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Dad is still in the hospital

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We all thought that Dad was going to get out of the hospital last Saturday. He was doing a lot better and then started to throw up again(sorry if too graphic). The Dr's have done several x-rays on his stomache and think that there is a blockage in his small intestines. We will know more tomorrow after the CT scan. Surgery looks like a definate possiabilty at this point. It appears that all of the kidney trouble is due to this blockage.

Dad looks like all skin and bones he has lost so much weight. The whole family is worried sick about him. If it is not too much to ask can everyone please continue to pray for Dad?
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Prayers continuing from here! Hope all is well.
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Omg Cathi- Sorry about the bad news.

I'm still praying and thinking about Zack every day!

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Oh Cathi, prayers and positive healing thoughts continuing your dads way.

Mega hugs going yours.

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I'm praying for him every day.

Don't forget to take good care of yourself, too. This must be so hard for you.
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sending you prayers and hugs, so sorry to hear this bad news
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I will be sending to healing energies his way tonight, and he will be in my thoughts.

Keep us updated?
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I am so sorry to hear this.
I will keep you and your dad in my prayers.
I hope he will fell better soon.
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Sorry to hear the bad news. You father will be in my prayers.
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Continuing to keep you, your Dad and the rest of your family in my thoughts.
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Have been thinking of you and your dad. . . . and will keep on praying.

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Prayers from Nebraska!
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I'm sorry girl I will say a prayer for him tonite.
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I'll be praying tonight for your dad..pls take care of yourself too..
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I am sending good thoughts and prayers.
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Sending lots of ((positive thoughts)) and ((healing vibes)) his way.
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Bump. . .

How's your dad doing??

More prayers for Zack to get better soon.

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I was wondering the same thing, how is he?
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Dad is not doing as well as we all had hoped. All of his Doctors are working on getting him out of the hospital as soon as possiable.

Dad was weighed this past Saturday he is down to 128.8 lbs. My Dad was not fat buy no means but was a good solid 200lbs. Since he can't keep anything on his stomache because of the blockage in his small intestines the Dr.'s have put a tube into his stomache to pump out all of the nasty stuff that is making him sick. I am sorry if this is too graphic for anyone.

All of his problems are due to scar tissue from his Aorta bypass surgery that was done in 1988. It seems that the scar tissue has attached to his kidneys and his small intestines and causeing the blockages. Right now Dad is too weak to undergo the surgey to correct it. As of today we still don't know when the dr.'s will do the surgery.

Today will be the start of the 4th week in the hospital. He has been moved once again to the IMCU unit on the 2nd floor of the hospital to try and get his blood pressure under control. Hopefully soon we will be able to take Dad home. So please any and all prayers are welcome for my Dad to get better Thanks everyone.
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We'll keep praying !
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Stay strong Cathi! I will continue to keep your dad in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that he begins to get stronger daily.
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So sorry to hear about this set back with your Dad. I know how draining it is to have a loved one in the hospital for weeks on end. We almost lost our Dad in November and he was in the hospital until right before Christmas. Hospital food is the norm and it almost begins to taste good. He pulled through, as I hope your dad will. I'll keep praying for him.
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I'm sorry that your dad is still not out of the woods.
I'm relieved to hear that the blockages are from adhesions. I was worried about cancer.

I suffer from adhesions (pretty common after having surgery).
I've battled partial small bowel obstructions since I was 20. I had a ruptured appendix at 18. . . . with a temporary illeostomy. I have to watch my diet (no raw apples, no corn, no broccoli, high fiber foods, etc. It's no fun, but sure beats an obstruction. They are plain awful. I am terrified of Naso-gastric tubes (the tube you describe to pump out the contents of your father's stomach).

I've considered having an laparoscopic surgery to get rid of the adhesions (bands of scar tissue), but because my obstructions subside with rest, I haven't had to resort to this. Perhaps your dad would be a candidate when he is stronger.

I will continue to pray.
He's a tough man to keep up the fight.

Take care.

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Cathi dear-

I'm so sorry about your dad not improving.

I'm still praying every day!
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