not sure yet who I like, so far Sandra has my vote.
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Originally posted by hissy

I was really disappointed in Rupert though. For a teen counselor, his mouth, attitude and over all character is not something I would want my teenager exposed to. That fight with Jon was ridiculous. I really hope Rupert doesn't go all the way in this one.
I heard a radio interview with one of the survivors when they were evicted. They couldn't believe how the show's editors change the personalities and make everyone the opposite of what they truely are like.

This person said Rupert actually is very controlling and not nice. Meanwhile, they never show Rupert (until tonight)as a mean spirited person. Also, Jon actually does work on the island, but the cameras never show him doing it.

So remember the editing can make you look like a witch or a prince depending on the editing. Nothing is real in TV land. It's all for the ratings.

I was really glad to see all the castaways return. I figured one or two of them would come back, because they hinted in the last episode of your past returning to haunt you.

I just feel soooo sorry for the Morgan tribe. I was so sick of hearing Osten complain, it's almost like he expected to stay at the Ritz with champagne and caviar. He can't swim, he hates bugs, and worried about getting sick???? Please,spare me!

I hope with Osten gone, the Morgan tribe can bounce back since I like this tribe better than Drake.
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Yes this is by far the BEST Survivor yet! I am so glad Osten (and his "temple") are outta there! What a little wimp! For someone so big and buff and tough to be afraid of pelicans, crabs, swimming and getting sick is just ridiculous. I think he will just be a laughing stock everywhere he goes for a while! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
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Originally posted by hissy
I was really disappointed in Rupert though. For a teen counselor, his mouth, attitude and over all character is not something I would want my teenager exposed to. That fight with Jon was ridiculous. I really hope Rupert doesn't go all the way in this one. I'm not sure yet who I like, so far Sandra has my vote.
To be honest, we thought he cleared the air, calmed down, didn't hit Jon, and that it was more open and honest than one usually sees on this show...instead of stewing, Rupert let it all out. Despite any language, I can respect that...he's still the one I want to see win, second favorite is Sandra (who's from my area), third is Savage.

I just have to giggle every time I watch Rupert he reminds me of my husabnd who has a similar strong, short, very muscular build (except that tummy which is nicely shrinking as he's on my diet with me!), and my husband also has dark curly hair,dark beard (he's half Swedish and half Czech)...I just love it every time Rupert roars viking style...call me silly
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Same here, something about burly men with curly chest hair is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say LOL! I think that's why I like Rupert. I also like the fact that Nakita posted the 'ratings' aspect of it, this is very true, so I don't think the argument was his main thing, he is over all a nice guy thus far, and tempers will flair being stuck on an island away from what you are familiar with. Heck mine flairs when I'm hungry and I'm at home LOL! This is the same with all 'reality' shows, they will edit out what they don't want and keep what they want just for 'ratings'.
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I still like Rupert best - he vented and it was over. He probably has to use words like that to fit in with the troubled teens he mentors. If he doesn't win I want Savage or Christa to win.
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Rupert is awesome- hes open and honest when hes pissed off, which is comendable I think. He got the thing with Jon off his chest right away, and problem solved. He obviously didn't hold a grudge either because he didn't convince the tribe to vote him out. Those are two things I definitely want my kids learning- properly venting your anger (sans violence) and forgive and forget.

Anyhoo...my second pick would probably be Christa- I like her, she seems like a very cool person. I also like Savage and Tijuana from the Morgan tribe.
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All you have to do is watch his body language and his eyes. It is clear that he holds grudges, he just does it pretty much silently. Not very commendable for someone who is supposed to set an example for youngsters. But again, it is editing making him be that way maybe.

I was a Big Sister for many years. I am proud to say that the girl I mentored is now a chemical biologist and doing work out of Stanford University. You have an obligation when you are mentoring to be better than the regular hooligan that Rupert portrays every week. You have to be an example, not a spectacle.
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Anybody else excited about tonight's episode? 8 hours 15 minutes and counting!

I think that Burton will go to Drake and I now think the chickie who got booted off 1st for Morgan will be back to have another go at it.
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You bet I'm excited! DH is even making our dinner tonight (we tend to eat late, right when survivor comes on here) so I don't have to cook (except I do, making braciole for Saturday with homemade sauce...I love colder weather cooking!)
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We can't wait either to see how the tribes are going to treat the outcast that joins them. Quite an interesting twist. I saw Osten on a show earlier this week and he was complaining about everything, from the sand, the crabs, the bugs, the lack of water! What did he expect Club Med?
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Osten is a big weenie!! Good riddance, let people who WANT to be there play the game. Can't wait for tonight!!!
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well, the merge was a little anti-climatic. I was sad to see Savage go - he seemed like a great guy. I am glad Burton and Rupert worked out their issues and thought it appropriate that Burton gave Rupert immunity. I understand getting rid of Savage but weasel Jon should be a priority. I hated that look on his face - gloating - in tribal council. Is it just me or are the voices of Lil, Tijauna and Dara not the most irritating?
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Not just you (lol) Lil drives me nuts!!!

Jon is such an arrogant self serving person!! I can't wait for the day he goes.

My family and I all made our bets last night on who will win, winner gets a dinner. I want Rupert to win, but do not think he will, so I am betting on Sandra or Burton.
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Yeah that was a smug look Jon had alright. I was glad for the merge, it seemed the only way to give the two outcasts a fair shake. It's to bad the Lil couldn't leave her chip on her shoulder in the boat- I couldn't believe how much she was whining. At least they got food and a chance to get to know everyone. I loved the challenge and was so glad Burton beat Rupert.
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I think it will come down to Christa or Burton in the end. Christa is a physical threat for individual immunity as is Burton. Jon won't win immunities so he has to suck up to the right people! I think people think that he isn't going to be a threat in the end so take him along for the ride to protect yourself.

Rupert has lost alot of weight!
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