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Check it out......... stray.. and Zoey

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Zoey saw this cat on my patio and did this creep up mode thing.. When the cat turned its head Zoey would creep up more! Like she wanted to pounce it or something. The other cat was just non chalant.. licking itself, scratching.. and Zoey was just soo curious! No hissing though.

I crept onto the patio while it was on the fence. It didnt move until I made kissy sounds, then it took off.

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Poor thing, it would make someone a nice companion pet with a little work.
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*sigh* I know I've seen this little one around here for over a year. He/she obviously must be getting fed by someone.

I thought it was weird that Zoey didnt freak out though. My parents cat ChiChi would have started hissing and meowing loud heh.
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Good on Zoey for no aggression.

Poor little stray cat!.. I love Tortie Points!
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I was wondering what kind of cat that was
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Hi- Well she's definitly a Tortoishell Point- therefore she's a lassie- She looks to have siamese in her
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Yeah that's what I thought, some kind of siamese mix possibly. I knew it had to be a girl because she is so small.
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there's a cat at my work that looks very similar to that...Her name is Millie and she's declawed and an indoor/outdoor cat.

Very pretty kitty! Good for Zoey!
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Damn the silly pet deposit!
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awwww zoey is like hmm what is that thing!
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Zoey's friend look so cute . It look like Zoey want to play with her . How you know somebody is feeding her ??? Just kinda wonder
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You are lucky that they are getting along thru the window. I had a 10 year old unneutered male that did that at my apartment 11 years ago and he created quite a havoc in my household.

btw, we caught the stray, had him neutered and moved him out to my house in the country when we moved here. Rocky lived the country high-life for about 4 years before crossing the bridge.
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Hey Sicy,

If Zoey didn't freak over that baby, then maybe getting a kitten will work out!
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Well that's what I was thinking! But I'm not making any crazy decisions just yet
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What a pretty kitty!!
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oh! Sicycat is thinking of getting a companion for Zoey!

Let me tell u Sicycat, if u do, u will be having a blast!

I grew up with only one cat for most of my life due to my father's refusing to have more than one cat (I always felt that was so unfair because HE had 2-3 dogs but REFUSED to have more than 1 cat! )

When I moved into my own apt and got two cats-Sunniday and Zebra, they got along fine, Sunniday crossed the bridge a year later. I got Buddy and Spike to keep Zebra company and they got along GREAT then I got Pepper and now all FOUR ADORES each other as some of u might've seen from some pics I've posted!

Point is, Zoey probably will LOVE another companion to play with while u are gone at work or out.. I've noticed Zebra got more affectionate toward me AFTER I got Buddy and Spike. I think she saw Buddy and Spike being affectionate toward me and hmm learned from them.. The same thing might happen faster with Zoey if u get another cat.

I think it's great that u are taking ur time to think this through and not rush into anything though. As we all know, adopting another cat is a big committment. If u have any questions about having multiple cats, well u know where to go to ask!

Hey, curious, I agree with PurrfectCatlove-
How you know somebody is feeding her ??? Just kinda wonder
How can u tell someone is feeding her? Also, she might come to u after a while if u leave food and water out for her, etc. It took me about 3 months to get a feral cat to let me near her then she became very affectionate! I am still looking for a good home for her..

Keep us posted about the stray and Zoey and ur decision...
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Yeah I have a thread in the lounge about getting a kitten.

Well, how can this stray have survived for over a year around here if no one is feeding her?
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It's very possible that she's surviving on her own by eating birds, mouses, etc.. U never know.
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I got another pic of the cutie. Dont yell at me but I put a few pieces of food out so I could try to get near her to look at her condition. I actually got like 2 feet away!! She's so cute. Her eyes are BRIGHT blue, clear and no signs of infection. Her coat is ok, not the best but in pretty good condition.

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OMG she is very pretty
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Wow this is amazing. Kitty jumped down and sat on my patio RIGHT next to the screen. Zoey did that creep thing again, every time kitty would turn its head the other way Zoey would creep up closer, then stop when kitty looked over. At one point their faces were literally inches away from each other. Zoey did nothing! When kitty started to walk back and forth on the patio Zoey would follow from one end of the window to the other Just now she bolted into the bedroom window. Kitty must be leaving.
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She's CUTE! Have u considered trapping her and having her fixed and given shots at least? I'm sure there are programs in ur areas where u can have her fixed and get shots at a very reasonable price. I have managed to trap 3 feral cats and 4 kittens and got all fixed at a very reasonable price (trapped them at different times). I have also managed to find homes for the 4 kittens..

If u need more info about how to trap, u can check the ferals forum- it's very informative...

My cats always go crazy whene ever they see a feral outside! I have about 3-5 feral cats who comes often to eat off my deck- I always lve dry food and water out. I have one regular feral cat who "lives" on my deck now for about 1 1/2 yrs and Zebra STILL goes crazy whenever she sees Callie (feral cat). Zebra would crouch, prowl real close to the sliding door, get ready to pounce then would jump up at the sliding door pawing like crazy like she wants to play! It's really funny to watch!! My cats often gets in staring contests with Callie too. I should post some pics of my cats seeing ferals outside... My cats have never hissed at Callie and seems very interested in her. Callie is VERY interested in us! She'd sit for HOURS staring at us thru the sliding door. She still won't let me touch her though. SIGH...
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this poor baby is so pretty, it looks like a siamese mix to me, so it is wild? to bad i bet it could make someone a nice pet
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What a pretty cat!
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I think it's a good thing there was glass between Zoey and that intruder!
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Found some pics of feral/stray cats that I feed outside. They still won't let me near to touch them but now they will let me sit closer to them.... Patience... Patience...

Callie (calico cat) now pratically lives on my deck so I see her all the time. She would park in front of my sliding door and sit staring at me and my cats ALL NITE!!! I've opened the door to see if she'd come in but she refuses.

Xander (black/white cat) is VERY wary of people and doesn't come regularly to eat but I do see him often at least 3-4 times per week.
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Another pic of Callie with another stray/feral I feed. I call him Giles. He's gray/white. It might be hard to see him but he's crouching in front of the silver bowl eating on the left side of pic.
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I calicos! Cute!

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Aww.. they are so cute.
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Pamela , your ferals are so pretty . Thank you for taking care off them . I love the pictures you made off them .
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