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Our vet is pretty cool. When we brought Romeo there when we first adopted him, the vet said, "Hmm, another cat, eh?" I blushed and nodded. He then told Romeo how lucky he was, that I loved cats and took good care of them. That made me feel good!

Why do I worry what other people think about me? I know I am doing the right thing, and I know I am able to provide good care and lots of love to all of the kitties here.
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...I think you forgot to add... and spoil them ALL rotten!!!!
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I think part of it is that some people don't/can't/won't see past the number of cats and think that anyone with that many must have some sort of problem, or be a cat hoarder. If I were unable to provide the proper care for them, I would not have this many. They get high-quality food, spring water from a fountain, annual vet checks plus vet visits when needed, and vaccines. They get groomed and played with. They get snuggled and kissed and petted. They get toys and a big cat tree (want to get another one). If I had $20 to last me til the next paycheck, I would use it to buy their cat food and litter, and a lot of ramen noodles for the 2 of us humans to live on
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Oh yes, these are some VERY spoiled rotten cats here in this house. I think if you look up spoiled cats in the dictionary, there's a picture of them for reference
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Sue, I just saw your post where the lady said you should've taken the kittens to the shelter. What an idiot! I can't stand for cats to be in shelters (or dogs either) because I know that the large majority of them won't ever make it out alive. I avoid their websites because it just makes me cry because I can't rescue them all. I wish there were more no-kill places for the poor babies. I hate what humans do to animals. Last night we were watching Court TV and they had a guy on that killed horses for insurance purposes. I got so mad.

As for thinking I'm crazy, people think I'm crazy for having 2 cats. People used to joke that once I get a third I'm no longer marriage material. My parents used to warn me about getting more cats and now they have 4 (people really think they're nuts!).

I've posted before that my Dad didn't like cats when he first married my Mom--but he loves them now. In fact, when I was in a relationship where the guy didn't want me to have Toes my Dad told me that if Toes ever has to move because of the guy he was going to personally come out and have a "talk" with that guy. Toes did have to move, but he moved WITH ME. I dumped the jerk because he tried to kick Toes. Nobody, and I MEAN NOBODY, touches my cats.
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I dumped the jerk because he tried to kick Toes. Nobody, and I MEAN NOBODY, touches my cats.
Ohhh man!!! That would have really steamed me!!! Good thing for dumping the jerk!!
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Thanks! The sad part is that I let the guy abuse me for 3 years. But when he walked into my home and tried to hurt my baby I launched into a tirade and told him to get out and I'd be gone in 30 minutes. I had me and Toes packed and out of that place in less than 15 minutes, before he'd even left.

BTW, the place was his, he just wasn't living there--long story.
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It's amazing, isn't it, how much crap we'll take and still stick around: but let someone hurt our kids, human or furry, and we're outta there!
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Gee I am so happy someone started this thread!

It so nice to know so many feel the same way I do!

I wasn't aloud pets when I lived at home but always liked cats..

I got married and finally got a cat, which lead to another, and another. I have 3 cats. I live in a condo. When we got one, no one thought we were nuts. When we got the second, all the accusations that these are instead of having real kids started!!! (and not true, I plan to have kids of my own) my husband loves them, but thinks I am nuts sometimes because I spend a lot of time with them, and when the crazy comments come from others he get on my back again, but then plays and kisses them, so I know it's only the people who think we are crazy influence on him!!!

the way I feel, my kitties do keep me out of trouble, I would rather be home with them then at noisy club anyday! they are sweet creatures that enjoy the simple things a lot of people take for granted!

I over time realize these other poeple can never really understand why I have 3 cats, unless they themselves were willing to open their hearts and realize what having a cat is really like! (and for some getting over the myths about cats)

my family has come over a few times, and played with my kitties, now they were entertained by them for alomst two hrs! And even the most skeptical, could not help laughing seeing these kitties, jump, pounce, climb, stalk and chase! so slowly I think they are beginning to change.

my mom is good about it, she throws a comment here or there, (more before she got to know them) but says it's my life, my long as I am happy she doesn't care...

I know now I will always have cats. These same poeple keep saying I will have to get rid of them when the kids come???? I realize there can be some problems adjusting, but I think in general, cats can be a great asset for teaching kids to be gentle, caring, and respectful, and not to mention responsability (ofcourse when they are old enough to do so).

and this website is just awesome!!!!
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I have 2 cats, and would like more, but I really don't have a lot of space. And it's expensive enough to properly care for 2. I will also always have cats, they are too great. There is a mangy looking cat that has been wandering in the alley behind my house lately. If it weren't for my 2, I'd take him/her in. I'm just too worried about diseases and upsetting my 2 princesses.

