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Please be proud of me...

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ok this may sound silly but I guess for me it's a really long way to come to this stage.. after my break up, i've gone thru a whole lot of stages despite the short period of time..the break up, him getting a new girl, pregnancy and an abortion and most of all..his crappy attitudes...after all the buckets of tears, I believe I'm standing up again on my own.. here is a list of things that I've done for the past two mths and I know it is really what I want from myself... i want to be more confident of myself and i want lead a better life because I know I am capable of much more and I deserve a lot more better stuff than that jerk...

Things I have done:
1. i signed up for the gym-> california fitness.. i wanna get myself into shape..
2. I have signed up for volunteer work with the local helplines to answer ppl's distress calls..they have yet to get back to me but i'm glad i've done it
3. I have started a whole new beauty regime for my face and body-> it's been a while since they have gotten any attention from me
4. I bought a cat tree for my two fellas-> they loved it and I felt so happy cos I've never seen them happier than present...they are glad that mommy is back to normal and spending lotsa time with them..
5. I went for a manicure and pedicure-> my way of looking good
6. I'm gonna get a new haircut-> i want an image change
7. I'm looking for pottery classes to attend-> have always wanted to do so..
8. I've gone back to the Lord-> He makes me feel a whole lot better than before about myself
9. I've caught up with a whole lot of my friends-> man, i missed that feeling..
10. I've made a whole lot of new friends at TCS-> i've got you guys to thank for all the support and all the change u guys have brought abt in me..

The list is infinite.. but I wish for all of you to be proud of me.. for me, it's something which I felt I would have never achieved within a short span of two mths... do try to remind me again and again that I want to lead a better life because I deserve it like anybody else...

Thanks again guys... u guys have been around during the worst time in my life and I'm really grateful for it...
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Wow , you are going to be very busy . But that is good for you . I am glad you found God ( ? ) again . I am happy that you feel better about yourself
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There is no doubt in my head that you are headed in a positive direction, and those items you listed on the board just now, I have a feeling if loser were still with you, none of those items he would deem would be important to you.

I am glad you have rededicated your life, it helps to have the support of God as you walk in the world daily. I am so glad to cyberly know you, you are woman of quiet strength and I salute your courage.
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I am so glad that you have found a new focus, and lots of them too!

You will be okay, and like you, I joined the gym and it is already doing wonders for my self esteem - I havent changed physically yet, but I feel better already because I know I am doing something about it.

Kudos to you.

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MA, thanks for the compliment... i'm somebody really ordinary.. I think all of us here are women of quiet strength. We have all gone thru a lot in our lives and yet we have not lost hope in what life has to give us. We are all beautiful women no matter what size, shape or colour.. it's the heart that matters
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Did you get the long email I sent to you direct?

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I know I've not been here for this, but I've seen some of your posts as you have been dealing with this, and this is a positive, hopeful, wonderful post that shows me you are walking a good path for you.

Wonderful to read this, faith in god has become more and more important to me, I'm glad to see this is part of your journey too,
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It's great to see you taking all these positive steps -- and recognizing them as such. You know you're doing well and have lots to be proud of, and that is just as important as all those positive steps. Congratulations -- keep up the good work!
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Originally posted by kateang
I know I am capable of much more and I deserve a lot more better stuff than that jerk...

do try to remind me again and again that I want to lead a better life because I deserve it like anybody else...
I am so proud of you!!!
You are so right, you deserve so much better than that jerk! And you deserve a better life and more happyness like anybody else!
I am so glad you are doing all those things! It takes a lot of strength to do them, but they will make you feel so much better and speedy your recovery - and take your mind off that jerk.
I really think the new haircut/image thing is a really good thing, I tried it, I,m sure it will help you feel good about yourself.
Good luck and take good care of you!
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thanks guys..
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Wonderful! Keep up the good work! I am proud of you!
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I'm so happy for you that you're moving on. Good for you! Go spend sometime for you, and do what makes you happy. And I'm sure you'll find a good guy who deserves you, one day, when you're ready for it.
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