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Tom Cat (Brother) Rips Two Week Old Kittens Neck Open

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This evening I found one of the 2 week old kittens laying on the garage floor with its neck gapping open; literally torn apart. The Tom cat who I thought was the dad had been staying close to the garage lately, I thought it was some parental thing going on and was impressed over the past week actually. I let the Mom found the mom had made a bed for her new litter in my garage. When i walked into the garage and saw the dead kitten, it took a moment for my brain to actually register what I was viewing. I initially did not fathom the Tom cat doing this as I stood there struck in awe. I was thinking somehow a possum has gotten in here and killed the kitten; but it is broad day light outside and that was not likely. I had already visited the garage this morning and everything looked fine. As I reached down to pick up the dead kitten;

I noticed the Tom cat was in the garage sitting looking at me. He apparently had been observing me, view the dead kitten. I asked him what was going on in a calm voice but bewildered. That cat ran from me; he hides himself from view. He has never run from me, even when I spanked him; He was ashamed I saw the dead kitty. I cannot believe the Tom I have grown to love, killed a baby kitten.

 Since the episode, I have separated him from the family of cats. I am thinking about getting rid of him.

I am so angry with this Tom cat for killing that baby

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This is just nature hon.  I am sorry to say but this is the ugly side of nature.  The tom did this so the female will go back into heat.  Being angry at the tome doesn't solve anything.  It is just what his instincts tell him to do.  So it is like getting mad at a man for belching or something.  I know that is not a good analogy but hopefully you can see where I am coming from.  In the future, do NOT allow tom cats near kittens, the younger the more vulnerable they are.  Or you can have him neutered.  No drive to mate, no drive to kill kittens.  That is a better solution than getting rid of him altogether.  I know you are upset but it really is just nature.  He can't help it.  I am sorry. 

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As you have so sadly discovered, not all tomcats are safe with all kittens.


It is possible that he did not father this kitten, since a queen may mate with several males and her litter of kittens might each have a different father. Tomcats are more likely to kill the ones they did not father.


Much safer to keep mom cat and kittens separate from the tomcat - happy cat family does not necessarily include daddy cat.

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Tomcats are known to kill kittens. It would be nicer to have him neutered rather than kill him ("getting rid" of a cat usually results in his death).
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Thanks for the replying!

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Yes, as you have now heard, it is never safe to allow an unneutered male near kittens.

The majority of people do NOT know this, and I am so sorry you had to find out this way.

When driven by hormones, a male cat will guard his territory, whether it's his stomping ground territory, his mating territory, or a threat to his territory, this INCLUDES kittens, as rediculous as it seems.

A male will kill a baby male, as it feels it will be a potential threat, and will kill a female baby, usually by actually attempting to mount the female, to make it HIS female.

I remember my reaction when I first learned about this, it was appalling to say the least, but it is, nature.


Simply get him neutered, then still keep him away from them for at least 2 weeks, better for 3 weeks. This allows his body to adjust to a neutered state, he will not think or act in such a way again.

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Well if you want your revenge...have his maleness He will get fat and lazy and happy. Years ago I saw this National Geographic special on feral cats..There were about 100 at this farm..and they did witness a male cat killing kittens. It is a brutal world honey..but like everyone said it is not his fault. Get a one or get one from the humane society and get him neutered. Sorry

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Originally Posted by Eucra05 View Post I thought it was some parental thing going on and was impressed over the past week actually.


Dont have bad conscience. It wasnt any big mistake.  Some cats do live in family groups: ie Ma, Pa and kittens, as stories of our members hints it. Sometimes even the tom being the real caretaker of the kittens.

Many breeders had witnessed studs living toghether with their queens, are very friendly with them, acting help moms or at least, well wishing uncles.  And they usually arent fathers, but they are good friends of the moms.  Otherwise they wouldnt be allowed to be near, of course. 

But as you saw, it is NOT 100% safe...


Neutered males are much safer.



Although Im wondering.   Did you saw blood on the tom?   There may be other possibilities.

There is some possibility, it could be the mom.  If there was some wrong with the kittens, moms often do "dispatch" them.  Not at all that unique.

Mom can also kill her kittens if she is really highly stressed.  Say, some predator coming near.


A third possiblility may be, it was a pure accident.  The kitten mowing looking alike a prey, hunt instinct awakes, a quick jump - its over...


Anyway, neuter the tom...  Keep him separated till you are sure the hormones are gone...

Whater he IS the guilty or not, it is what is proper to do.



Good luck!

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Welcome to TCS. hugs.gif AWWW I am so sorry about the kitten. It is possible it was the Tom Cat. OR it could have been the mother trying to keep her kitten away from the Tom. dontknow.gif Hard to say. First off, I would get all of these cat's TNRd. (trap/neuter/return) Mom and the Tom cat agree.gif Are there other kittens? They must be kept separate from the Tom cat. Mom must know she is safe and her kits are safe from harm. Keep them completely separated. I would start making calls to rescues, shelters, TNR orgs. and get the ball rolling for assistance in getting all of these kitties sterilized so no more kittens are born. Please keep us posted. vibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gifvibes.gif

Here is a list of organizations that you might find helpful in getting them TNRd.
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How are the kittens now? I'm sorry you had to see that. This just happened to me today. I don't want to be gross, but there was only a head left. I don't know if it was mom, dad, or something else. :(

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My boyfriend said once kittens eyes are open, they won't kill them.
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