Sue, I can relate to your mom situation. My mom always used to make comments, and then wonder why I got so defensive. She actually acted as if I was doing something wrong. I wish I'd had the guts to tell her she could say those things when she was paying my rent, etc, but I never did. Luckily, she stopped. She can still think whatever she wants, as long as she keeps quiet about my cleaning.
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People think I'm bonkers yes, We only have 9 cats living here but my Nana and I breed them, we have heaps, Even once someone said, Eww yuck cats are dirty posh yuck animals, NOONE EVER!! says anything nasty about my cats or I tell them what I think back, My cats are everything too me, I carry pix of them around in my wallet have pix of them all over my books on my clothes, I'm cat crazy and I love it, My school friends think I'm nuts and once someone said, Ewwwww you smell like jellymeat go run into a fall like your ugly cats , OMG that really upset me. One person saying they like my cat, really presses another button though, I love compliments about my pusscats, That's why I love this site so much, We are all nice peole and we LOVE cats, I honestly don't know where I'd be w/o them
Hope ya'll feel the same way , Sam
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My mom can't say much, about my three cats - SHE has 5 dogs.
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Originally posted by katl8e
My mom can't say much, about my three cats - SHE has 5 dogs.
I have 4 cats (12 at the moment with all the kittens) and 2 dogs. Aòâ I don't bother what do other people think and do - I can see you, who always understand me and help if nessesary
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Uh--did I mention that I have 3 pictures of each of my cats on my desk, but only one of my stepson and 2 of my husband?
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Don't feel bad Ericka. At my last job, I had 5 pictures Spike in frames at my desk. After awhile, I brought in pictures of my friends, bf and family so I didn't look like I was a completely crazy cat lady.
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Having three cats makes me wonder why people would want to have kids.

I don't have to worry about putting my cats through college, or whether they're on drugs or not. I don't have to drive my cats to soccer practice, or wonder who they're hanging out with. Cats don't need furniture - My couch is enough. I'm an Ebayer, and I play guitar, so the living room is always full of boxes and guitar cases and amps - It's a jungle gym for these guys. Cats don't need the coolest shoes or the funky new haircut. I can be fairly certain that my cats will never drop out of college to follow a band on tour, or move 1200 miles away with their internet boyfriend. (Thank god - they don't need to follow in my footsteps.. )

Find me any child that'll play with one packing peanut for two hours, and you'll change my mind.

I think this mindset qualifies me to be a wierdo cat lady, doesn't it? Unlike the stereotype, I don't wear my hair in a bun or live on a hill, and I've had a fair share of boyfriends strolling my life. Well, maybe I do live on a hill.
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Originally posted by Foofy Cat Lady
I think this mindset qualifies me to be a wierdo cat lady, doesn't it?
I hate to be the one to tell you, but according to this Pet owners who love too much I am afraid it does
If it is any consolation, I qualify as well (no kids, three cats and no desire to change any of it)

A few examples of behaviour that according to the article may qualify as obsessive:
- carrying photo's of your pets in your wallet
- celebrating your pets birthday
- having cats while you do not date, and do not get married

Need I tell anyone that I am guilty as charged.
OK, maybe I don't really celebrate my animals birthdays, but I do have them in my agenda.
For those who'd like to know, yesterday was my horses 9th birthday

A quote:
And when people fixate on the pet, they can become more isolated—because others don’t get it. Dr. Hayes-Gary has had to hospitalize patients because of suicidal reactions or extreme depression resulting from the death of a pet. "They’re going around all the time saying, ‘My cat died,’ and people are saying ‘Get over it,’" she said. "Most people don’t identify that much with their pets."
I wasn't suicidal or despressed, but it took me a year to get over my last cats death. I do not find that in any way unusual or obsessive.

Maybe I am interpreting it incorrectly, but the sentence that really made me angry was:
Dr. Hayes-Gary emphasized that in most cases, pets were a positive thing—that stepping stone people needed to move on, to human relationships
What does he mean stepping stone? Are cats something you use when you're not in a relationship and then dump when you are?
I don't think so.

Well, enough ranting for one day.
I am curious how anyone else feels about this. Are we really all in need of therapy because we love our cats?
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I think that article is ridiculous. "Stepping stones" indeed!
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I guess I need therapy too!!LOL I love my kids and furbabies the same. We all talk to the cats and I make the kids appologize if they step on one accidentally. It teaches them manners and compassion.
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The people in THAT article need some therapy!

My cats are not stepping stones--Toes actually saved my life when I was suicidal, the man in my life was making it worse. So which is better humans or animals?

Quite frankly--we wouldn't need animals if humans were half-way decent with one another and could do things on their own.

As for what would the kids think if they were compared to a ball of fur with a tongue lolling out of it? I'm flattered.

I don't need vets like that--I'm glad the vets we've had were just as "crazy" as I am. Why'd those people become vets anyhow?


That's like a person not liking kids becoming a pediatrician.
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Originally posted by TTMom
I don't need vets like that--I'm glad the vets we've had were just as "crazy" as I am. Why'd those people become vets anyhow?
I am not sure if the writers are vets. I thought they were psychologists.
But whatever they are, they are way off.

I agree with you on the vets. I would never trust a vet that didn't care.
It is not always easy to judge a situation.
So, I need to know that the vet always has the best interest of the animal in mind.
You don't want a vet to give up too soon, but you also don't want him to prolong suffering just so he can squeeze a few extra bucks out of you.
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Do you mean I'm not crazy? Hmmmmm, now I just have convince my hubby of that!
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I don't think any of us are crazy (at least not because of the cat/love thing we've got going on). I think we're actually closer to being sane than anybody else on the planet (and they just haven't realized it yet).
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I would agree! I have insisted for years that anyone who didn't like cats (unless they had a valid reason, such as being attacked as a child by one) was not someone I would ever like. I guess I have too many catlike traits in my personality!
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