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Anniversary Winners

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First off my apologies, I keep losing my Internet connection. Four techs have come and gone in the last week without really finding out the problem- but I am hopeful this latest bandaid will fix it.

At any rate- the following board members have won a CD How To Build Your Own Cat Condo! Congrats to everyone on the list and thanks for playing.

Those of you listed below, watch your mailboxes at the end of the month! Except for those of you who live in other countries, not sure about your mailing time....

Coco Maui- Russian Blue- jgaruba- okeefecl- Kiwideus- valanhb- Mom of Many- Jin - Shell- Tuxedo Kitties- Princess Purr- Kimbulu- Wellington Cats- Pollyanna-Momof10cats-

Two who won, but declined the prize: deb25 and kev
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My congrats to all of you
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Thanks! I can't wait to get it... I'm going to have to see how my first cat tree attempt comes out.
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Congrats to everyone who won! Yippy!

Look forward to receiving it probably in a month..

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That´s Great!!! Thanx!
And Congratulations all of you!
And Happy Anniversary to TCS!
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congrats to you all.
I declined as the cost of posting accross the pond this day and age is extortionate- I figured if someone else in the USA got it then its cheaper for the person who mails them all. I guessed someone has to foot the postage bills themselves and therefore, keep the costs down!!!

Best wishes to you all - lets see how they work out huh?

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Aww Kev, that was sweet of you. I offered to pay for the postage as I know it can be VERY expensive.

How about everyone post pics of the cat tree they build using the CD?


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I'm looking forward to making one!

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Hey Kass - maybe I can come over and borrow yours! I am sure Nakita is looking forward to her new palace.
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