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A black coffe with a Donut with sugar glass... rryumy.gif


Rigel! I'd kill for that donut!!!! drool.gif


A tuna salad sandwich and a few pretzels from dinner last night. Right now, drinking coffee.

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Omelet with havarti cheese and my green tomato salsa, sugar-free, low sodium bacon on the side. 

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A Burrito of Arrachera!...rryumy.gif
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pb again, right before bedtime,

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French Fries with brown mushroom grave with celery salt and black pepper.

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Drinking coffee. Thought I'd give the Maxwell House k-cups a try this morning. Not bad, but seems a little on the weak side to me.


(Can't wait til my co-worker gets here.....I have some Barista Columbia and he has some Timothy's Italian Roast and we are going to trade a dozen of each. I just love Timothy's.)

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Having a protein powder shake with Silk almond milk. My new thing. laughing02.gif Along side that is my cup of coffee, San Francisco Bay French Roast! Just ordered it on-line, good coffee with a bold taste. biggrin.gif

p.s. I like Timothy's too, Pam. bigwink.gif
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eggs scrambled with cheese and spinach.

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I am eating a Whopper with my cat Bella, she has her own plain burger.




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Non fat lemon yogurt, Food Lion brand.
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Half a tuna sub from Subway.  And right now, I am getting ready to eat a lemon.  banana2.gif

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I know I promised myself I was going to eat better this year and I have lost 2 pounds.I'm trying to do the best I can.



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eggs scrambled with a slice of cheddar cheese.  Decaf hazelnut coffee with 2 oz. half and half.

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Angus burger from McDonalds and Bella & Thunder got a plain cheeseburger.



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Pizza last night.
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Mushroom risotto.
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Rice cake spread with Nutella.
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An English muffin.
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A whey chocolate protein shake made with almond milk, one coconut cookie and sipping coffee. happy2.gif
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Spaghetti for dinner and popcorn later.



dejolane    caticon.gif Bella    Chat%20Noir.gif Thunder

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Out to dinner  - chicken in a porcini mushroom & marsala sauce. Started with calamari in a simple tomato sauce with capers, ended with the best tiramisu I've ever had for dessert.

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Delivery pizza. Its been a rough day and we had nothing at home to cook really except mac and cheese. And neither of us was feeling like cooking it lol.
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well its 12;46 in the morning,I had some popcorn around 8pm     jerry.gif




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Cream of wheat, orange juice and a bagel this morning . Paul loves cream of wheat - I hated it at first but am slowly developing a taste for it. As long as I get the lumps out of it.
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Some brocoli broth, and a salad with tuna, scallions and cucumbers.

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A package of keebler club & cheddar crackers. Eating light since I have zumba class in awhile just to avoid a stomach ache. One time I ate a big bowl of cereal before and I could barely move so I usually eat light before class so I don't end up with a huge stomach ache. :)

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Animal crackers and milk. Empty calories, gotta love em. bluelaugh.gif
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Ravioli  and mac & cheese       Pretzels watching American Idol




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A lemon blueberry muffin with my coffee.

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