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I Learned!!

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Finnally figured it out,...Now if only I had a better camera!
Anyway here is a picture of my Baby Girl. I she was fully grown and weighed 3.3 pounds when I rescued her from straydom.
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Aww I love black kitties!!!
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She's beautiful!! Congrats of mastering picture posting.
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Awwww! I love her green eyes.
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She's absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm glad you shared her photo with us. What a beauty!
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, She's so pretty!
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She's a lovely girl. Glad you got the hang of posting pics -- more?
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Sammycat says Wow and he will be happy to escort her around. I promise he will behave himself
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What a pretty girl!
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Here is my 4 year old male Spaz, just recently shaved!! (His fur was long and he was shedding like crazy!) He was a rescue.
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My Lil'Cat. he is 3 and a boy. He loooves to meow. Verry talkative.
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I took in a stray that I was going to spay and releasewas going to spay and release, but, she was pregnant!!! (That is when I first started using this site!) She had 4, one died , one went to my mom, and I have the other 2! Here is the boy, Tiger. The kittens are both 5 months.
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This is the other girl kitten Ashely. She is an absolute darling!
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You have a beautiful fur-family.
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Aww! More beautiful pictures
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