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woo hooo! I don't want to reveal who got voted off, in case anyone was working and will be seeing a tape of tonights show, but it was *sweet*.

My loudest chuckle came from when the voted off person complained that so and so had betrayed them, when they had done their best to vote off the very person they are saying betrayed them! hunh? how does that work? I can vote you off and it'd not be a huge betrayal, but you can't vote me off? What a whiner! Amazing.
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Very happy with the outcome of that Tribal Council

Guess whos next? Johnny Fairplay I'm thinking
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Yay, the women finally came to their senses! I was so disappointed when they didn't vote Burton off last time. I really thought it was their last chance to do that.

When Burton won the reward challenge, I wonder why the host didn't announce that he also won the vehicle? They always told the other competitors in the other shows.

Everytime I see Jon give that little smirk, I want to throw darts at the TV! Sandra is a little vindictive, wanting to hide all the tools so the others couldn't use them. And, not telling the others that she was the one who threw the fish on the ground and letting Christa take the blame.

Hmmmm....I think I'm disliking her as much as Jon! But, I would want Jon to stay to the end with me (if I was on the island), since so many people hate him and the money would be easily given to me.
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Thank goodness the girls had the opportunity to have some time to themselves without the boys to discuss strategy. I can't stand the chauvenistic comments that come out of Weasel boy's mouth. They thought they were in control. Love the fact that all of the jury members were happy Burton got booted! Lill is too whiney, Jon too evil, Darrah too lazy and Sandra too full of attitude. As long as weasel doesn't win, I don't care who does now. I am loking forward to the last episode. I wonder if in the reunion show after the episode they will have Jon's grandmother on to say what she though of her grandson's lie.
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That one conversation Jon and Burton had about how they didn't think the women would strategize against them, because the women didn't have one active brain cell between them! LOL The look on his face when his name was read at Tribal Council was priceless! And good for Daria to take immunity again. I really hope she wins, she is the less offensive of them all.

I loved it at the end where Burton was telling Lill he hoped she could sleep at night, because she voted him off and broke the alliance! Hello- he wrote down her name on his card! LOL What a wuss! And Rupert's face at Tribal Council- the man needs to let go of all the anger he is feeling towards everyone.

Can't wait till Sunday and the finale-
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GO WOMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Finally something wise happened! The only thing is that it is kind of too late!
We usually have Survivor on Mondays, but now they had an extra ep. last night, so we had 2 this week, and then the final ep. on the usual time next monday.
Somebody said the finale in the US will be next Sunday, which is an extra ep., right?
I don´t know why they had this extra ep. but it gets me closer to know how this horror story goes, which is great!
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I am hoping Sandra wins! I know she was vindictive and immature, but it was kind of funny. Basically I just like her better than the ones left so I want her to win.
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omg- I can't believe tonight it the finale! I'm pretty excited, but would be even more so, if Rupert was still in the game and had a fighting chance

I heard hes coming back on the next Survivor allstars? I sure hope so.

I guess out of the remaining four I'm rooting for Darrah first, then Sandra. I swear if Jon or Lill win I will be so mad because neither one desrves it.
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What a nice ending to a good game. Lil did the right thing, and I am glad that Sandra won and Jon didn't even place.
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Congrats to Sandra!! Not one vote against her ever, how amazing is that. I'm just glad Johnny Rotten didnt win.

They're auctioning off some of the items for survivor.. I cant believe the wood board selling right now for $16,000
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I was delighted! and I can't wait to see the allstar Survivor in Feb.
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Hurray for Sandra!! She really deserved to win. I was so pleased with the people they picked for the show this time around. I found the personalities very bland in the last survivor. But this one had everything, and they set some Survivor records- first person to quit (Osten), first person to win without ever having a vote against them (Sandra-of course ), most evil player (Jonny Fairplay), and greatest fan favorite (Rupert)

I can hardly wait to see Rupert in action again on the next Survivor!!
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I am SO glad that John did´t win, or even get second place, that wold have been bad enough! Like everything has been melting like ice in Jons hands, it would have been just typical if he just won, despite evertything he has done and said.
Boy, I am so relieved!
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I would rather have seen Jon win than Lill- she annoyed me to no end (can anyone say Drama Queen? )

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I would have want Lill to win rather than Jon, but still I really did not want her to win. So, Sandra was my only hope
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I didn't care much for Lill...not sure why, just my gut instinct....but I was proud of her for choosing Sandra over John for the final 2, even though she probably knew she had a better chance against John...she really redeemed herself in my eyes there...she knew Sandra deserved it more and needed it more...she probably knew she would win against John...but yet...she chose Sandra... And SANDRA WON!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!
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I think Lill did herself in on the final tribal council. How whiney can one person be? What was the talking about herself in the 3rd person about "Lillian Morris" this and "Lillian Morris" that! Ack!

I was thrilled when Jon didn't win - that means I can watch future shows since I made the promise to my hubby never to watch another if he won.

Sandra as a winner.....well looking back she had a good strategy. Certainly kept her out form under the radar! Of the last 3 she deserved it the most!
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